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 inner world 


Back to your real self in 7 days.

What if you could

stop pretending to be

someone that you're not?


The Inner World Journey

you can stop pretending.

In this 7-day training

we'll bring back to life

the joyful and awesome person

that you really are


now only $25

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The Inner World Journey

is a 7-day audio & written training, made of daily mindfulness practices including:

  • Meditation

  • Visualisation

  • Journaling

  • Intention Setting


especially designed to make you reconnect to your real self, a.k.a: the most peaceful, calm & confident version of you.

Right now, you're feeling..

Exhausted of having to hide who you really are.

And you keep wondering..

is this something that I'll always have to do?

You've reached a point where you already know that the more you pretend, the harder it gets..

And you also feel like you're trapped in a horrible prison that you can't escape, because that prison is yourself (or more like, the fake you)

If that prison didn't exist anymore. If you felt free to show up in the world, in the exact way in which you want to do it.


Imagine if you didn't hear all these voices in your head saying:


 Be this way. Sit this way. Smile this way. Say that thing. Ask that question. Pretend that you know what you're doing. Pretend that you like that thing. 

What if all of that was gone?

But imagine what your days would feel like..

Wouldn't that release a lot of pressure from you?


Wouldn't your life feel a lot lighter?


Wouldn't everything be much easier?

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

Hi there, I'm Mary!

I'm a self-care and mindfulness enthusiast, writer, dancer, entrepreneur and engineer.


I created the Inner World Challenge, to share with you, in a short, compact and efficient way, the tools that I've learned (over 4 years of mindfulness studying and practicing) to reconnect to who we truly are, and bring back that person into the world. 

A little background...

Five years ago, I immigrated to Scandinavia from my home country Venezuela, to pursue my engineering career.


What happened, is that although I was creating a successful engineering career, I got completely lost in the need of making a good impression on the people around me.


I went from being an enthusiastic and happy person, to somebody in a permanent state of fear and anxiety, of not doing things the way they were supposed to be done.


I got consumed by my negative thoughts, and I disconnected from the happy person that I once used to be.


So 4 years ago, while feeling emotionally drained and devastated, I made a decision that changed my life. I embarked on a self-care and personal healing process through welcoming into my life, a daily mindfulness practice. 


And guess what? It's exactly this practice that I'm sharing with you inside The Inner World Journey.

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

Let's break this 7-day journey down

When you join this training,

you'll get immediate access to

7-day audio & written training

Day 1


your journey

You'll learn why it's so important to embrace your journey, and how to use everything that you've gone through, to fall in love with yourself. 

Day 2

Dare to

stand out

You'll learn how to feel awesome about your weirdness, and how to bring it out, proudly and unapologetically! 

Day 3

Choose your life philosophy

Overwhelmed by everyone else's opinions and ways of thinking?


Do you hear so much noise in your mind, that you don't even know what YOU want?


Day 3 will fix that for you. No more people pleasing, and a whole lot of clarity on what's that important to you. 

Day 4

Breathe your life philosophy

One thing is to know, and another one is to do. Day 4 is all about doing. This is the day to grab that philosophy that you've made for yourself, and go all in with it. 

Day 5

Protect your worth

Do you ever feel like other people don't value nor appreciate there? After Day 5, you will never again let other people's opinions step on your worth. You'll know exactly how to show up in the world, as the expensive piece of gold that you are. 

Day 6

Be kind and do the work

Self-care is all about inner work. But when we expect way too much of ourselves, self-care kind of looses it's meaning. On Day 6, you'll learn how to set realistic improvement goals for yourself, that'll get you exactly what you need, in a kind and loving way. 

Day 7

Superhero mindset

You'll get my #1 secret to overcome the fear of the unknown, and to ALWAYS, no matter how scary a situation gets, be able to show up as a freaking superhero. 

 value = $95 

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!


introduction & practice of




Intention Setting

 value = $95 

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!


Back to Yourself 

progress calendar

Keep track of your progress and never miss a day to reconnect to who you truly are!

 value = $45 

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!


Never Going Back

phone wall-papers

Daily phone wall-papers to remind you of

who you really are and why

you need to stay you.

 value = $15 

 Total value 


 Your Price 


Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

''So.. what exactly do I get out of this training?''

In only 7 days, you'll be able to see the person that you truly are, and bring her back into the world. You'll finally be able to:


  • Say what you want to say.

  • Do what you want to do.

  • Make decisions based on what's important to you, without feeling guilty or weird about it.

