Can you help me out?

Hi there! It's Mary over here :)

In just a few days, end of May, I'll be re-opening Trips in Silence's long awaited Rock Your Energy Program!

This is a 28-day self-care program to stop feeling emotionally drained on a regular basis, and instead, become the freest person that you've ever known, through mastering mindful energy management.


Everyday you'll have my video, audio and written guidance, on journaling, meditation, visualisation and intention setting exercises.


I'll help you step out of the fearful thoughts that make you feel worried, stressed and overwhelmed on a regular basis, and step into the brave and free superhero that your soul is longing to bring into the world.

But before I re-open this program, I really need your help answering one question that will make a huge difference in my way of helping you. 


What's the thing(s) in your daily life, that drains your mental & emotional energy the most? 


Don't be shy my love. Write as much as you need to for me to understand what you're going through. I might share bites of your story anonymously, but your identity is 100% confidential. This is a safe space. See this space as your journaling space. Let your heart out and share your struggle with me. I just want to help you from the bottom of my heart.