Staying true to your soul’s mission no matter what

My dear human, we've reached the last training of the last module of this program, and I couldn't be prouder of you! I know I already told you that in the previous module, but I really am immensely proud of you for getting this far.


I want to end this program making sure that you continue to stay committed to your serene unfolding, even after this last module. And that's why, we're going to talk about your why and your mission.



Don't worry, for the purpose of your serene unfolding, your why and your mission are not related to big external goals or achievements like being an astronaut, a well-known athlete or solving world hunger. All those are pretty cool things, but that's not what we're focusing on. What we're focusing on, is the reason behind your own unique way of approaching life.


In this module's magic sheet, I'm going to ask you to define two different why's. But before we get there, I want to explain to you why this is.


The first why is a why related to you and only you. It's a personal why related to what you like, what you enjoy and what's important to you.


The second why, is related to something bigger. It's related maybe to your family, your future family, society, your friends, your country or the world.



Maybe right now you're thinking..


''Mary, what are you talking about? What do I need a why for?''


And here's my answer to that. When we're in the pursuit of anything, be it an internal or an external goal, chances are that things will get tough from time to time. When this happens, if we don't have a strong enough reason to stay in the game, we'll quit and go back to old habits.


This is the last module of The Serene Unfolding, which means that once you're done with all the activities in this module, you won't have a new module to go back to. But what you will have, is yourself, your commitment, and your daily tools such as meditation, visualisation and journaling, to reconnect to your soul and serenity.



These tools will always be there for you. All you have to do is close your eyes or grab pen and paper, and your serene self will slowly come back to you. But the real question is... will you do it?


It's more common than you think, that people experience huge awakenings or personal transformation, and then, without even noticing it, they're back where they started. And I'm not talking about a few days or weeks of disconnection. I wouldn't consider that a tragedy. If after a few weeks you manage to reconnect to your soul and serenity, I'd consider that a success.


I'm talking about years here. I'm talking about someone experiencing a full month feeling more serene and connected to their soul than they ever have before, and then living the rest of their life in the complete opposite way. Life gets messy, people don't find time to be with themselves anymore and to go inwards because they've stopped prioritising themselves, and all of a sudden their serenity is nowhere to be seen.



My love, I don't want this to happen to you. And that's why I'm bulletproofing you for that. So in order to do that, we need to define your two why's: your personal why and your collective why.


Your why or mission is what's going to bring you back to your ability not only to regularly reconnect to your serenity through meditation, visualisation and journaling, but also to work on bringing back and embodying this serenity no matter what; no matter what others say or what the external circumstances in your life are looking like.



You need a personal why to remind yourself of why embodying serenity is important to you. What does being able to show up in your life being 100% you and accepting yourself exactly the way you are in every step of your journey, mean to you? Why is that important to you personally? What's the cost of not embodying your true self? What would you think to yourself if looking back when you're 101 years old, you noticed that you didn't dare to stand up for your soul's desires?


You don't have to answer this right now, you'll do it inside this module's magic sheet, and as usual, you'll also have in there my very own example for inspiration.



Now, the second why, is a collective why. And this why is a why that you'll use every time that you find yourself falling into the illusion that standing up for yourself is selfish. How does you being kind to yourself affect the people around you in a positive way? Could it be that in one way or another, you're influencing others through your example? Could it be that in being harsh, mean and unloving to yourself, you're unconsciously making others believe and feel that they have to do the same? Could you be contributing to the same conditioning that you received from society while growing up? Then if this is true, why is it important for the world, that you do your part of the job and show yourself kindness and acceptance, by allowing your serene self to unfold?


My love, it's important that we constantly remember, that we only have this one life. Or at least the only thing that we know for a fact, is that we have this life. We may have other lives, but we don't really know that for a fact. So why not give this life that we do have, the importance that it has?



It's going to be challenging at times. You're going to feel alone in your beliefs and values sometimes. But in the long run, it's going to be worth it, because you're daring to create your own path and to walk your own journey. And in that process, you're allowing your true self to be seen and felt. And not only you're allowing yourself to enjoy life for what it is: an adventure full of opportunities. But also, you're being an example and inspiration of what's possible, for anyone around you who's hoping and willing to be inspired.


What you're daring to do through the seemingly simple act of loving, accepting and trusting yourself, is something only a few people dare to do. But you are. You're daring to be one of those few persons, and in doing so, you're being a leader and pioneer of this collective movement that little by little, is showing others that they can also set themselves free from their inner demons. 


My love, this is the end of this last training! Again, I'm so proud of you.


Now let's move on to this program's last magic sheet, and let the magic begin.