The power of affirmation

My dear human, in this training I'm going to introduce you to a powerful tool that you probably have already heard about. After all, I didn't really create or invent it. I'm simply a loyal user of it, and that is: affirmations.


Now, before I dive into this topic, I want to respond to an objection that maybe you're already thinking about. Maybe you're thinking ''I've already tried affirmations before and it didn't work''. And if this is the case, I completely understand that this may have been your experience, and I'm not here to try to prove you wrong. If it didn't work, it didn't work.

But what I will tell you, is that there's a million ways to use affirmations, and that there are very high chances that the style of doing affirmations that you maybe have tried before, is completely different to the one that I'm about to present to you. My invitation for you today, is to forget everything that hasn't worked for you regarding affirmations, and open up to a new way of approaching them. In fact, I'm even giving a new name to this type of affirmations, to differentiate them from anything else. We're going to call them ''Freeing affirmations''.



So now that we have a new name for affirmations, let's dive into what freeing affirmations are, why they're so important, and why they work.

See my love, when it comes to how you feel about yourself and your life, your inner narrative is everything. Your inner narrative is the conversation that you're regularly having with yourself. It's everything that you actively tell yourself in your everyday life.


I'm going to stop here for a second to make an important distinction between what your mind tells you and what you tell yourself. Right now you're probably like ''Whaaat? Isn't what I tell myself the same thing as my mind tells me?'' And my answer to that is: yes and no.



The reality is that your mind, through your thoughts, is constantly telling you a million things at a rate that's so fast that you can't really control. And that's exactly why meditation isn't about controlling those thoughts but instead, detaching from them through observation.


However, that doesn't mean that we don't have any control over our mind. In fact, we have the necessary control that we need. See, our mind is a powerful machine, and the reason why it generates so many thoughts at such a high rate, is because it's so efficient that it's constantly going into the library of our past experiences, and re-utilising old thoughts, ideas and solutions. It takes data from the past and it extrapolates this data into the future, so that you don't have to figure out over and over again, as if it was the first time, a situation that you repeatedly go through. That explains why you can brush your teeth, fry an egg, and drive to work everyday, without even thinking about it. So our mind isn't the enemy. We love our mind!


The problem comes when we're so used to letting our mind go in autopilot, that we forget that we can consciously bring new thoughts and ideas into our minds, that could possibly differ from the ones that we're used to grabbing.



And this, is when we start talking about the power of freeing affirmations. In general, an affirmation is anything that you tell yourself. A positive affirmation, is anything that you tell yourself to feel better. And a freeing affirmation is anything that you tell yourself to free yourself from those useless and heavy bags of trash that you keep carrying around on your back, simply because you're used to doing it.


See my love, positive affirmations (not freeing affirmations, which are the ones we're going to be using) are the most famous types of affirmations there are. And that's because they're meant to make people feel better. Positive affirmations can work, but not for all situations. If you don't know when to use them, and you end up using them all the time, they can create frustration as opposed to joy.



And that's because if for example, you're going through something tough and sadness is trying to flow through you, but you keep telling yourself ''I've never felt happier in my life'', with the expectation of all of a sudden feeling happy and not giving your sadness the chance to flow through you, then what you'll feel is anger, frustration and disappointment.


Or let's say you're feeling anxious and nervous before an interview or a meeting with a client, and you keep telling yourself that you're relaxed. Trust me, nothing will happen. Nothing will change. You're rejecting how you're truly feeling, you're not trying to understand it, and so the feeling intensifies itself.


Doing that, goes completely against everything that I've shared with you in this program. Feelings are meant to be recognised, felt and understood, and only through that process, they'll naturally find their way out of your system.



That's why my invitation is to use freeing affirmations. This type of affirmations is meant to help you recognise when you're drowning yourself in feelings of sorrow and misery, because you're assuming things that aren't necessarily true. These affirmations will help you spot that bug in your system (kind of like a virus) that's polluting your beautiful inner world with limiting thoughts that are automatically and unconsciously coming from the past, but are not necessarily true.



