Releasing your addiction to self doubt & reconnecting to your inner wisdom

In the previous training, we talked about the soul shattering illusions that keep us disconnected from our true innate power. We dived into the illusion of having to always look outside for validation, while completely neglecting that we have in us, the power to operate based on our own inner validation.


In this training, we're letting go of that illusion, and we're 100% shifting our perspective about ourselves, and what we're capable of achieving. We're diving into identity recalibration 101, and we're going from a ''I'm never enough'' identity to a ''I already have in me, everything that I need to succeed'' identity.


After this training, you'll fully understand why you don't need to wait for other people's validation to feel confident in your ability to succeed, and you'll know exactly how to tap into the endless source of wisdom available in you: your inner wisdom.



So now, you're probable wondering ''OK Mary, what exactly is my inner wisdom? And how do I know that I have that? I don't really feel like I have any type of inner wisdom''.

I hear you. And here's the thing. We all have a powerful source of inner wisdom, not just you or not just me. We just haven't been taught how to tap into it. And that's exactly what I'm showing you how to do, right now.


Inner wisdom is the most powerful thing that we possess. We have a tendency to think that wisdom is somewhere out there in the world. Somewhere far from where we are. At a place that we have no access to, and where only special people have a chance to go. But that is far from the truth, and it's exactly this illusion, which makes us waste our valuable time, looking for answers that never seem to appear.


Inner wisdom is wisdom at the level of the most beautiful things in nature. Your inner wisdom is connected to the energy responsible for the most powerful creations that you could ever encounter. Your inner wisdom is the same wisdom that nature used to create the sun, the earth, and the sky that you look up to. And if you think that this is crazy, let me ask you a question: where do you think that you come from?



For some reason, us human beings, love isolating ourselves from the rest of the world. We see beauty all around us, and we believe that we don't deserve a spot in there with all the beauty and intelligence. But why wouldn't you? The same energy that created the sun, created you. The same energy that created the sea, created you.

However you prefer to understand creation, either through science, religion, both, or none, the point remains the same. Everything comes from the same place. We all have the same origin. So when you doubt yourself and can't find a good reason to believe in yourself, think of the sun, and remember that that's your big brother. You, me, and the sun, come from the same place. And look how bright it shines. Look how huge it is. Look how warm it is. You have in you, the potential to be like that. Never forget that.



What we're going to do right now, is to dive into the 4 very simple but magical steps that we need to follow, in order to connect to our inner wisdom. If you think that you have no wisdom within you, through these steps you'll realise how incredibly wise you are.


Before we go deep into each one of these steps, I'll ask you to take a deep breath, and open your heart to the wisdom that you're about to receive. In the universe, there's a permanent flow of energy that manifests itself in many forms. Words, is one of those forms. There's a reason why you're receiving these words and this message right now. 


A Wednesday afternoon, I'm sitting on my bed, with my laptop on a cushion above my legs. In this very moment, I'm turning into written words the thoughts and ideas that are popping in my mind, which are a consequence of millions of experiences and interactions that for some reason, The Universe that we live in, has put me through. These ideas are now reaching you on the other side, to become part of your human experience as well, and to serve as a catalyst in your personal growth as a human on this earth. So open up to them, and let them shape you.


The first step to connect to your inner wisdom, is to acknowledge your connection to the wonderful universe that you live in. 


Imagine that you belong to a huge family that you had never taken into consideration. This family, not only contains the sun, the stars and the sea, but it also contains the people that you admire the most. Think about that author, actress, CEO, dancer, you name it, that you admire, and put them into this family. 


This family is real, and it's the universal family that you belong to. When I say acknowledge your connection, I truly mean that you understand that you have a connection to all the beauty and intelligence available in the world. What's possible for Beyonce is also possible for you. Universally speaking, you are not in disadvantage. Your soul is as bright as anyone else's, and step #1 is all about fully acknowledging this. 

By acknowledging your connection to greatness, love, intelligence and beauty, you allow yourself to open a mental path to greater creativity and expanded possibility. 


You're not alone. You're not small. You're not lacking anything. Everything in nature is abundant and beautiful, and so are you. Before we started believing that we needed more of this and more of that, we were already abundant. Our lack of material things is caused by our lack of an abundant mentality. 


We keep seeking for more knowledge, more skills, more physical things, more friends, more love, more connection. But we keep missing the magic that is already available in us. We keep missing our nature, and how only a wise universe, could create an incredible creature like you.



The second step to connect to your inner wisdom, is to forget your identity. Sometimes we attach so many useless labels to ourselves, that we leave no room for labels that will actually give us the confidence to move forward. 


Way too positive labels can also be dangerous, because they may lead us to not even try to make any progress. This is why this step is all about forgetting all labels that you have ever used on yourself. 


What do I mean by labels? Well, by labels, I mean everything. From being an engineer, to being bad at singing. Step #2 is all about letting go of everything that you believe about yourself, to create space for what your soul wants to draw on you.

Saying to yourself things like,


''I'm too old to try that now''

''I'm not good at talking to people''

''I could never present as well and confidently as you do''

''I'm terrible with new challenges''


are the perfect way to scare away your inner wisdom. Your inner wisdom still exists, but it has ran away and hid very well, after you made those statements. Forgetting your identity is like becoming a baby again, and having the possibility to re-write everything about yourself.


