Go from overthinking everything,

to seeing your confidence

go through the roof

in just a couple of days.

Are you ready to

feel awesome about who you are

& everything that you do,

for the rest of your life?

Get ready to


  • Fall in love with yourself and your journey.

  • Feel comfortable being fully you.

  • Give your confidence the boost it needs.

  • Say goodbye to overwhelming self-doubt.

  • Go to bed feeling proud of yourself.

Through a deep 28-day journey in

  • Reflection

  • Journaling

  • Visualisation

  • Meditation

  • Intention Setting

that will make you, 

feel awesome about yourself,

and everything that you do!

Can you relate?

Are you tired of caring about what others think of you?

Do you struggle to feel comfortable being fully YOU?

Do you often feel that you don't fit in?

Do you often overthink what you'll say, to end up not saying anything at all?

Do you hear a never-ending negative mental chatter, that keeps you from feeling confident?

Does not getting a ''Hey, good job!'', when you worked your ass off, make you feel small and defeated?

Is the fear of not doing a good job, paralysing you over and over again?

Are you overwhelmed with pressure to impress?

Do you get super nervous over meetings with ''important'' people?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others, to end up feeling small and behind?

Are you permanently afraid of making the wrong choice?

Does thinking about your job make you feel nervous and even a little nauseous?

I know that feeling!

A few years back,  I was permanently freaked out about not doing a good job.


I couldn't even enjoy my freaking chicken salad during lunch break, because my self doubt and fear of messing up that powerpoint presentation, would kick in, NON-STOP


Self-doubt is like those dirty glasses that 

won't let you see anything.


If only somebody had told me,


''GIRL! How can you see anything? Here's a tissue, clean your glasses up!'',


I'd be telling you a different story. 


It took me 5 years to clean up that self doubt. 


No one deserves to wait that long! That's why today I'm handing you the magic tissue that I wish somebody had given me WAY earlier. 

Imagine feeling like this!

  • Every morning you're excited about the day ahead, because you're SURE that you'll do an awesome job.


  • The relationship between the work you put in and the results you get, makes total sense!


  • You go to bed feeling proud of yourself because you did everything you wanted to do during the day.


  • You're in total control of the way you feel, and your mood is 100% dependent on you!


  • There's not a pinch of doubt in your body when you have to make decisions. You see things clearly and you're not afraid that you'll make the wrong choice. 


  • You're confident when you speak because you know exactly what you want to say and how to say it.


  • You're ZERO overwhelmed about what others think or say about you!

  • You feel confident and proud of your work every day!

  • You feel 100% comfortable being yourself.

  • You don't feel the need to compare yourself to anyone around you, because you feel happy with where you are in your life.

Would you like that?

It's totally possible!

Say hello to,



rock your energy


a 28-day program that will make you feel AWESOME about yourself and the work you do. Everyday.  

Only a few days in, you'll already be able to

Feel more confident than ever

Finally enjoy being exactly who YOU are. Embrace your personality, your weird side, and everything that makes you unique and beautiful, without needing to compare yourself to anyone around you.

Forget about


Shut down the negative voice in your mind that blurs your ability to choose the next right move. Say goodbye to overthinking and going around in circles! Find mental clarity and finally get that feeling of ''I know exactly what to do next!''.

Go to bed feeling proud of your job

Manage to successfully accomplish the important goals that you set for yourself every day. Find the perfect relationship between the love and effort that you put into your work, and the results you get.

Being mindful about the way in which we use our emotional energy, is not something that we're naturally used to doing. This leads us to leaking a lot of it, in thoughts and patterns that don't do any good to us.

But being mindful about your emotional energy, allows you to recover control of the way you feel, act and perform every single day, which means that you recover control of your life.

Managing your emotional energy mindfully is everything that you need in order to feel amazing about yourself, perform your best and feel proud of your work every single day.

And yes,

You can learn how to do this!

It's okay to not have a single clue about where to even start.


Most of the time, all we need is a little guidance to create significant change in our life.

And this is what  ROCK YOUR ENERGY will do for you.

This program will give you all the tools and guidance you need, to own and control your emotional energy, so you can feel awesome about who you are and everything that you do.

Follow this program and you'll see your confidence reach its highest peak!


Rock Your Energy

Program's content

In just 28 days,

you'll learn the 16 skills that

will make you fall in love with

yourself, the work you do, and your life!

Every week, you'll master 4 new skills

that will compeltely shift

the way you see and live your life


 How to  accept yourself  in a world that's not made for you 

1. Understanding the people around you

Master the art of staying happy and positive, even in the presence of people that you don't like!

2. Owning your point of view

Learn to stand by your values, even when you're surrounded by people that don't share your way of thinking.

3. Embracing your weirdness

Say GOODBYE to the limiting belief that says that being weird is a negative thing. You're AWESOME the way you are.

4. Accepting your current status

Stop comparing yourself to other people, and learn to love where you're at in your journey.


 How to always  create top quality value  for the world 

5. Speaking like a PRO

Let go of the self-doubt that doesn't allow you to say what you want to say. Learn my #1 trick to own your words.

6. Listening like a PRO

Learn how to stay focused and engaged in conversation, even when the other person is boring as flopp! (yup, I just made that word up)

7. Doing one thing at a time

Find out why multi-tasking is not the way to go, and how to increase productivity by focusing on the present moment.

8. Measuring your lifetime

Learn to use your mortality, as a reminder to make the best of today.


 How to  always be a winner  and forget about failure. For. Good. 

9. Performing your best

Get rid of unrealistic expectations that are making you feel small, and focus on YOUR very own best.