''and.. how can that be done in only 7 days?''

Well.. because you'll get the right journaling, meditation, visualisation and intention setting practices to specifically help you go back to your real self. 


You can have a powerful transformation in the shortest of meditations.


It's not about time. It's about the right fit between what you're going through, and what you need to do about it.


Luckily for you, I've put together the right tools for you in this 7-day training.

''and.. is this a physical or digital product?''

This is a digital training, that comes both in audio and written format.


You'll get access to both formats when you purchase it, so you can choose what you feel more comfortable with, when you get started with it. 

''but.. can I do this training from my phone?''

Oh yes you can!


You can do this from your phone, tablet and computer.


Most people have followed this program from their phones, but it's friendly in any type of device! 

''and for how long can I access this training?''

Once you buy The Inner World Journey, you'll have access to it for at least 6 months.


Why at least? Because there's actually no deadline to it.


But if for some catastrophic reason I need to close this training, you still have 6 months of access to it, guaranteed!

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

''Look Mary, I'm busy and tired from everything I already have to do in a day. I don't want to add more stuff into my day. Joining this is probably a bad idea...''

Ehhh... nope. 

It's not a bad idea!


Doing this training can take you as little as 30min per day.


But more important than that, this training will actually help you create more time, space and energy in your day.


So if you're lacking that, The Inner World Journey, will definitely help!

''Ok.. but I have no experience at all in meditation, visualisation, journaling or intention setting. Will I be totally lost?''

Definitely not! I'll tell you exactly how to do each one of these exercises.


Plus, Trips in Silence approach to each one of these practices has its own unique style.


So even if you've done this type of things before, you'll discover new exciting sides to them within The Inner World Journey.

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

Who's this 7-day journey for?

You work

a 9-5 job

A 9-5 job can easily disconnect you from who you truly are.


The stressful deadlines, the need to please your boss and colleagues' expectations, and the invisible force that keeps everyone pretending to be someone they're not, are all factors that pull you away from who you truly are.


But hey, that's why we're here for, right?


The Inner World Journey will help you get passed all of that, so that you can happily be yourself, even when all of that is going on out there in the world.

You're a

busy entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial journey can be a very confusing one!


You're standing up for what you believe in, but at the same time, a part of you is wondering if what you're doing actually makes any sense.


The Inner World Journey will help you strengthen your believe in yourself, so that you can go back to being the confident entrepreneur that does all it takes, to see that brilliant idea come to life.


At the end of the day, you came up with that idea while being fully you, so being any other than that, is not a good idea!

You're a

Bachelor or Master student

Getting my Bachelor's and Master's degree, were for sure some of the hardest things I've done.


I remember those periods of my life with joy and excitement, but I also remember a lot of stress and self-doubt!


''Will I pass that exam? Will my grade be good enough? Will I get that internship? Will I have enough time to hand in that report before the deadline?''


Yes, you will.


And you'll not only know that, but also feel it deep in your bones, once you get started with the Inner World Journey.


Everything will be fine, if you believe it. But if you keep doubting yourself, it might not! So you better get back to being yourself, and believing that you can do anything that you set yourself up for.


But good news: the Inner World Journey will take you there, in no time. 

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

So let's get you started!

This is how we're going to do it:


Purchase The Inner World Journey


Check your inbox

A few minutes after you purchase (2-10min) you'll receive an e-mail from Trips in Silence, with a link to access the Inner World Journey.


Start the journey!

Inside the Inner World Journey digital portal, you'll find everything included in the program.

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

Get started with

The Inner World Journey

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

Imagine where you could be only 7 days from now..

if you decide to get started on this journey right now.


Only 7 days from now, you won't feel that heaviness that you feel in your heart, because you've been suppressing your true self, will be gone.


You'll feel lighter and freer than ever.


You'll say goodbye to the boredom that comes from pretending to be who you're not, and say hello to the excitement of embracing the incredible person that you truly are.

Lock this low price now.

It'll go up soon!

I really felt that I was exploring new paths.

Hi! I am Lele.


I am a very happy customer!


I did the inner world challenge and enjoyed every bit!


In general, María is a sweetheart. I did the audio version and it was wonderful listening to her warm voice telling you all about these beautiful things.


I already have some experience meditating and journaling. And because I have done it for a while now, it was great having a new approach to it and fresh ideas for inspiration.


I really felt that I was exploring new paths.