Freeing affirmations are not about how you feel in the moment, but about how you see or perceive yourself. The reason for that, is that how we feel about ourselves is a natural consequence of how we perceive ourselves. So if we address how we perceive ourselves, and not how we feel, new feelings will naturally unfold in that process.


Having said that, at this point we need to go back to that decision and commitment that we talked about in the previous training of this module.



If you're following this program, that's because you want to feel more serenity, confidence, certainty, trust and ease in your life, including your professional journey. Now here's the truth. In order for you to claim these feelings, you need to believe that you deserve them, and you need to set a zero-tolerance policy on the idea of not seeing these feelings unfold in your life, or on the idea of overwhelming self-doubt, fear and anxiety being normal for you at all times.


But wait - don't panic!


I didn't say that you need to set a zero-tolerance policy for these feelings in general. I'm not saying that you can't tolerate self-doubt, fear and anxiety in general.


What I'm saying is that you'll not tolerate that these feelings overwhelming you, continue to be your normal state of being forever. They may feel pretty normal today, and kindly observing, accepting and letting them flow through you, is exactly what you need to be doing while you're still feeling them.



But let's not confuse acceptance in the present moment, to your long term evolution. Your long term evolution includes you being everyday a little bit more detached from those feelings than the day before, so that one day your habitual addiction to them becomes a thing of the past.



And this is where our freeing affirmations come in. These affirmations come in to do the dirty work of decluttering our mind from those old ideas that to this day are still in our mind. Now that we've decided that we're not tolerating overwhelming self-doubt, fear and anxiety to continue to forever rule our lives, we're:


1. Addressing the beliefs about ourselves that are causing us to feel those feelings.

2. We're creating new beliefs that counteract those.


3. And we're repeatedly, over and over again, placing these beliefs into our mind in the form of freeing affirmations.


What we're doing here is actively and consciously changing our inner narrative, to shift from having 24/7 in our mind that disempowering inner enemy to having that inner cheerleader that we need, want and deserve.



Behind constant feelings of self-doubt, stress, fear and anxiety, there's the general beliefs that we're not good enough, that we're not ready, that we're not meant for this, that someone else could do our job better than us, that we're not smart or capable enough, that we're either too old or too young, and overall, that we're inadequate and undeserving.


This means that when we're fighting feelings of self-doubt, stress, fear and anxiety, what we're really working with, is those beliefs. You're not fighting a deadline, or other people's opinions, you're fighting the inner belief that tells you that you're not good enough. And this goes back to everything that we've been working in the previous modules: our belief system, the meaning that we attach to different situations based on this system, our addiction to external validation, our belief that our opinion doesn't count, our perceived isolation from nature and anything that we admire in The Universe causing us to feel separate, small and incapable, our inability to love ourselves, and with that, our resistance to accept that we're enough.


And my love, that's why I didn't introduce you to affirmations until this module. Because if I had told you to just plug into your mind an empowering affirmation, without you having gone through everything that you've explored in the past modules, it wouldn't have worked.



But now you're ready. Now you understand how your mind is working, you understand where your addiction to external validation, fear and anxiety comes from, you've realised that you can recreate yourself and redefine your identity every single day, you've understood that self-love isn't selfish, you've opened up to building a healthy and friendly relationship with yourself based on self-love and soul connection, you've understood that saying yes to yourself and to what's important to you is an act of courage and braveness, and now you're here, ready to claim your transformation and to swim forward only.



Now you're ready to day in and day out, transform your inner world for good, through freeing affirmations. At this point I'm sure you're desperate for me to give you a list of the freeing affirmations that you should be using! Don't worry my love. That's exactly what I'm doing right now. But before I do, I want to mention that inside this module's magic sheet, you'll find an exercise to modify these freeing affirmations.

As I just told you, when we're fighting feelings of self-doubt, stress, fear and anxiety, what we're really working with, is beliefs about inadequacy and undeservingness. I'm going to share with you some affirmations to counteract these beliefs. I allowed myself to split these freeing affirmations into categories, so that you can find the category that fits best your current situation:


-I am ready and prepared enough for this.

