Preparing your inner world for deep & long lasting transformation

If you want to create any big or small change in your life, there is one fundamental thing that you must understand: The way in which you experience any circumstance that you land into, is 100% dependent on your inner world.


What this means, is that you basically live inside of yourself. This may sound obvious - and it is - but what's not obvious, is that we have the ability everyday, to change our inner world, in the same way in which  we are able to re-decorate our home or our bed-room.



Think about it, when you re-decorate a physical space. Why do you do it? You do it because you want to experience a different feeling when you go into that space. You want to experience more beauty, peace, comfort, tranquility, among many other possibilities depending on your personality and preferred feelings.


And it's the same when you want to re-create your wardrobe. You want to create a new person. You want to feel different in your clothes and you want to be seen differently by others.


All of these are methods that we use to change how we experience life. And guess what? They actually work. They have one main drawback though. They make you feel dependent on something out there in the world. They're not built within you. These are external things that will make you feel better under different circumstances and during specific periods of time. But they have nothing to do with you, and your own ability to decide how you feel and who you are as a human being.


That's why in this module, the very first one, we're focusing on your inner world. We're re-creating or redecorating the inner space that you want to live in. 



This step is extremely important, because you literally live inside of you. You can't scape yourself. No matter how many friends you have, how much Netflix distracts you from your inner demons, how many books you read, or how much you go out to party, you'll always come back to this place: yourself.



Now, let's start having some fun. There are two things that you need to do in order to recreate your inner world:


First, you need to realise that recreating your inner world, is a possibility. You need to open yourself up to the idea that this is something that you are maybe not used to doing, but it's something that can be done and which you're starting to do, today.


Look at it as starting a new building/decoration project. But this time, instead of building or decorating something outside of yourself, you're doing it inside of yourself. People won't see a sofa in a different position, or a new painting on the wall. But they'll see a different aura in you. They'll see a new kind of peace, that's reflected from the seed of change that you're consciously and intentionally planting inside of you.


The second thing that you need to do, is to define, what you want your inner world to look like. Only you know, what you want your life to feel like. And this is a key word for this Module: feeling. 



In the first training of this module, we talked about what's behind our feelings and emotions, remember? Behind every emotion, there's a subjective and personal meaning that we attach to an objective situation, circumstance or fact. We also talked about our emotions not being our enemies, but our guiding lights. In order to get passed uncomfortable emotions, we need to approach them with curiosity, and ask ourselves what's the meaning that we're attaching to a specific situation.


Then, in the second training of this module, we uncovered belief systems, and how our belief system is regularly dictating how we perceive the world, other people, and more importantly, how we perceive ourselves.


Now here's the link between our emotions and our belief system: The subjective meaning that we attach to objective situations, which causes us to feel whatever it is that we feel, is based on our belief system.



So for example, a woman who doesn't feel accomplished, smart and proud of herself, in relationship to the people around her at work, might be attaching to a situation in which her ideas are simply different to the ideas of others, the meaning that her ideas, aren't as bright as the ideas of others.


Now - Why would she think that her ideas aren't bright enough just because they're different? Who's measuring that? Well, her belief system. Her belief system might be telling her that only certain type of ideas are bright. And because her ideas don't match that certain type, then she understands, based on her belief system, that her ideas aren't bright.


But going even a little deeper with curiosity, we might find out that this belief that classifies her ideas as boring, ordinary or unimpressive, probably comes from her childhood, her parents, or something someone said to her at some point in her life, which she might or might not even remember.



And see, there's something really important that we need to understand before we move any further. And that is, that it's not mandatory or a prerequisite for personal transformation, to understand where each one of your beliefs is coming from.


Many people get trapped in this idea that they need to attend thousands of therapy sessions to understand more and more where their limiting beliefs are coming from. But understanding to the bone the source of our beliefs, although refreshing and uplifting in many cases, is not necessary. And we should never use this as an excuse to remain small and unchanged.



What we need to do every time that we find a thought that's not serving us, is to simply ask ourselves: ''Is this thing that I'm thinking, actually true? Is this thought, worth believing?''


And before we answer that, we need to remember that ''true'', simply means ''true'' to us. You don't need to Google ''is stress necessary for success?'' in order to get the answer to that question and the permission to stop stressing. What you need to do is to ask yourself: ''Is stress something that I want to continue driving me? Is it being beneficial for me right now? Could I find something else to drive my success? How much am I willing to continue living in overwhelming stress?''.



Choosing your beliefs is about deciding whether you believe or not, the thoughts that pop in our mind. It's about allowing ourselves to stop believing things that we've believed for years. It's about allowing ourselves to get a fresh start.


Whatever you declare is true to you, will be true to you. If you look around you'll see all sorts of people. People who pretend to be someone that they're not and people who're not afraid to show their true colours. You'll see people that lead corporations in the standard, correct, by the book type of way, and there's people who follow their hearts, tap into their creativity, come up with much more fun methods and approaches to tackling all sorts of different situations. There's people who you don't even think are smart who obviously feel smarter than you think they are, and there's people who you think are super smart who doubt themselves and suffer from constant anxiety and impostor's syndrome.


So what's the different between all these people? Well, their beliefs. What they believe is possible and what they believe isn't. What they believe they're capable of doing, or not. How they believe they're allowed to be or to behave. It's what they choose to believe internally about themselves, what makes the difference.



It's a decision. And it's a decision for which you don't need to keep researching where your patterns are coming from. It's a decision that you're allowed to make right now, in this moment, because it's your right. Because you have one life, and this is it. And unless you want to continue living based on random beliefs that were imposed to you by family, society, social pressure, or whatever it was, you need to take responsibility right now, for your new life philosophy.



This is when we start creating your 2.0 version. The version of you that does things according to her own values and principles, which you're going to declare in this Module's magic sheet.


Building your inner world is all about choosing again. Choosing who you want to be, how you want to feel, what's important to you, what you're willing to let go off, and what your non-negotiables are. You have to be relentless and courageous, when you build your inner world intentionally. And with this, I don't mean selfish. In fact, quite the contrary.



Because the minute you start living and acting in alignment to your values, what's important to you, and the beliefs that you're actively choosing at this stage of your life, that's when your serene unfolding starts. That's when you start allowing yourself to define success in your own terms, and to start enjoying the journey toward your goals, as if you're already the greatest success there is.


It becomes a personal and intimate journey. It's not about them anymore. It's about you bringing out your happiest, most relaxed and fulfilled self, and in doing so, you'll be able to collaborate and co-create with others, from a place of freedom, abundance, joy and light.

So my love, this is the end of this training. Now, let's get to that magic sheet inside the Wisdom Embodiment section of this module, and let's open the floor for the serene, relaxed, joyful and confident version of you to step out and dance.


I am so excited to see you shine!