DAY 1  

of The EXCELLENCE Challenge

''Create your inner world''

PART 1: night time

Before going to bed 

If you want to create any big or small change in your life, there is one fundamental thing that you must understand: 


The way in which you experience any circumstance that you land into, is 100% dependent on your inner world.


What this means, is that you basically live inside of yourself. This may sound obvious - and it is - but what is not obvious, is that we have the ability everyday, to change our inner world, in the same way in which  we are able to re-decorate our home or our bed-room.


Think about it, when you re-decorate a physical space. Why do you do it?


You do it because you want to experience a different feeling when you go into that space. You want to experience more beauty, peace, comfort, tranquility, among many other possibilities depending on your personality and preferred feelings.


It's the same when you want to re-create your wardrobe.


You want to create a new person. You want to feel differently in your clothes and you want to be seen differently by others. All these are methods that we use to change how we experience life. And guess what? They actually work. They have 2 main drawbacks though. The first one, is that they are not  - necessarily - long-lasting, so they have to be re-done frequently. And the second drawback, is that they usually cost some money, which you need to re-spend every time :) 


What we are doing in the first day of this challenge, is the same thing, but with our internal world.


This means that we are re-creating or re-decorating the inner-space that we want to live in. 


This step is extremely important, because you literally LIVE inside of yourself. You can not scape yourself. No matter how many friends you have, how much Netflix distracts you from your inner demons, or how much you go out to party, you will always come back to this place: yourself. 


Now, let's start having some fun.


There are 2 things that you need to do in order to re-create your inner space:


First, you need to realise that re-creating your inner world, is a possibility. You need to open yourself up to the idea that this is something that you are maybe not used to doing, but it is something that can be done and which you are starting to do, today.


Look at it as starting a new building/decoration project. But this time, instead of building or decorating something outside of yourself, you are doing it inside of yourself. People will not see a sofa in a different position, or a new painting on the wall. But they will see a different aura in you. The will see a new kind of peace, that is reflected from the seed of change that you are consciously placing inside of yourself.


The second thing that you need to do, is to define, what you want your inner world to look like. Only you know, what you want your life to feel like. And this is the key word: feeling. 


And this, my beautiful friend, bring us up to the first part of the challenge: our first journaling exercise. 


How do you want your inner world to be?

- Click here to listen on spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity -

** This goes for every journaling session: 


Take a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, and get ready to let yourself BE. 


I personally love to create a set-up that I am excited about. For me, this means searching on spotify for some relaxing meditation music (usually something without lyrics, to not be distracted or biased by them), maybe turning on a candle, getting some tea or coffee, and VERY important, sit comfortably. Find a position that doesn't make your back or neck hurt, so that you can write for as long as you need to. **

I want you to write down what you would like your inner world to look like. I want you to write down, the feelings that you would like to experience the most in your daily life.


Would you like to experience more calm? More kindness toward yourself? Would you like to experience more patience with yourself, or maybe toward other people that make you go nuts? Would you like to be more or less outgoing? Would you like to feel freer in your skin? Instead of focusing on how you would like your circumstances to be, I would like you to answer the question: what would you like to feel inside of yourself? 


Be specific and take as much time as you need. Elaborate on situations that you may be a little afraid of, and put in paper how you would like to feel in those situations.


The quality with which you do this activity, will reflect itself in your day tomorrow. Why? Because you are basically doing a deep cleaning and organising activity inside of yourself, and this is the place from which you do everything else.


Remember: you live in you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Only you have access to everything that you write, and only you know what you want to feel. 


Start your writing with something like this:

''In my daily life, I want to feel ___''.


- When you are done writing, come back here and read the following -


Now that you have finished journaling, take some time to acknowledge yourself for being brave enough to do this activity. 


Put your hands on your chest, and say thank you. 


Know that you have taken the first step into welcoming excellence into your life, because the first step, is the willingness to care about your actions.