Forgetting your identity puts you in a neutral position, where you're allowed to have questions, ideas and desires, that are all equally valid. 


Forgetting your identity is the way to get rid of all those annoying ''buts'', that come right after an idea that could lead to the next big thing in your life.


''I'd like to but, I don't know how to do it''

''I'd love to try but, I don't think I'll do a good job''


When you forget about your identity, there are no buts. Everything is possible and solutions are endless. You're not too slow, or too silly. None of that exists, so the road to your inner wisdom is much more clear and easy to navigate.


Step #3 is all about receiving. We have a natural tendency to push and push, trying to force answers into our mind. Sometimes this leads to nothing showing up, and other times, it leads to the exact opposite: too many options showing up. When the later happens, the problem is that we're so overwhelmed with everything that our mind is suggesting us, that we can hardly choose anything.


Allowing yourself to receive, means becoming part of something bigger, and letting that bigger team that you belong to, take part of your responsibility. There's a difference between leaving everything to the hands of The Universe, God, Destiny, or however you want to call it, and working together with it.


When you belong to a team, you don't just leave all the work to your teammates. You allow them to help. You give them part of the job, and you take the other part. You collaborate. You work together. This is what your relationship to your inner wisdom should feel like. 

When it comes to your inner wisdom, you need to trust that it's there. Your inner wisdom is part of your team. She's there to help you, to support you and to guide you. But she also needs you to be active in your team work, and more importantly, she needs you to remember that she is there, and to ask for her help when you need it. 


See your inner wisdom as a friend, and be open to having her guidance. Trust that she's there, ready to help you, and be willing to talk to her. 


Now, you may be thinking:


''But Mary, how can I trust that she exists if I've never met her? Who is she? I feel like I'd be talking to no one''.


The truth is, that you have seen your inner wisdom. You not only have seen her, but you're seeing her right now. When you look at your hands and your legs, those are you inner wisdom's creation. When you take a deep breath that fuels your whole body, be certain that the incredible human system that makes that possible, was created by your inner wisdom. 


Your inner wisdom, is the presence in you, of the same energy responsible for everything in creation. When you follow Step #1, you acknowledge that you are connected to this beautiful energy. Then, when you follow Step #2, you allow yourself to become one with this energy, and you let it turn you into whatever it is that you dream of. You do this by forgetting the identity that your mind has created for you, and all the limitations that that implies. Later on, when you follow Step #3, you deliberately create the space for your inner wisdom to have an active presence in your life. You give her a roll in your life, and you open up to listening to what she has to say.


At this point, you have understood that you're part of nature and that you're connected to the energy responsible for all creation in it. You have forgotten the identity which holds the limiting beliefs that forbid you from your innate greatness. And, you have opened your heart up to receiving the wisdom available in this magical place that you belong to. 


Now, STEP #4 is to trust nature's process for you. What this means, is that sometimes, when you try to communicate to your inner wisdom, you can't hear anything. Or at least, that's how you feel. 


Trust in nature is your key to endless patience. If you look around, the timing for everything in nature is absolutely perfect. The timing for the sun to create day and night is perfect, and so is the timing of the seasons. Your timing is also perfect, as long as you stay connected to the energy responsible for everything in nature. 

The moment that everything starts to go crazy, making you lose balance, hope, and fall into desperation, is the moment you forget your connection. The moment you believe that you're alone in this game, and in which you mentally separate from the incredibly powerful force that manages to keep everything in place, that's the moment when you shut your inner wisdom off. 


But if you stay open to connecting to your inner wisdom, and you go back to connecting to her, every time you find yourself having a hard time to follow any of these steps, she'll come and help you. 


Now let me give you more details about what it means to trust nature's process for you. It's very common to hear ''trust yourself''. But sometimes it's even easier to trust other people than to trust ourselves. Specially when it comes to making difficult decisions. Well, when you can't trust yourself, trust nature's process for you.


Remember that you're part of a system. Remember that you didn't create yourself. A higher energy did. The same energy that created Tom Cruise and the sun. So when you can't find the strength to trust yourself, because you feel too small, too inadequate, too weird, too insecure, trust nature. Trust nature's process for you, and trust that your existence is part of a bigger plan.


My love, we have reached the end of this training. So let's quickly recap what those 4 steps to connect to your inner wisdom are:


1. Acknowledge your connection to your inner wisdom

2. Forget your identity 

3. Allow yourself to receive

4. Trust nature's process for you


You have greatness within. You always have, since the moment you were born. With time, as you grew up, your human experience and interactions, may have made you disconnect from this greatness. But this powerful energy has never ceased to exist, and it's right there, within yourself, simply waiting for you to tap into it. 

Take a moment to close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. As you inhale and exhale, imagine a golden stream or light flowing through you. Let this beautiful light transform you and awake your inner greatness.


Now, we're ready to move on to this module's magic sheet. Because guess what? When we connect expansive lessons like this one, with the specific things that we're going through, that's when the magic happens.