DAY 3  

of The Inner World Challenge

''Choose your life philosophy''

PART 1: night time 

Before going to bed 

There is one thing that we should never ask permission to do. This is, choosing our values. Choosing what we believe in. Choosing what we stand for. 

Often in life, you will find yourself surrounded by people that don't share your values. They will complain over things that you don't believe are worth complaining about, they will criticise people that you believe are doing a fine job in life, and they will praise others that you may even struggle to respect. 

Many times you will have other people that support your values, so it will be a little easier to stay true to what you believe in. However, in many cases you will be alone. When this happens, it is solely your responsibility to stay strong in your values, so that the current doesn't drag you.

Now let me be clear on something. We are not talking about being strong in your opinions. Your opinions can change given the right arguments to change them. We are talking about your values. Your values come prior to your opinions. Your values are what hold your opinions. You can have different opinions that are based on the same values.

Don't worry. If you are confused, later on I will give you a few examples of my own to help you stay afloat on today's challenge.

One of the most common reasons why we don't stay true to our values, is because we missed the first and most fundamental step. This is, to define or choose what our values are.

This brings us to today's journaling session. 


What's important to you?

Click here to listen on Spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity.

This goes for every journaling session


Take a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, and get ready to let yourself BE. 


I personally love to create a set-up that I am excited about. For me, this means searching on Spotify for some relaxing meditation music (usually something without lyrics, to not be distracted or biased by them), maybe turning on a candle, getting some tea or coffee, and VERY important, sit comfortably. Find a position that doesn't make your back or neck hurt, so that you can write for as long as you need to.

Today, I want you to be clear on the answer to this question: what's important to you and how can you honour this?


You can look at values as the invisible force that sets motion to your actions. As a person who has an engineering background, I will dare to point out that since we are looking at values as forces, these are characterised by a magnitude and a direction. The magnitude is the strength with which you believe in your values. The stronger you belief is, the bigger your force will be, and the more effective your actions will be. On the other hand, the direction will basically define where your actions will take you. 


Values are meaning and motivation behind anything that you do. Thus it is much easier to make decisions that will move us where we want to go, if we are clear on our values. Below, an example of my own that I am hoping will guide you in your journaling session.

I consider my health to be extremely important. I refuse to find myself lying sick on a bed thinking that if I hadn't worried so much about the insignificant things that society has made us believe are important, my health wouldn't have deteriorated to such point. My way to honour my health is to protect my time and my energy. I choose to be mindful about the way in which I spend my time, the way in which I use my energy and the people that I surround myself with. I choose to not let negative comments and small minded mentalities get in the way of my enjoyment and growth. I choose to act with love and to stay away from activities and mindsets that are harmful to my health. Etc, etc etc :)

Now, it's your turn. 

When you are done writing, come back here and read the following.


Now that you have finished journaling, take some time to acknowledge yourself for being brave enough to do this activity. 


Put your hands on your chest, take 3 deep breaths and say thank you. 


Your life philosophy is what stands at the very core of each one of your actions. Don't let the current drag you into what you don't believe in. Don't let convenience stand over what's important to you. Convenience may seem like a cheap fix, but it's actually a very expensive long-term choice. 


Now, put what you wrote somewhere safe, because you will need it tomorrow morning :) 


For tomorrow morning.


Tomorrow, we will do some visualisation and meditation. All together, this will take 15min. However, save yourself some extra 15min to read the instructions.


In total, expect to use 30min of your morning. 


I know. You may have to wake up a little earlier than usual, but trust me, it will be worth it. 


Thank you so much for joining this beautiful challenge, have a great night sleep, and see you tomorrow :) 

part 2: morning time 

Before starting your day


Click here to listen on Spotify to my favourite background playlist for this activity.

Good morning friend! 


Today we continue with our challenge, and it's time for some visualisation minutes. This exercise is quite simple and fun, but it is very effective. 

I want you to take out what you wrote yesterday in your journaling session, and take some time to read through it.


Continue reading below, after you are done reading your writing.


Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 


Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 5 minutes and close your eyes. I want you to visualise yourself living by your values. Use your imagination to anticipate situations in which your values may be threatened by other people's values. Be the person that you would feel proud of being. Feel the greatness that comes from living a life in which your actions are backed up by what is really important to you. 

When you are done, come back here for your meditation session :) 


For this activity, you can keep the same music that you used for your visualisation exercise.


In today's meditation, we will practice acceptance of our thoughts.

To give you an idea of what this mediation is going to be like, I want you to take a second to think about a person that you may have disagreements with, but you still love and accept. Now, we will use that analogy to look at our thoughts. 

Now, read the next paragraph until the end, and then follow the instructions in it. 


Put on some relaxing/meditation music, set your timer to 10 minutes and close your eyes. The fact that your brain is generating your thoughts, means that you are not your thoughts. Since you are not your thoughts, you are allowed to look at them and disagree with them. Have you ever noticed that in a fragment of a second you may have thoughts that contradict each other? There is almost an ongoing conversation in your head, all the time. During the next 10 minutes allow yourself to just observe this process happening. Let yourself look at your thoughts, and either agree or disagree with them - but always accept them. You can not keep your brain from thinking, so you need to make peace with the fact that millions of thoughts will exist in your head. However, what you can do is respectfully disagree with them. Are you ready? Let's do this. 

during your day

Hold high your philosophy

Well done! Your morning practice is done and I am so proud of you. 


Now, I will just ask you to do one thing during the day:


Hold high your philosophy. When you have chosen your values, you have chosen your life philosophy. This is the meaning at the core of everything that you do. Now, what's even more important than choosing your life philosophy, is remembering it. 

I will ask you to set 3 reminders in your phone throughout your working day. Maybe one at 11.00am, another at 1.00pm and another at 3.00pm, but this is completely up to you.


At these times, take 3 deep breaths, remember what's important to you, and then say to yourself:

''I am the only person responsible for keeping my life philosophy alive. I owe it to myself to act on behalf of what's important to me. Happiness lies in finding harmony between what matters to me and what I do. Today, I choose to live in harmony''.


Have a beautiful day, and see you tonight in our journaling session!

But before you jump into your day, make sure you celebrate your incredible journey by sharing what you achieved and learned today!

The world needs you

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