Now, put what you wrote somewhere safe, because you will need it tomorrow morning :) 


- For tomorrow morning -


Tomorrow, we will do some visualisation and meditation. All together, this will take 15min. However, save yourself some extra 15min to read the instructions.


In total, expect to use 30min of your morning. 


I know. You may have to wake up a little earlier than usual, but trust me, it will be worth it. 


Thank you so much for joining this beautiful challenge, have a great night sleep, and see you tomorrow :) 

part 2: morning time 

Before starting your day


- Click here to listen on spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity -

Good morning friend! 


Today we continue with our challenge, and it's time for some visualisation minutes. This exercise is quite simple and fun, but it is very effective. 


Since you already did most of the work, you barely need me for this part of the challenge. 


I want you to take out what you wrote yesterday in your journaling session, and take some time to read through it, so you can refresh what you want your inner world to feel like. It is up to you, choosing with how much detail you want to read. If what you wrote is too long, maybe just scan through it. Deep inside you already know what it is that you want, but quickly reading it will help you see it more clearly. 


- Continue reading below, after you are done reading your writing -


Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 


Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 5 minutes and close your eyes. Use these 5 minutes, to visualise yourself being the person that has the inner world that you want for yourself. It is that simple. Don't be scared to dream too much. If you want infinite peace within you, visualise yourself having infinite peace within you. And one last thing, as you visualise yourself, observe the feelings within you. Notice if you feel more at ease, or if you feel more anxious. If you do feel more anxious, know that this is completely normal. It is because you are asking your brain to be something that he may not be used to being. It is a defense mechanism, and it is okay. Just allow yourself to do the exercise.


- When you are done, come back here for your meditation session :) -


- For this activity, you can keep the same music that you used for your visualisation exercise -


In today's meditation, we will practice kindness and surrender. 


Some people believe that meditation is about eliminating your thoughts. Well, the first thing that you should know, is that if you have a brain, you will have thoughts, and I could almost bet that you do have a brain, so let's forget about the no-thoughts thing for now :) 


Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 


Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 10 minutes and close your eyes. In this meditation session, we will do something with our thoughts, but it will not be eliminating them. What we will do, is observe our thoughts with kindness, and surrender to their existence. For this, we will do a little exercise. During the next 10 minutes, with your eyes closed, imagine that you are a big white house, with big windows and a door. You are this house, but you get to look at it from inside. Imagine that your view is from a top corner of the house, sort of where a security camera would be. You can see that this house is empty, or almost empty. Maybe it has a big table and a sofa, but not much more than that. Make it as clean as you can, so that you can appreciate the house itself. As you look into the house, you will have thoughts coming to you, distracting you from your beautiful white empty house. That's perfect. Every time that happens, imagine that the thought is a visitor in the house, bringing in a message. See how this visitor comes in, say hello to it, hear what it has to tell you, and tell it in a kind way, that you are actually doing some house cleaning and you will gladly welcome him some other time. See as your visitor leaves the house through the door. As you do this, many visitors will come. Repeat the same process with all of them. It may happen - quite a lot - that you forget to send your visitor away, and instead engage in a long deep talk with this thought, bouncing ideas back and forward. When you notice that you have done this -  great -  consider it a miracle, and simply treat your practice with kindness. Once again, just kindly say goodbye to your visitor, and acknowledge its existence and its ability to distract you, without beating yourself up for the nature of a simple thought. Alrighty. You ready? Time for medi :) When you are done. Come back here and we will wrap up.

during your day

Practice kindness

Well done! Your morning practice is done and I am so proud of you. 


Now, I will just ask you to do one thing during the day:


Practice kindness toward yourself and the process that you have just started. 


I will ask you to set 3 reminders in your phone throughout your working day. Maybe one at 11.00am, another at 1.00pm and another at 3.00pm.


At these times, take 3 deep breaths, and then say to yourself:


''I am willing to create the inner world that I want, but I also accept with kindness my current inner world. I have started the process toward the person that I want to be, and I am proud of myself.''


Have a beautiful day, and see you tonight in our journaling session!