Use your mental & emotional energy mindfully

to become the freest person that you know.


The Rock Your Energy Program


is a 28-day video, audio & written program, made of mindfulness practices including:

  • Reflection

  • Journaling

  • Visualisation

  • Meditation

  • Intention Setting

specially designed to help you channel your mental & emotional energy mindfully, so that you can stop wasting your energy in things that are meaningless to you, and become the joyful and free person that you came into this world to be. 

Say hello to the joyful and free person

that you were born to be.

If you...

  • are tired of caring way too much about what others think of you

  • don't feel comfortable showing the real you

  • often feel that you don't fit in

  • often overthink what to say and end up saying nothing at all

  • hear a never ending negative mental chatter that makes you constantly doubt yourself

  • feel small and worthless when not getting a ''Hey, good job!''

  • are constantly overwhelmed with pressure to impress

  • get way too nervous over meetings with ''important'' people

  • constantly compare yourself to others, feeling small and behind

  • are always afraid of making the wrong choice

  • feel nervous and nauseous when you think about your job

you're probably experiencing

mental & emotional energy leakage

..and I've experienced it too.

Five years ago, I was experiencing severe mental & emotional energy leakage myself. 

On the outside, I looked like a normal girl living abroad and doing her engineering thesis in a big corporation. But in the inside, I was living in permanent fear of the world around me.

Energy leakage happens when we - consciously or unconsciously - pay more importance to what we think the world expects from us, than to our own wellbeing an enjoyment of life.

We believe that what we want doesn't matter as much as what the world is demanding from us, and we push our personal needs last in line, to end up feeling emotionally drained and exhausted.

We struggle to balance our wants and needs, with our responsibility to bring value into the world. We loose perspective of what's really important in life, and we forget that we can only bring real value into the world, when we feel good in the inside. 

Now instead of feeling energy drained

imagine having this


Fulfillment & Freedom

  • You feel content with who you are and about where you're at in your journey.

  • You enjoy and celebrate every step of your journey, including lows and highs.

  • You feel no need to be comparing yourself to other people, and being different makes you feel excited to be you.

  • You make all your decisions based on what's important to you and your journey, and not based on the fear of not meeting someone else's expectations.​​

  • What other people think of you doesn't bother you, because you know in your heart who you really are.



  • You're not afraid to share your opinions out loud, and you feel at peace with other people not agreeing with you.


  • You no longer feel intimidated by ''important'' people. Instead, you feel curious and open to exploring their human side.

  • You're able to build healthy and meaningful relationships with the people around you, whether they're similar to you or not. 

Improved ability to control your external world

  • You're no longer trapped in fearful thoughts. You feel confident about your ideas and the work that you bring into the world around you. ​


  • You feel joyful, energised and optimistic, leading to better decisions to shape your external world in your favour.

Sounds cool, right? Well,

you can have it all when you join

The Rock Your Energy Program

This program will give you the tools and guidance you need, to use your mental and emotional energy mindfully, so that you can control how you react to life, become who you want to be, and create the life that you deserve.


Let's break this journey down

28-day video, audio & written training

specially designed for you to easily follow through from beginning to end


 Accepting yourself in a world that's not made for you

Day 1  New topic day

Reflection + Journaling

Understanding the people around you

Master the art of staying happy and positive, even in the presence of people that you're not even close to liking.

Day 2  Reinforcement day

Meditation + Visualisation

Day 3  New topic day

Reflection + Journaling

Owning your point of view

Learn to stand by your values, even when you're surrounded by people that don't share your way of thinking.

Day 4  Reinforcement day

Meditation + Visualisation

Day 5  New topic day

Reflection + Journaling

Embracing your weirdness

Say goodbye to the limiting belief that says that being weird is a negative thing. You're AWESOME the way you are.

Day 6  Reinforcement day

Meditation + Visualisation

Day 7 New topic day

Reflection + Journaling

Accepting your current status

Stop comparing yourself to other people, and learn to love where you're at in your journey.


Bringing value into the world from a place of genuine love and care

Day 8  New topic day

Reflection + Journaling

Speaking like a pro

Let go of the self-doubt that doesn't allow you to say what you want to say. Learn my #1 trick to own your words.

Day 9  Reinforcement day

Meditation + Visualisation

Day 10  New topic day

Reflection + Journaling

Listening like a pro

Learn how to stay focused and engaged in conversation, even when the other person is boring as flopp (yup, I just made that word up)

Day 11  Reinforcement day

Meditation + Visualisation

Day 12  New topic day

Reflection + Journaling

Doing one thing at a time

Find out why multi-tasking is not the way to go, and how to increase productivity by focusing on the present moment.

Day 13  Reinforcement day

Meditation + Visualisation