10. Falling hard, but never failing

Scared of failure? You won't be anymore, after this!

11. Staying interested

Learn how to bring light and excitement into boring or not so nice situations.

12. Disarming the powerful

Stop fearing people that you feel have some kind of power over you.


 How to  own, love & bring your very own light  into the world 

13. Defining your success

Stop pursuing someone else's success, and follow your very own success. Discover what that is, and how to pursue it without feeling overwhelmed.

14. Being a lifetime student

Master a growth mindset FOREVER, so that you never ever again feel small when you don't know something.

15. Living in service

Put your own growth to the service of the world, so that your actions make YOU happy, but also contribute to the world.

16. Reviewing your progress

Acknowledge your incredible progress through this beautiful journey. See how far you've come, and let that fuel your every day for now on!

Wondering how you'll master all of that?

I'll take you on a journey

so profound

that you'll want to tell everyone about it! 

(plus everyone around you will notice a different spark in you)

Rock your Energy

is packed with...

12 Meditations

We'll do short and casual meditations, so that you can absorb all the knowledge that you're getting, by creating a safe and loving space within yourself.


These meditations will help you feel comfortable in your skin, so that every skill feels natural and effortless to you.


You don't need to have any experience meditating, and if meditation sounds like something hard to you, trust me, these will be the lightest and most effective meditations you'll ever do!

12 Visualisations

These visualisations will train your brain into believing that you can master every skill, so self-doubt doesn't get the best of you. It's like day dreaming that actually works!

Our visualisations will be like looking into the future, and bringing into this moment, the confident person that you're about to become

Everyday Intentions

Intention Setting

You'll get daily intentions, so you can actually put to practice everything that you learn, instead of it all becoming good ideas that never happened!


I'll tell you exactly what to do and how to do it, but it won't be scary, so don't worry about that! 


Intention Follow up

We'll set intention reminders throughout the day, so when the chaos of a normal day says hello, all your progress doesn't go to waste!


This way, you'll stay strong and nothing will stop your growth.

16 Reflections

I'll introduce you to every skill, so you can fully understand why you need to master them and exactly how to do it. You'll see clearly, how breaking limiting beliefs is way easier than living with them.


These reflections are packed with positivity and nothing but bright ideas, to get you feeling fresher than ever.

16 Journaling sessions

We'll do journaling exercises, so you can connect to who you are and what you want in a 100% judgement-free zone.


This will give you a clear picture of how you relate to every skill, and how to improve it, without it feeling heavy or changing who you are.

Every day is designed for you,

so you can relax and let this program guide your growth.

This is what each week in  

Rock Your Energy

looks like!


New topic


In these days, you'll

learn a new skill,

and welcome it through:



Intention Setting

Intention Follow Up




In these days, you'll 

reinforce the skill

you learned in the

previous day, through:




Intention Setting

Intention Follow Up

Rock your energy

comes in

3 different formats

so you can choose what you like the most!




You'll get immediate access

to the entire program

for 6 full months

in Trips in Silence's private online portal.

You can go through the program from,

Your computer

Your smartphone

and you'll also get ready-to-print PDFs including:

RYE program

Journaling worksheets

Progress tracker calendar

30 EXTRA journaling questions

Do this program at your own pace

Start any day of the of the week.

Choose your favourite time of the day.

Take days off as often as you need to.

Get comfortable

Get super easy access from your phone or computer

Ask away!

Any questions when doing the program?

Just send me an e-mail and I'll be here for you!

This program is

even more powerful

than Trips in Silence's

7-Day challenges

See below the beautiful stories behind these 7-day challenges, and


just imagine how

rock your energy

will change your life. 

For. Good.

Hi! I am Lele. I am a very happy customer! I did the inner world challenge and enjoyed every bit! In general, María is a sweetheart. I did the audio version and it was wonderful listening to her warm voice telling you all about these beautiful things. I already have some experience meditating and journaling. And because I have done it for a while now, it was great having a new approach to it and fresh ideas for inspiration. I really felt that I was exploring new paths. I am not usually a fan of having a predefined structure in my day, but as activities are to be done before and after bed time, it was very easy to introduce in my day. Thank you for sharing this with the world.



Questions, maybe?

It's okay to have plenty of questions!

Check below the FAQ section to find the answer to your doubts.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, I'm at

How will this program benefit me?

The purpose of RYE is to guide you to recover control of who YOU are, and embrace that incredible person, regardless of what you think other people think or say about you.


This program is meant to make you feel comfortable in your journey, and stop feeling overwhelmed by the opinions of others.


This will allow you to focus on your own progress, put your whole heart into creating beautiful work, and feel proud of yourself at the end of every day.

So, are you ready to feel awesome about 

who you are & everything you do

for the rest of your life?

Enrolment is now open!

Get the entire program

 for a super price 


rock your energy



What wouldn't you give to be able to say this,

every. single. day:

I'm so ready for today!

I feel so peaceful after today's meditation. I feel like I can do anything!

I see everything so clearly after this journaling session.

Here are your options...

Option 1

You can move on with your life, feeling heavy and scared most of the time (except when the weekend comes, maybe).

Option 2

You can make a thoughtful and loving decision today, for yourself. You can choose to say goodbye to that heaviness for. good. and join this program.

You can onboard this beautiful journey, and once and for all unlearn all the thoughts and ideas that have kept you holding back, sitting scared in the corner, for so long

Today, you're given the opportunity to choose to learn how to embrace who you are, and to finally start feeling awesome about yourself, and the work you do.

Doesn't Option 2 sound more exciting?

If you think so too, come join the program!