Loving and embracing the weirdness in you

When you embark on a self-discovery journey, you realise how much of your life you've spent doing things to go with the crowd. You realise how many things you've done because it's what others were doing and it's what seemed normal at the moment.


But ''normal'' is the killer of uniqueness and creativity, and aiming for normal equals aiming for the death of your soul even when your body is alive.



Aiming for what's normal may have seemed like a safe choice in the past, but the reality is that when aiming for what's normal implies that you say no to who you really are and what's important to you, then aiming for normal isn't healthy anymore.


If you're anywhere above 20 or 30 years old, you'll notice your old self will dramatically resist the idea of letting go of what's normal to jump into what's unique and true to you. And that's of course normal my love. More than 20 years doing things a certain way, believing that being normal is the safe and right option, and all of a sudden choosing to test being something else and following what feels true to your soul.



As we talked about in the previous module, resistance from your old self will always show up when we jump into any type of transformation. It's normal that this happens. And our best way to combat this resistance is to not combat it, but instead, to observe it with love, compassion and understanding, and continue to nurture our new self with kind and empowering beliefs and affirmations. It's not an overnight process, and that's why I repeat, we need to be kind to ourselves in the process. But it's an effective process that guarantees the birth of anything that you want, as long as you stay committed to it.



​Now let's get back to the ''normal'' vs. ''unique'' topic.


See my love, being ''unique'' is something that has been romanticised a lot. Everyone will tell you to be unique and to follow your heart. But when you actually take that advice and decide to do it, people look at you like... ''What the f*ck are you doing?...''


And that's because although being unique sounds very exciting, in the real world, being unique means being weird. Being unique, means that you're approaching things differently. It means that you're doing things a certain way, before anyone else does. And anything that hasn't been done before by others, is perceived by regular human beings as something weird that probably won't work.



So considering what being unique really means, we need to go back to that word that we already mentioned previously which is: courage.


Previously, we talked about the courage and braveness that it takes to look at yourself, and love and accept yourself despite of what society has made you believe is worth loving. We need courage to go out there and unapologetically show this person to this world, despite of our fearful limiting thoughts telling us that we're not enough because we're not like some other random person.


But now, we need even more courage. Because the courage that we're talking about now, is the courage to overcome the actual comments and looks that we may receive from the people around us, when we dare to show our true self. We're talking about those discouraging comments from your family, friends, colleagues, and random people that we meet. But we're going to be talking more about this and society's resistance to our new embodied freedom, in the next training.


In this training, we'll particularly focus on your weirdness, and why it's so important that you learn to love it and embrace it.


See my love, the more time and energy that you invest trying to understand why you're not as other people, the more you move away from your purest form of joy and happiness.​ But on the other end, sometimes the more we try to be ourselves, the angrier we get at other people for not understanding or accepting us.



Sometimes we mistake what we're really after. Sometimes we think that what we're upset about, is other people not understanding us. But at the very core, many times what that means, is that we believe that we need permission to be who we want to be.


Since we can't find another person already embracing who we want to be or doing exactly what we want to do, we judge other people for being boring, stiff, close minded or stupid. But what's interesting, is that we don't realise that when we do that, we're falling  into the same illusion that they've fallen into. The illusion that says ''someone else needs to do it before you do it, so that it's ok that you do it'' or the illusion that says ''others need to understand and accept what you're doing for it to be okay''. When we operate based on that illusion, we're always waiting for someone else to take the first step, because that's the safest choice. We're waiting for someone else to dare to do the thing that we don't dare to do ourselves. 



Release the need to be the second person to do anything. Step outside of the illusion that tells you that you're not allowed to be the first one because... ''Who do you think you are?''.


When you hear that voice in your head, observe it with kindness, notice that that's your old little scared self being afraid to die, and say to her...


''Well, I'm awesome. I'm part of an incredible Universe made of beautiful mountains and forests and a solar system that's beyond cool, and I was born with the same potential as Obama or Beyonce or whoever I look up to. I am awesome and I came to this world to express my awesomeness in my own unique way, just like everyone else, not just me! I'm not stepping over anyone else's toes. I'm just being who I was born to be and expressing what my soul wants to express, without hurting or disrespecting anyone. The only thing keeping me small is you, limiting thought. So, I see you, I hear you, but honestly, I don't believe you anymore''.


Allow yourself to be the first person that does the thing that you want to do. Own your desires, your dreams and your weird ideas, even in the presence of people who don't dare to do that themselves, and who because of that, feel uncomfortable when they see someone daring to do what they'd never dare to do. 



What makes your ideas, wants and dreams weird, is that they're unique. Some of your ideas are not normal yet. But guess what? Everything that is normal today, was at some point weird. And it took a very brave person, to own his/her weirdness, in order for that weird thing to become normal.


Today is all about stopping the pity talk. Today is all about releasing the limiting belief that is telling us that we are inadequate, because we're different and so we're not allowed to show that to the world because that would make us weird. From now on, being weird is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, it's something to be immensely proud of. 



And so I want to introduce you to a new way of seeing weirdness. Instead of equating being weird with being inadequate, I want you to see being weird as being simply new. You were born different, and grew up to build an even more different human being. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, that process itself, is absolutely normal. So you being weird by being something new, is indeed normal.


The reality is that we're all born different. And quickly as we grow up we're made believe that we need to fit a certain mold. What's exhausting about life isn't life itself and its challenges, but pursuing those challenges and constantly trying to live life ''the right way''.


Well my love, you weren't born to live life ''the right way'', because such thing doesn't exist. You were born to navigate life in your own way, and in doing so, discover what feels right, for you. You were born to do things, in a new way: the you way.