DAY 4  

of The Excellence Challenge

''Do everything with love''

PART 1: night time

Before going to bed 

I have to be honest. This is by far my favourite day of the challenge, because it is the day in which we will start practicing what I consider the most fundamental aspect of anything that is excellent. 

Have you ever seen that Will Smith interview, in which he explains his philosophy behind building a strong and tall wall? He says that you don't start building a wall, thinking that you will build the strongest - greatest - tallest wall in the world. You don't start like that, because that thought is too overwhelming.


The idea itself is so overwhelming that you might not start at all. Instead, what you do, is you put on the first brick, and you do it in the most excellent way that you are able to. You put on that brick as beautifully as your human nature allows you to do it. You do it, as if that brick is the most important thing in the world. And if you do that with every brick, every day, you will eventually have the strongest and tallest wall of all. 

Simple - yet - SO powerful.

This philosophy, is exactly what we will be practicing today. 

What does it mean to do something in an excellent way? It means that we will do it as if that one thing, is the most important thing in the world. We will remove from an action itself, any kind of resistance that we have toward doing it. It could be because you have done a certain thing too many times, or because you don't think that you can do it properly (limiting belief alarm). Whatever it may be, the challenge today is to move past that, and commit ourselves to being excellent at each one of our actions. 

The goal is excellence, not perfection. And in order to get used to this new way of looking at excellence, we will use a few synonyms for it:

  • Love

  • Care

  • Intention

  • Attention

  • Mindfulness

If you think about it, isn't that the way in which you would treat a baby? Of course it is. And you do it, because you belief that his/her whole life depends on the way in which your treat that baby in this moment. Well, let's bring that analogy and use it in our day.

Now let's move on to our journaling session. 


Who would you dedicate this love to, and who else could benefit from it?

- Click here to listen on spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity -

** This goes for every journaling session: 


Take a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, and get ready to let yourself BE. 


I personally love to create a set-up that I am excited about. For me, this means searching on spotify for some relaxing meditation music (usually something without lyrics, to not be distracted or biased by them), maybe turning on a candle, getting some tea or coffee, and VERY important, sit comfortably. Find a position that doesn't make your back or neck hurt, so that you can write for as long as you need to. **

Think about a person that you would like to dedicate your loving actions to. This can be a close family member, somebody that is still in this world, or maybe someone that is looking after you in the after-life. I want you to elaborate around 2 main things:


1. Who would this person/persons be? If you had to prepare a gift for him/her/them, how would you do it? What intention would you put behind your actions? Would you act with love, kindness, care? Why is it so important to create something beautiful for this person?

2. And then, I want you to answer, if during your day your actions were backed up by these same feelings, who else could be benefited from them? Could you see a better world? Maybe a better work or study place? Would the people around you be eventually affected by the love that you put into your actions?

- When you are done writing, come back here and read the following -


Now that you have finished journaling, take some time to acknowledge yourself for being brave enough to do this activity. 


Put your hands on your chest, and say thank you. 

Now, put what you wrote somewhere safe, because you will need it tomorrow morning :) 


- For tomorrow morning -


Tomorrow, we will do some visualisation and meditation. All together, this will take 15min. However, save yourself some extra 15min to read the instructions.


In total, expect to use 30min of your morning. 


I know. You may have to wake up a little earlier than usual, but trust me, it will be worth it. 


Thank you so much for joining this beautiful challenge, have a great night sleep, and see you tomorrow :) 

part 2: morning time 

Before starting your day


- Click here to listen on spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity -

Good morning friend! 


Take out what you wrote yesterday in your journaling session, and take some time to read through it. 

- Continue reading below, after you are done reading your writing -

Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 

Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 5 minutes and close your eyes. You can probably already guess what we will visualise today. And yes, it's that and more. Picture yourself acting with love during your day. Picture yourself being ridiculously intentional about your actions. Imagine yourself putting your full attention on anything that you do. Take it to a degree in which you even look a little silly; like brushing your teeth as if you had the most expensive and delicate teeth in the entire world. How would you do that?


- When you are done, come back here for your meditation session :) -


- For this activity, you can keep the same music that you used for your visualisation exercise -


In today's meditation, we will practice surrendering to our nature.


Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 


Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 10 minutes and close your eyes. In today's meditation, I will not give you much specific instructions. However, I will give you a beautiful mantra to set the intention of your meditation. Before you close your eyes, take a deep breath and slowly read the following mantra 3 times ''Nature is beautiful, kind and loving. I am part of nature, therefore  my nature is to be beautiful, kind and loving. I have within me everything that I need to create more beauty in this world, through my daily actions''. As you close your eyes and start your meditation, whenever you find yourself engaged in thought, calmly say to yourself in your mind ''I am beautiful, kind and loving''. Ready? Let's go :)

during your day

Dedicate your love

Well done! Your morning practice is done and I am so proud of you. 


Now, I will just ask you to do one thing during the day:


Dedicate even the smallest of your actions. 


Today, I want you to add love and intention to even the smallest of your actions. I want you to think about that special person who you would act lovingly for, and dedicate your actions to him, her or them. 

Be mindful about your small actions. Know, that no matter how small those actions are, they are relevant. At the same time, I want you to remain kind to yourself, by remembering that they don't have to be perfect. They just need to be done with care and intention. Do the best that you can with the skills and tools that you have access to. Do not beat yourself up for not being perfect, and focus on the loving energy that you are able to produce.

If you catch yourself not being loving and caring, forgive yourself and start over. Be patient. Accept that you have just started a transformation process, and it is completely normal to fall into previous habits.


You are all set. Have a beautiful day, and see you tonight in our journaling session!