Overcoming society’s resistance to your new embodied freedom

Alright my love. In this training, we're going to cover specifically those things that we mentioned in the previous training, about the people around us resisting our new embodied freedom, or simply our new way of approaching life from a place of endless love for ourselves and acknowledgement of our soul's desires.



The reality is that, most people are trapped in their own minds. Most people haven't gone through the entire process that you've just gone through, and most people aren't willing to do it.


Most people are way too busy and stressed trying to figure out how to meet everyone else's expectations, and they have no idea that they're not forced to living life that way.


Most people are victims of their own thoughts and don't have the awareness to look at them from a distance to change their perspective of themselves, the people around them and their lives.


I genuinely believe that the world would be a nicer place to live in, if every person in the world were to do the amazing work that you've been doing for the past weeks with The Serene Unfolding, and which I'm sure you had already started even before you met me.


The willingness and commitment that you've shown, up until this day, is now-a-days still rare. However, I do believe that society is collectively growing and evolving, and that our generation is a lot more willing to do inner work, than previous generations.


But in the meantime, while that whole process is taking place, we need to understand that internally, mentally and emotionally, most people still don't have the awareness that you've developed.



I understand that at times, this can be frustrating and painful. But believe me when I tell you that, you can use the same awareness that has allowed you to separate yourself from your limiting thoughts and beliefs, to develop compassion and understanding for those people that are still unaware of their limiting patterns.


People who are unaware of their own limiting beliefs, are most times trapped in them. And the idea of someone else acting in a way that doesn't match the beliefs that are keeping them trapped, feels extremely uncomfortable for them. In fact, it's almost like a slap on their face. There they are, trapped in their own mental jail, and you come to show them that the door was always open. That there has never been any need to live within that jail.



Imagine the reaction of such person. They'd tell you...


''You're telling me that I've lived in an imaginary jail for 30 years? You're telling me that I am enough despite of my grades, achievements and recognitions? You're telling me that my own opinion can be more important than my boss's opinion? You're telling me that I'm allowed to feel sadness and anger without judging myself for it? You're telling me I don't need to feel guilty if I take time to rest? You're telling me that my achievements do not define my worth? You know what? Get out of here. You're delusional. I can't take this anymore. Those are the stupidest things I've ever heard. Please leave.''


Honestly, that's how most people would react to you exposing a more liberating way of living. And that's because their serene self hasn't even started to unfold. It could, if they had the willingness to see it unfold, but for that to happen, it takes them to intentionally embark on a process. A process that they need to believe in at least a little bit to dare to try it out. I'm sure that even you, still feel resistance sometimes. But you're already in the game, your transformation is already taking place and although your old self may still be there many times, your serene self is committed to continue unfolding.



The first step in mindfulness and serene observation, is to observe your own thoughts and self-created limitations, which were unconsciously imposed by society and numerous experiences in you. You've already done that and you continue to do it today.


However, in order for you to maintain your serenity, this first step is not enough. Because the reality is that we live in a world of unaware people. And although you can indeed influence the level of awareness in other people (as I've been doing with you in this program), you can't fully control it.


This means that we need to learn the skill of maintaining our serenity, in a world full of non-serene people. And by maintaining our serenity, I don't mean that you push away the broad spectrum of feelings and emotions that might arise. What I mean is that you're so aware of the nature behind your thoughts and emotions, that no external circumstance can fully destroy your overall capacity to observe your internal processes from a place of love and kindness.


And that takes me to the second step in mindfulness and serene observation, which is to observe other people's thoughts and self-created limitations, with love and kindness, even if they can't do that themselves.



I know that this might be hard when someone else is yelling at you or treating you poorly. And I - by no means - intend for you to be okay with people treating you poorly. But when it happens, always remember, that what people do or say to you, is never about you. It's always about them and their own limitations. It's your responsibility to, once you've taken in the information that they threw at you, put that information through the ''objectivity filter'' and let that information enter your system as less polluted by the other person's limiting beliefs as possible.


When someone says something hurtful to you, simply ask yourself the question...


''How much of what this person said is actually true, how much of it comes from their own inner limitations, and how much of it is hurting me because it's actually triggering and bringing back my old self's limitations?''


When you ask yourself that question, don't force yourself into answering it and finding a solution to it right away. In fact, allow yourself to simply pose the question and leave it open. The answers will naturally come to you with time.


The magic of posing this question lies not in finding the answer right away, but in allowing yourself the opportunity to not jump into conclusions such as ''This is the worst person I've ever met, she just wants to hurt others and she's so mean'' or ''I hate this person because everything she's saying about me is right''. Instead, you allow yourself to see both through their pain and your pain, and reach a deeper level of understanding in the situation.



There's a saying that says ''hurt people hurt people''. And guess what? It's true. Everybody does this at an unconscious level. That's why it's so important to be mindful about our feelings, and instead of vomiting our pain to others through our actions, take time to process them by feeling and looking at them with curiosity.


People with a low level of awareness, when in pain, will take out their pain on you in different forms. And many times, they'll do it in such elegant ways that you won't even notice that this is what's happening, and you'll honestly question what you're doing wrong.


Every time this happens, I want you to remember that the pain they cause you, is a pain that they feel inside themselves 100 times stronger. These people live inside themselves, with all their limitations and inner garbage. You don't. You can walk away.



Even if you have to see them everyday, you can stand in front of them and listen to them with the knowing that they're in pain even if they haven't realised this for themselves. You can look at this through the compassion lens and then, walk away.


The more you do this, the more grateful you'll feel that you're not in their shoes. You've freed yourself (or you're constantly doing it) from your own inner limitations, and their limitations have nothing to do with you.



It's important that you keep this mindset alive in you, because if you don't, other people's lack of serenity will quickly and unconsciously drag you back into old habits.


My love, I believe in you and I believe that you can do this. I believe that you have the awareness in you, not only to overcome your own inner limitations and continuously unfold into your most serene self, but also to start noticing and seeing with compassion the pain that others feel as a consequence of their inner jail.


Keep your head high, approach yourself and others with the love, kindness and compassion that the world needs, and your serene unfolding will follow its natural course.