Hi there!

I'm Mary

I'm a writer, engineer and personal growth lover. My life mission is to use my passion for writing, to promote a healthy and mindful lifestyle. 

For 4 years - I've been blogging about self-care and mindfulness,  working on the design and copy of The Trips in Silence website, and for 5 months I've hosted The Trips in Silence Podcast.

I support businesses that promote healthy living and wellbeing, and that's the type of business that I want to contribute to, through my writing.

Let's find out if

we're a good fit!

I made this page to show you who I am and what I have to offer. Hope you find something juicy!


I'll walk you through my...


Greatest Skills




Growth Expectations

Greatest Skills

and how I can help you with them.


Writing to connect

Nothing makes me happier than writing to connect with others.

I love sharing stories that others can relate to. And I do that - by tapping into my vulnerabilities and saying out loud what most people don't dare to share.


I've been blogging since 2017 about self-care, mindfulness, meditation and personal growth. 

I love using the power of words to inspire others to believe in themselves, work for their dreams, and cultivate self-kindness in the process.

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Beautiful designs

When it comes to sharing messages online, copy and design go by the hand.


That's why I love making sure that copy is wrapped in beautiful design that invites people to stay. 

There's nothing sadder that a good message trapped in an uninviting design!


Testing & Understanding

Many times our first idea is not the best one...


...and that's okay!

That's why I love testing different copy and designs, to get to understand what the person on the other side resonates with. 

I love looking at metrics and analysing quantitative data, as well as simply talking to people to understand them. 

At the end of the day, we create what we create for them, so we gotta listen :)

Building life-changing journeys

Nothing excites me more that building digital journeys to take people from A to B.

I love getting into people's heads, and creating easy-to-follow experiences that keep them engaged and excited.





Denmark, 2017-ongoing (4 years)


Founder and Developer of self-care & mindfulness digital space

  • Creation of Concept & Digital Self-Care Programs.

  • Website Design, Development & UX Optimisation .

  • Marketing, & Digital Sales. 

  • Strategy Planning.

I started Trips in Silence as a way to share with the world, the magical shift that I experienced through meditation and journaling. 

True story? I was going through a rough period, and I became a self-help books addict.


But you know what? It was totally worth it. I learned to actually like and love myself, and now, through Trips in Silence, I get to help other people do the same.


For 4 years I've put my whole heart in the development of this digital space, including everything from idea generation to execution and sales.

Want to check-out the website?


Denmark, 2018-2021 (2 years, 3 months)


Mechanical Engineer in Emission Reduction Technologies

  • Computer Simulation Engineering (CFD)

  • Project Management

  • Customer Service

  • Marketing & B2B Sales

In a small department of 7 people, I've been in charge of communicating with customers all over Europe and China, developing computational models to solve their problems, and delivering results within very tight deadlines.

We manage multiple projects simultaneously, and each one of them comes with special requirements. So good communication skills and project management abilities have been a must during this period.

Additionally, I've been in charge of creating customer-friendly marketing content of our services, putting aside for a second the technical details, and focusing on what our client's are really after. This has involved writing our services wep-pages, making sales presentations for potential customers, as well as hosting my first webinar.

Overall, this job has involved joggling quite a broad range of responsibilities, while staying focused and keeping calm!


Denmark, 2018 (6 months)


MSc. Thesis Student in Wind Energy

  • Computer Simulation Engineering (CFD)

During 6 months, I was in charge of developing a computational model that could simulate the effect of yawing wind turbines in a wind farm, on the overall power production.


Pretty cool, huh?

It was a challenging project since I had to do things that not even my supervisors had done before, but I was lucky enough to have the smartest people around me, and get inspiration and guidance from the very best! So it was a job that I definitely didn't do alone.


Germany, 2017 (6 months)


MSc. Intern Student in Wind Energy

  • Computer Simulation Engineering (CFD)

I was in charge of transfering a wind turbine model originally coded in a paid program, into an open source program of free access.

It was a lot of coding but mostly guessing! Because to be honest, I didn't know how to code in that specific programming language. 

But what this experience really taught me, was patience and perseverance. As long as you keep your eyes on the goal, the sun will come out for you.

siemens energy.png

Sweden, 2015-2016 ( 1 year, 9 months)


Mechanical Engineer in Gas Turbines

  • Computer Simulation Engineering (CFD)

I first developed my MSc. Thesis in Mechanical Engineering, and then continued to extend the application of my thesis into more of Siemens' products. 

My main job was to run computer simulations that would identify the critical operating point of gas turbines, to reduce the need for expensive physical tests.



Denmark & Germany, 2016-2018 (2 years)

Technical University

of Denmark


University of Oldenburg

MSc. in Wind Energy


Venezuela, 2009-2015 (6 years)


Simón Bolívar

BSc. & MSc. in Mechanical Engineering

Black and White Cactus

Growth Expectations


Wellbeing Improvement

I expect to develop myself in a position where I get to help others feel better in their lives, either physically, mentally or spiritually.


And I'd love to do that through my writing skills, by promoting products and services that help people build healthier habits that contribute to their wellbeing.

Creative Work Environment

I expect to develop myself in a creative environment, where new ideas are always welcome, even if they don't turn out to be the winner ones.


Diversity & Acceptance

I'd love to work in a diverse team where we can all learn from each other.


I'm a great writer but I know I can be better. So I'm open to feedback and criticism, because I want to learn and continue growing. Same goes with the design aspect.


I look forward to working with a team where we can exchange ideas and opinions in a healthy and positive way.

So, what do you think?

Send me an e-mail to marymj1512@gmail, if you think that we could work together, and you'd like to know a bit more about me.