I am not usually a fan of having a predefined structure in my day, but as activities are to be done before and after bed time, it was very easy to introduce in my day. Thank you for sharing this with the world.



It is unbelievable how one week made me change so much to a better person.

Hi Mary, I hope you are doing well. I want to thank you so much for the wonderful project you created.


I finished the Inner World Challenge and now started the Excellence Challenge. It is unbelievable how one week made me change so much to a better person.


All these years I wanted to change but didn't know how, and I am shocked how I was closing myself so much, scared of getting to know me and listening to all these negative thoughts that were controlling me.


Now I am able to recognise this and acknowledge when my insecurities are coming and choose to go into a different direction. I just needed this little push and help to discover myself and understand who i want to become and thank you for that. I will continue doing the challenges and I am super excited for the Rock Your Energy to come out. Please continue your beautiful project of Trips in Silence. Wish you a Happy Easter. 



When I finished I became my own superhero.

It was a great experience. I've never had the opportunity to give myself that space to see inside my inner world before, and it was quite revealing as well as challenging. 


It totally takes you out of your comfort zone, but it's rewarding once you do.


When I finished I became my own superhero, thanks Mary for this beautiful challenge. ☺️



Each challenge is different and each one makes you feel unique and feel that you are enough.

I did both challenges and everyday they became magical, all my mornings became different, each activity you make, you connect more with yourself and get to know yourself even more. 


Each challenge is different and each one makes you feel unique and feel that you are enough. I am really grateful to have you in my life, thank you, Mary, for pushing me to learn a little more about me, enjoy my journey and love me as I am.



I have no words to describe how wonderful and enlightening this experience was.

The Challenge I’ve done was The Inner World one. I’ve found out about it after receiving an e-mail from Trips in Silence.


I was going through very hard times, inside and outside. It was like someone has sent it to me ✨.


I’ve done it religiously the 7 days and everyday I was excited to do the next one. I have no words to describe how wonderful and enlightening this experience was, specially because of the time we are facing. I’m a lot more prepared to go through it now. Thank you so much! 💕



I needed a change in the way of seeing things as well as my feelings about those things.

Hi Mary! First of all many thanks for doing this. Since the beginning I felt identified with your topics and in the way you develop them.


I did both challenges since I needed a change in the way of seeing things as well as my feelings about those things.


During and after doing the challenges, they have gifted me few minutes of recognition in my daily duties, where I've never stopped to think before.


It's also a challenge to do the challenges, but it's very worthy to take time to recognise, meditate and try to apply it in our life to reach THAT inner peace. 🍁



After every challenge, I felt empowered, less anxious and stressed out.

Hi! I loved doing these challenges. It was very easy to follow, simple and not too time consuming.


After every challenge, I felt empowered, less anxious and stressed out during these confusing times.


But most importantly I felt very light and peaceful and more accepting of myself and the situation I am in. But also I had the confidence of facing my day and of the problems I might encounter.


I would definitely encourage anyone of giving these challenges a try. It won't take much time and one will feel so much better after doing these challenges!



Doing the courses have affirmed to me there is no right way to meditate and has taken me to new levels within meditation.

I completed both the inner world and the excellence challenge. I was very new to the world of mindset work so these courses were great to introduce me to creating a routine into my day to work on myself as I always put myself last.


I loved the set up of the group journaling at night and visualisation and meditation in the morning.


Doing the courses have affirmed to me there is no right way to meditate and has taken me to new levels within meditation. Really recommend the courses. It has helped me realise Its ok to spend some time working on me.


United Kingdom.

I started the day in a better mood, calmer and more peaceful, ready for the craziness of the day.

I found Trips In Silence by accident and decided to give the Inner World Challenge a try.


I felt a bit lost and, although I had been meditating for a while, the challenge seemed interesting and intriguing.


Adapting my schedule to include the morning tasks was hard at the beginning (I´m not a morning person!), but I started the day in a better mood, calmer and more peaceful, ready for the craziness of the day.


My true discovery was journaling, it was totally new for me! The tasks helped me understand some parts of my beautiful inner world, identify my energy leaks and feel proud of my journey. It felt so good! Now I´ve committed to find some time for myself every day (morning and night!) and I feel I´m starting to take control of my life. Thank you so much Mary!



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Here's the deal...

Only for a few more hours

this 7-day training that will change your life for the better, is available at

The Inner World Journey is worth

10-times that.

But because I want to see a world full of excitement and authenticity, I've decided to make this program accessible at a much lower price, for limited time only. 


only $25!

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