DAY 2  

of The Excellence Challenge

''Organise your inner mess''

PART 1: night time

Before going to bed 

Many times, when we are not happy about a certain situation or circumstance, we tend to generalise the whole situation and classify it as something that we either like or dislike. Part of creating our inner world, consists in looking at situations that trigger us in unpleasant ways, and being able to identify what exactly is it that we don't like. 


I will give you an example of my own, that maybe you can relate to. 


Some days at work, are not my best days. These days, a part of me wants to say ''I hate my work'' or ''I hate this day'' or ''I suck at what I do''. However, those are very broad statements that fail to identify a very singular trigger that is causing me to feel pain.


Some days, what is causing me pain is that I failed to finish a specific task successfully. And successfully could mean many things. It could mean during a specific time frame, or within certain expectations of my own or of other people. Other days, what causes me pain is that I don't feel understood by certain colleagues, or I don't feel that I can understand and relate better to them. 


The problem with not being able to identify specific triggers, is that we amplify an original situation, and turn it into a new situation that becomes much more overwhelming than the initial situation. Overwhelming situations are situations that we want to stay away from, simply because when we feel overwhelmed, we struggle to see clearly. 


The magical part of identifying a trigger, is that once we do, the drama is lost, and therefore we manage to find solutions much faster. Why? Because when identifying a trigger, we will do 2 things. 


First, we will isolate the trigger from our emotions. We will look at it as an objective fact. 


Second, we will observe the feeling or emotion that the trigger is producing in us. 


What happens when we do these 2 simple steps, is that we reverse the overwhelming situations that we sometimes create, into the objective situations that they are, and the emotions triggered by those situations loose strength. 


This brings us to our journaling exercise for day 2. 


What's bothering you, why, and how does that make you feel?

- Click here to listen on spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity -

** This goes for every journaling session: 


Take a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, and get ready to let yourself BE. 


I personally love to create a set-up that I am excited about. For me, this means searching on spotify for some relaxing meditation music (usually something without lyrics, to not be distracted or biased by them), maybe turning on a candle, getting some tea or coffee, and VERY important, sit comfortably. Find a position that doesn't make your back or neck hurt, so that you can write for as long as you need to. **

I want you to write down a few of the things that have been bothering you lately, or that you feel can be relevant this week, because you already know that they will bother you. When you write down what's bothering you, be specific about why those things are bothering you, and also write down what specific feelings you feel because of them. For example:


''It bothers me that I can't find the solution to ___, because I feel like I am wasting my time. I feel angry and frustrated.''


Take your time, and remember that there is no wrong way of doing this. Also keep in mind that many times, the why is also the feeling, and that's okay. For example, something can be bothering me because it makes me feel stupid. That's a valid answer.  

- When you are done writing, come back here and read the following -


Now that you have finished journaling, take some time to acknowledge yourself for being brave enough to do this activity. 


Put your hands on your chest, and say thank you. 


Now, put what you wrote somewhere safe, because you will need it tomorrow morning :) 


- For tomorrow morning -


Tomorrow, we will do some visualisation and meditation. All together, this will take 15min. However, save yourself some extra 15min to read the instructions.


In total, expect to use 30min of your morning. 


I know. You may have to wake up a little earlier than usual, but trust me, it will be worth it. 


Thank you so much for joining this beautiful challenge, have a great night sleep, and see you tomorrow :) 

part 2: morning time 

Before starting your day


- Click here to listen on spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity -

Good morning friend! 


Take out what you wrote yesterday in your journaling session, and take some time to read through it. 

- Continue reading below, after you are done reading your writing -

Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 


Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 5 minutes and close your eyes. Do you remember the saying that our live is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it? Well, this is your moment to react in the way that will give you the life of your dreams. With your eyes closed, picture the uncomfortable situations that bother you, and imagine yourself reacting to them in the way that your dream person would do it. So who is your dream person? Well, your dream person is the person that has the inner world that you described in your Day 1. Have fun!


- When you are done, come back here for your meditation session :) -


- For this activity, you can keep the same music that you used for your visualisation exercise -


In today's meditation, we will practice awareness of our feelings.


Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 


Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 10 minutes and close your eyes. If there is one thing that we human beings are incredible at doing, is feeling. We feel all the time. We feel pleasant feelings and also very unpleasant ones. Every feeling is triggered by a thought. In today's meditation I want you to pay special attention to the feelings in your body, when different thoughts come your way. Your task is not to chase thoughts, they will come alone trust me. And if they don't, enjoy the silence! However, as soon as your thoughts start to appear, just focus on your body. Focus both on your physical body and your emotional body. Today you are starting to practice the art of detaching (or linking) your feelings and your thoughts. Don't expect mastering this already on the first time! Be patient. All you have to do, is observe. Ready? Let's go.  

during your day

Practice awareness of your feelings

Well done! Your morning practice is done and I am so proud of you. 


Now, I will just ask you to do one thing during the day:


Practice awareness and acceptance of your feelings. 


Throughout your day, whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by an unpleasant feeling, take a moment to stop, and take 3 deep breaths.


Use those long breaths to slow down, and notice that you are simply experiencing human feelings. I will kindly ask you to not try to get rid of your feelings, since they are there for a reason. We will dig more into this on Day 3. For now, practice awareness of these crazy feelings, and accept them as what they are: simple feelings. 


You are all set. Have a beautiful day, and see you tonight in our journaling session!