Goodbye to your doubtful self, hello to your confident self.

As you use the power of affirmation to embody your desired reality, there will inevitably be resistance coming from your old story. This resistance can easily become so destructive, that you might want to abandon this entire process. And that's why it's important that we embark this journey already prepared for this resistance to arise, and ready to tackle it when it does.



The first thing that we need to do when we come up with an affirmation and feel resistance to it, is to identify and acknowledge that this resistance comes from our old self. Once we've identified and acknowledged this, we can lovingly look at this resistance, kindly say goodbye to it, and choose to continue tapping into our affirmation by repeating it to ourselves a couple of times.


It's important that you understand, that when you're working with affirmations that imply new beliefs about yourself, you're creating space in your inner world for a new reality that your old story feels threatened by.



In order for transformation to take place, there will inevitably be a period of time in which your being is receiving messages from your old self and your new self at the same time. This is a period of your life in which internally, confusion may arise, because you're receiving mixed signals. You're imposing new information in your being, while at the same time, your old self is still there. In order to allow our serene self to unfold, it's important that we stay committed to our journey. And in order for us to stay committed to our journey, it's important that we understand that this period of confusion caused by your old self's imposed resistance, is normal.



A very graphic way to look at this process, is to imagine a big glass with a tiny drop of orange juice at the bottom. If you start pouring into this glass small drops of water, you'll initialise get a yellow mix of diluted orange juice. Seeing the orange juice as your old self and the new water as your new self, this strange mix of pure orange juice and water is who you are at the beginning of your transformation. If you stop your process only after a few drops of water, all you'll ever be is this yellow mix where your old self is still pretty visible most of the time. But the more water you pour into this glass, the less you'll be able to see the orange juice.


Eventually, when all you've done is pour water and more water into your glass, the initial little bit of orange juice that once used to be everything there was, will be nowhere to be seen. This means that the more you pour your new beliefs into your mind through your affirmations, the less visible your old beliefs will be.



This is why it's so important that you remain loyal to your transformation process, and that you know how to handle the resistance that comes up when you're working with affirmations.


Remember, it all starts with an intention, then it becomes a habit, and then it's just who you are. If you skip the work it takes to turn your intention into a habit and then into who you are, you'll never leave the intention phase. You'll stop your process before the orange juice has dissolved so much that it's basically gone.



The great news is that once you're over the intention phase, you don't have to continue bringing so much effort and active consciousness into embodying your serene self. Once this part of you has unfolded, the effort that it takes to keep her alive is much lower than the effort it took to bring her to life.


In my own experience, 2017 was a year of active affirmation repetition, because I was going through the transformation that you're ongoing right now. I'd wake up in the morning with affirmations, go to work with affirmations, get back to work with affirmations, and go to bed with affirmations.


Today, I don't need to keep reminding myself that I'm enough and that I don't need to stress out in order to be successful. I already embody this. I know it, I feel it and I live it. But at the beginning of my transformation, I faced the same resistance that you're facing right now. And today, as I embark on new challenges that awake in me new insecurities, I always go back to my library of affirmations and make sure that I'm planting in me the inner narrative that I need in order to see myself beautifully unfold into my next version.



My love, there's always something that you can tell yourself to release the weight that you're feeling. There's always something that you can remind yourself of, to allow yourself to level up into your 2.0 version. Words in general, are powerful. But what's even more powerful is the moment in which we discover that we can use them for our own transformation.


You have the power to create your own inner narrative, and to let this inner narrative unfold from something that may feel very forced at the beginning, into something that feels natural to you. If you commit to your process, sooner than later that inner enemy that's trying to drag you back will be a thing of the past.



That beautiful girl who feels confident, joyful, serene and relaxed in her journey, is already in you. And the only reason why you may sometimes not see her come to life, is because she's been lying under a pile of dust imposed by your mind's limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs that have formed themselves in time, through an unconscious compilation of the beliefs from everyone around you.


It's time to take the broom, the vacuum cleaner and all the cleaning appliances that you can think of, and take that dust off that beautiful, smart, brave and bright girl that you are and who believes that that's what she is. Because remember, confidence is not about pretending that you're something that you're not. It's about knowing and feeling with every cell of your body, that what you are today is what you're supposed to be, and that that is more than enough. It's about knowing and feeling that there's nothing to hide about who you are today, because today, you're perfect as you are. It's about accepting your current situation, with so much unconditional love that the thought of pretending to be something else doesn't even feel like an option. And it's about knowing that accepting yourself today, doesn't mean stopping your growth. It means continuing your growth and evolution, from a place in which you're fully deserving of love and enjoyment.


There's magic in you, there always has been. And today, is the day in which you bring that magic back, and choose to never again let it hide under the dust.


With this, my beautiful soul, we've reached the end of this module's last training. And now, you're ready for this module's magic sheet.