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Hey there, what-is-up!

Today is Day 4 of the Mindfulness Week Game, and I hope you're as ready for it as I am.

Any insights?

If there's anything that you want to share with me about your experience during the past 3 days, remember to just send an e-mail to mary@tripsinsilence.com and let me know :)

Today's extra mindfulness insight...

Look, I'm going to be real honest here. The purpose of every single exercise in this game, is the same one: to bring us closer to this moment. To help us differentiate what's real from what's not, and to learn to live life at the speed of life.

Life goes by slowly. It's our thoughts that are going fast. That's why when we're living in our mind, we feel like we can't keep up with anything.

The world's expectations, the regrets of the past, and the fear of the future, are all in your mind. Those are not tangible things. You can't just open your eyes, see them, and show them to someone else.

You need to use a lot of words to explain everything inside of you, because otherwise, another person would never understand what you mean. And they wouldn't, because you created all those things. And people can only see what's in your mind, once you decide to create something out of it, and put it out in the world.

Know that everything that you see in your mind, is not real until you create something with it. And it takes effort to create. So don't waste your energy creating anything less that beautiful. Use your energy to create things worth creating. And things created out of worry and sorrow, are not worth creating. They just create more worry and sorrow, so save yourself some energy.

And now, to help you get inspired for when you're ready to go back into creation mode, let's use today's mindfulness exercise to bring you closer to what's real: this beautiful world.

As usual, the everyday game instructions are right here for you once again.

Game instructions for every day

  • Every day, there'll be a specific thing that you'll need to bring your attention to, for 5 seconds. 

  • We'll call these 5 seconds by the name ''5 Seconds of Peace'', and you'll be surprised by how much peace these few seconds will actually bring to you. Every separate time that you have 5 Seconds of Peace (or more than 5), you'll accumulate 1 point. So the more times you do it, the more points you'll accumulate!

  • Use your phone's timer to get a reminder every now and then. This is completely up to you. Personally, I'll set my timer to 2 hours. So every time it's up, I'll do 5 seconds of Peace, and reset it again, so I can get a new reminder in 2 hours.

  • Use a notepad to keep the count on how many 5 Seconds of Peace you have. That's it!

DAY 4 -  Today's Mindfulness Intention

Today's specific thing to focus on is:  MUSIC.

Who doesn't love music? Everybody loves music. Not everyone likes the same kind, but we all like it.

And because we do, we very often listen to it while doing other things. We listen to it while walking, running, driving, cooking, working and studying. Just to mention a few.

I'm all up for listening to music most of the time, although I also really love doing things in silence. However, one of my favourite moments to listen to music, is when doing something that I don't like! Because it kind of tricks me into believing that I actually like what I'm doing.

But anyways, today is not about listening to music while doing a million other things. On the contrary, today is about listening to music and nothing else. Very few times we take the time to just enjoy a melody. And music really has the power to move so much in us. I'd say that there's a 95% chance, that most of the beautiful movie scenes that you've seen, which moved you to tears, did so because of the music!

Your goal today is to listen to a full song, while doing nothing else, as many times as you can during the day.

An average song is 4min. That means that if you do this exercise 3 times, you'll have only used about 12min of your day. Do you think you can save 12min of your day, to give yourself some love? I hope you can, because you deserve that, and much more.

When you listen to your song of choice, go all in with it. You'll realise that there's a lot to notice in a simple song. Pay attention to the lyrics, listen to the instruments, the beat, the voices, the tones, the repetition of different sounds. Notice how your emotions oscillate as you listen to the song. Notice when you feel sad, excited, annoyed, happy. Notice if you feel energised or melancholic. Maybe you feel inspired. Maybe you feel none of those. Allow yourself, while listening to each song, to just observe everything that happens within the song, and also, between you and the song. 


And, breathe...

Use your 5 Minutes of Peace, to breathe deeply. And yes, today I intentionally changed the name from 5 Seconds of Peace to 5 Minutes of Peace, because we all now that no song lasts 5 seconds only! So 5 minutes is a way better approximation. 

See these moments as breaks from the noise of your mind. Because the fact that you're putting your attention on something so specific, will not allow you to think of anything else.

Share your thoughts with me

That's it beautiful. You're good to go! 

Now don't forget to send me an e-mail to mary@tripsinsilence.com if you want to share some of your thoughts with me, because I love hearing from you!



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