DAY 6  

of The Excellence Challenge

''Help your new inner world''

PART 1: night time

Before going to bed 

When we embark on a journey to improve ourselves, it is quite common that we have a huge willingness to do it, but our old habits keep kicking in. 

This can be quite frustrating if we have unrealistic expectations. To reduce this frustration, it is very important that we stay aware of our nature to do things in the same way in which we have done them for a long time in the past. 

The best way to help your improvement, is to stay aware of your old habits before they crawl back in, and to take our process one step at a time. 

What does taking one step at a time mean?


Well, if you fall 20 times, but you manage to get up once, and do things differently that one time, you are succeeding. Why? Because it means that you still have the willingness in you to improve. Kindness toward yourself, is your best friend when you are working to improve yourself. 


What could go wrong?

- Click here to listen on spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity -

** This goes for every journaling session: 


Take a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, and get ready to let yourself BE. 


I personally love to create a set-up that I am excited about. For me, this means searching on spotify for some relaxing meditation music (usually something without lyrics, to not be distracted or biased by them), maybe turning on a candle, getting some tea or coffee, and VERY important, sit comfortably. Find a position that doesn't make your back or neck hurt, so that you can write for as long as you need to. **

Today, I want you to think about different ways in which you fall back into old habits, and write them down. What are those things that usually go wrong in the process, or that could eventually go wrong when your motivation is not so high? Allow yourself to be human and be honest. What are those things that usually make you loose hope or motivation? Why would you usually engage into habits that pull you away from being excellent/intentional/loving at what you do?

- When you are done writing, come back here and read the following -


Now that you have finished journaling, take some time to acknowledge yourself for being brave enough to do this activity. 


Put your hands on your chest, and say thank you. 


Now, put what you wrote somewhere safe, because you will need it tomorrow morning :) 


- For tomorrow morning -


Tomorrow, we will do some visualisation and meditation. All together, this will take 15min. However, save yourself some extra 15min to read the instructions.


In total, expect to use 30min of your morning. 


I know. You may have to wake up a little earlier than usual, but trust me, it will be worth it. 


Thank you so much for joining this beautiful challenge, have a great night sleep, and see you tomorrow :) 

part 2: morning time

Before starting your day


- Click here to listen on spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity -

Good morning friend! 


Take out what you wrote yesterday in your journaling session, and take some time to read through it. 

- Continue reading below, after you are done reading your writing -

Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 

Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 5 minutes and close your eyes. Today, I want you to visualise yourself doing completely the opposite to what you wrote down in your journaling session. Picture yourself not only being the person that is able to overcome those old habits, but also try to feel in your body what that new person is feeling. Then, just for a few seconds, also picture yourself going back to your old habits, and focus on how you feel. Be kind to that person who is falling into old habits, but also notice how the new person feels so much better. Play around in your visualisation time, going back and forward between the person who engages into the old and the new habits. Try to focus more on the one that feels better to you, and use the one that feels worst only as a reference. 


- When you are done, come back here for your meditation session :) -


- For this activity, you can keep the same music that you used for your visualisation exercise -


In today's meditation, we will practice welcoming a new kind of energy.


Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 


Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 10 minutes and close your eyes. In today's meditation, we will do a new exercise. As you close your eyes, imagine a stream of light going through your body. You can choose which ever colour you prefer. I usually go for a bright golden light because that's my personal preference. Think about a light that gives you peace. Make it shiny, soft, glittery, matte, however you prefer. During your whole meditation, try to simply focus on this stream of light healing different parts of your physical or/and emotional body. Whenever you find yourself engaged in thought, just observe it, take a deep breath, and imagine your powerful stream of light washing away your thoughts. Be kind to yourself, and enjoy the light. Ready? Let's go :)

during your day

Observe and acknowledge

Well done! Your morning practice is done and I am so proud of you. 


Now, I will just ask you to do one thing during the day:


Observe how your inner world is behaving and acknowledge what has and hasn't changed. 


Today, I want you to acknowledge your human nature. I want you to be observant of the times in which you manage to act accordingly to the new inner world that you are creating for yourself, and also the times in which there is no trace of that world. Be kind, be patient, be humble. Look at yourself as an experiment in process.


You are all set. Have a beautiful day, and see you tonight in our journaling session!