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Take Me to Beautiful Places | Just Ask

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As I was riding my bike while listening to this beautiful song, it happened. I went to beautiful places. My mind took me to beautiful places. I started feeling joy in my heart, and hope in my soul, when only a few minutes back, I had felt the complete opposite.

That's when I noticed that it doesn't take a lot. It really doesn't take a lot of effort to internally go from a dark place to a light one. In most cases, all it takes is a prayer. A sentence. A call to action. A willingness. An intention. A want. A desire to feel good. A desire to leave an ugly place and go to a beautiful one.

We fool ourselves

We fool ourselves thinking that our life experience is our external circumstances, and we put so much effort into trying to change those. I'm not here to tell you that external circumstances don't play an important role in our lives. Trust me, I know they do. I've been in places of comfort where I tell myself ''Thank God for that other thing being finally over''. So no, I'm not one of those people that believe that your surroundings and what's actually happening around you doesn't matter. But what I will say, is that how you experience the shit storm around you, and whether you make the most of it or not, is indeed up for you to decide.

Wherever you want to go

Your mind is going to take you wherever you want it to take you.

If you don't decide where you want it to go, your mind will go on autopilot and take you anywhere, depending on a combination of your thought patterns and what you're digesting from the external world at the moment.

But if you realise that you're indeed in control, you can command your mind and ask it to take you to beautiful places. What you put your focus and attention on, moves and grows. If you have a place you want to get to, think about it a lot. Day dream about it. Visualise it and don't wait for it to be real for you to enjoy it. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of the thought, and the feelings that come with it.

There's none

Because what's the difference between a feeling brought up by imagination, and a feeling brought up by a real life situation? None. A feeling is as real as it is, no matter what caused it to arise. And didn't we all come to this world to feel? To experience? I say we did.

So don't let whatever is happening externally, nor your old thought patterns, call your ability to enjoy this moment. Ask your mind to take you to beautiful places. Let your imagination fly and get in touch with the magical force of the Universe that, well, created the Universe. It's when you reconnect to the kid in you, the dreamer in you, that you elevate yourself to your highest frequency. The frequency that takes you to beautiful places, and brings beautiful places to you.




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