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''Smelling & Tasting''

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Hello there!

We're already on Day 5 of the Mindfulness Week Game, can you believe it? The week has gone so fast!

And, I still want to hear from you!

Don't think that I'll ever get tired of asking you how you're doing, because talking to you is one of the most exciting things that I can do :)

Today's extra mindfulness insight...

Hey there, I want to take a moment to reflect on our senses. You and I are gifted with such incredible senses to feel the world. We get to smell delicious vanilla candles, we get to see sunrises and sunsets, we get to listen to the most moving songs, we get to touch the people we love, and we get to taste the most amazing food.

And even if you're not able to use all those 5 senses, just being able to use one of them, makes this whole life experience magical. But so often, we take those little things (that are actually huge) for granted. If only we could realise, every day, how lucky we are to experience this world with our senses.

What we feel with our senses we don't even have to process with our mind. We don't need to think hard to reach a conclusion about lavender oil, or the view from the top of a mountain. It just feels good. You don't need to discover a specific thing about the thing that you're sensing, to feel an immediate sense of gratification.

But what's ironic, is that even though we have happiness right there in front of us, we choose not to see it, and to instead, move on with our lives in the pursuit of what we think happiness really is: having something that can justify our feeling of freedom.

So today, let's do ourselves a favour, and let's practice enjoying the happiness that our senses are gifting us.

As usual, you have the everyday game instructions right below :)

Game instructions for every day

  • Every day, there'll be a specific thing that you'll need to bring your attention to, for 5 seconds. 

  • We'll call these 5 seconds by the name ''5 Seconds of Peace'', and you'll be surprised by how much peace these few seconds will actually bring to you. Every separate time that you have 5 Seconds of Peace (or more than 5), you'll accumulate 1 point. So the more times you do it, the more points you'll accumulate!

  • Use your phone's timer to get a reminder every now and then. This is completely up to you. Personally, I'll set my timer to 2 hours. So every time it's up, I'll do 5 seconds of Peace, and reset it again, so I can get a new reminder in 2 hours.

  • Use a notepad to keep the count on how many 5 Seconds of Peace you have. That's it!

DAY 5 -  Today's Mindfulness Intention

Today's specific thing to focus on is: SMELLING & TASTING.

So I wanted today to be all about mindful eating only. But because I don't want to encourage you to spend the whole day eating, I decided to mix mindful eating with mindful smelling.

Today, we have 2 goals; a smelling goal and a tasting goal.

1. The smelling exercise:

Your smelling goal, is to pick a few things that you know smell delicious, and deliberately take some seconds during the day to just enjoy smelling them. Maybe it's some flowers, a woody candle, a strong cup of coffee, your favourite perfume, your hair shampoo, your hand soap, your lip balm, or maybe a nice hand cream. Make it your goal today to stay awake to the presence of scents around you, and make the conscious decision to go for it!

To be honest, I'm ALL about scents, but even being like that, many times I just forget to appreciate them. So today, let's really make it our goal to smell as much as we can, and to really appreciate those 5 Seconds of Peace, to breathe in deeply and enjoy the scents that we love!

2. The tasting exercise:

Your tasting goal, is to take the time to really taste and enjoy the food that you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Personally, I'm a super fast eater. But I'm not proud of it! And the past weeks, I've really made the effort to slow down while I eat, and savour my food really well.

Instead of trying to just eat slow, what I want you to try today, is to really feel the food. Take your food one bite at a time, and be curious about every bite you take. Pay attention to the sweetness or saltiness in every bite, notice the texture of it, feel the combination of tastes in your mouth, notice how it slowly dissolves as you eat it and ultimately, just enjoy your food instead of shoving it down your throat :) And then, when you do swallow, imagine that your food is carrying a bright beam of light through your body, which provides you with health and energy for the day.

And one more thing. I know I said this exercise was about tasting. But I also want to encourage you to pay attention to the nutritional value of what you put in your body. Make it your goal today to choose food that is good for you. Food that gives you good energy and long term health. I'm not a nutrition expert, so I won't give you details, but just try to stay away from too much sugar and over-processed things, you know what I mean..! Maybe stay closer to fruits and veggies. 


And, breathe...

Use your 5 Seconds of Peace, to breathe deeply. See these moments as breaks from the noise of your mind. Because the fact that you're putting your attention on something so specific, will not allow you to think of anything else.

Tell me about your experience!

That's it beautiful. You're good to go! 

Now don't forget to reply to this e-mail, and tell me what you've been thinking about the game. I'm waiting to hear from you!


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