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A few minutes after you join any of these programs, you'll get an e-mail with everything you need to know to access them.

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e-mail me to

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Applies only to RYE Program

If after finishing the Rock Your Energy Program, you're not satisfied with your experience, you're free to request a full refund of the program. I want what's best for you, so I don't want you to have any regrets about your purchase!


You have 40 days from the date of purchase, to be eligible for a refund. You can submit your request sending an e-mail to


For your refund application, you're required to explain the reason of your request, and you're requested to submit proof that you've completed every day of the program, through a detailed-enough description of your experience through each exercise. Your application will then be assessed, to evaluate if it proves that you've completed every exercise. If proven, your money will be refunded.