-I have within me the tools and knowledge that I need, and if I can't find them, I can always ask for help.

-I am as ready as I could possibly be in the present moment.


-I am enough exactly the way I am.

-I am enough with the knowledge and experience that I have.

-I did everything that I could with the resources and experience that I had at hand.

-I don't have to prove my worth with this achievement. I am enough even before I make it to the end goal.

-Me being enough doesn't depend on what others think of me.


-No one can do my job in the unique way in which I can do it.

-I am exactly where I need to be right now.

-I am able to overcome this challenge in the same way in which I have overcome many challenges in the past.

-No one has the exact combination of skills that I have.

-I have in me the same potential that the smartest person I know has.

-If others can do hard things I can also do hard things.

-There's no reason for me to be less smart or capable than anyone else.


-I deserve to live a stressless life.

-I deserve to take time to rest.

-I deserve to take care of myself.

-I deserve to love myself.

-I deserve to accept myself.

-I deserve to be kind to myself.

-I deserve time and space to let my feelings flow.

-I deserve to stand up for what's important to me.

-I deserve to go inwards and reconnect to my soul.

-I deserve to have an inner-cheerleader.

-I deserve to believe in myself even if no one else does.

-I deserve my own inner validation.

-I deserve to have an empowering opinion of myself


-I don't need stress in order to be successful.

-I don't need to overwork myself to be successful.

-I don't need to convince others of what feels true to me.

-I don't need to over explain why the answer is No.

-I don't need to over explain why the answer is Yes.

-I don't need to wait for others to validate me in order to validate myself.

-I don't need to believe all my thoughts.

-I don't need to take other people's opinions as the absolute truth.

-I don't need to doubt myself when others are not validating me.

-I don't need to stress just because others are stressing

-I don't need to stop loving myself in order to love others.

-I don't need to harm my mental health in order to succeed.

-I don't need to feel guilty when I take a break.

-I don't need to feel guilty for not overworking myself.

-I don't need achievements to validate my worth.

-I don't need external validation to validate myself.


-What I'm going through right now is teaching me exactly what I need to learn to get to my next chapter.

-I'm exactly where I need to be.

-There are opportunities for growth everywhere around me.

-What hurts my ego is food for my soul.


-I am allowed to not know it all.

-I am allowed to have doubts.

-I am allowed to ask questions without feeling weak.

-I am allowed to receive negative feedback, without questioning my worth.

-I am allowed to not let specific experiences define who I am.

-I am allowed to not agree with the opinions of others.

-I am allowed to not give explanations about my feelings.

-I am allowed to be different.

-I am allowed to be weird.

-I am allowed to feel sad.

-I am allowed to feel angry.

-I am allowed to feel tired.

-I am allowed to feel.

-I am allowed to mindfully flow through my emotions until I understand what they're trying to tell me.

-I am allowed to love myself.

-I am allowed to trust myself.

-I am allowed to have my own opinion of myself.

-I am allowed to believe in myself before others do.


I'm sure that out of that list of freeing affirmations, there are some that you resonate with more than others. And inside your magic sheet, you'll get the opportunity to create a beautiful list of freeing affirmations that feel necessary and powerful to you.



As you could maybe already notice, I like to call these affirmations ''freeing'' because as opposed to forcing you into a feeling, they simply create freedom and possibility for you to change your perspective, and open the doors for heavy feelings to leave and lighter feelings to come in. That's why they start with words like ''I deserve'' or ''I'm allowed''. These are expansive words that create possibility and opportunity. They open your consciousness to a different way of experiencing what you're going through.



Alright my love, so now that you know everything about freeing affirmations, maybe you're wondering when to use these affirmations. And the answer to that is: all the time, and for as long as they're necessary.


But don't worry, in this module's intention section, I'll show you exactly how to incorporate these affirmations into your daily life, so that they flow into your day nice and easy.


Ok beautiful soul, you're now more than ready for this module's last training. I can't wait to share it with you. See you there!