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''Non-Dominant Hand''

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Hey there, hello hello!

We're already on Day 3 of the Mindfulness Week Game, how cool is that? 

How did yesterday go?

As usual, I'll start this by asking you, how did yesterday go?! 

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Today's extra mindfulness insight...

Very often, mindfulness exercises can feel either very easy, or very hard. And that's because we're putting our focus on things that are so basic in our daily life, that paying attention to them for too long, is actually hard! 

Our brain has learned to put many things in the external world on a second plane, because we don't need to regularly pay attention to them in order to survive. And our brain is actually doing a pretty smart thing. Why waste energy re-discovering things that it already knows? That'd be non-sense.

So don't feel bad if some of these exercises feel like they're not meant for you. Because the truth is, that they're not meant for any of us, and at the same time, they're meant for all of us. Boom! Let me explain.

You breathe, walk and do a bunch of things with your hands, automatically. Your body knows. You don't have to be there, parenting every action of your body, because you have an incredibly smart body. It can do A LOT of things, without you being consciously aware of them. 

But what's a bit sad, is not that we live in such a smart system, but that we don't notice it! What's sad, it that we take it for granted.

And that's one more reason why I'm doing this game with you. To become more loving of our body, by actually taking the time to see everything that it's doing for us.

Down here are the everyday instructions again, just in case :)

Game instructions for every day

  • Every day, there'll be a specific thing that you'll need to bring your attention to, for 5 seconds. 

  • We'll call these 5 seconds by the name ''5 Seconds of Peace'', and you'll be surprised by how much peace these few seconds will actually bring to you. Every separate time that you have 5 Seconds of Peace (or more than 5), you'll accumulate 1 point. So the more times you do it, the more points you'll accumulate!

  • Use your phone's timer to get a reminder every now and then. This is completely up to you. Personally, I'll set my timer to 2 hours. So every time it's up, I'll do 5 seconds of Peace, and reset it again, so I can get a new reminder in 2 hours.

  • Use a notepad to keep the count on how many 5 Seconds of Peace you have. That's it!

DAY 3 -  Today's Mindfulness Intention

Today's specific thing to focus on is:  YOUR NON-DOMINANT HAND.

This is going to be a fun one, but also, it will be beautiful.

See. If you try to do with your non-dominant hand, what you can do with your dominant one, you'll be disappointed on yourself. Now, imagine that your hands are part of your family, but they're not really part of who you are. Imagine that each one of your hands has a life of their own.

Would you even expect your non-dominant hand to execute as well as your dominant one? I bet not. But if your non-dominant hand were to tell you, ''I suck a this! I can't do it. I'm such an idiot! Look at the other hand. She's so good'', you would probably tell her ''Hey, you're not an idiot. That other hand has more than 20 years of experience doing that! You just started today. You shouldn't compare yourself. You're not an idiot, you're just inexperienced for now. You can get better, if you want to. I promise.''

Now, I can't think of a better way to understand how smart our body is, and how different parts of the same body behave completely different, put under different circumstances. We take for granted how easy it is for us to do so many things. But thankfully, we still have our non-dominant hand to remind us of how hard it is to do ''the basics''. And also to remind us of what it feels to be vulnerable.

Your goal today, is to write to yourself as many positive and cheerful phrases as you can, using your non-dominant hand.

As an example, I'll choose to write myself one new sentence, around every 2 hours. These are a few examples that you can either use, or get inspired by, that I'll probably use myself:


  • Mary, you can do this.

  • Mary, you just have to keep going.

  • Mary, you're doing great.

  • Mary, you're right on track!

  • Mary, even if it's hard, one day you'll look back, and you'll be happy you didn't quit.

  • Mary, I see you and I love how hard you're working on this. Even if no one else seems to care, I do.

This is both a self-love and a patience exercise, because writing those things down with your non-dominant hand, will be hard! But it will also be worth it. Because if you manage to do this many times during the day, you'll be able to constantly give yourself the love and motivation that you need to keep your head high. And on top of it, doing it with your left hand, will ensure you'll take some time to just do that :)

And, breathe...

Use your 5 Seconds of Peace, to breathe deeply. See these moments as breaks from the noise of your mind. Because the fact that you're putting your attention on something so specific, will not allow you to think of anything else.

Take 5, or more!

Also, it doesn't have to be just 5 seconds. You can do 30 seconds or 1 minute if you want. That's even better! Take your time and enjoy the silence.

Reply with: your thoughts on Day 2!

That's it beautiful. You're good to go! 

Now don't forget to let me know how yesterday went for you, sending an e-mail to mary@tripsinsilence.com with your story, because I want to know!!!



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