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The ultimate spiritual formula to rise above egoic limitations of the mind, and experience the expanded & elevated embodiment of your soul.

Rise Above Formula is a 30 days long self-paced program, to embody self love, confidence & inner peace in your personal & professional journey.




Your spiritual roadmap to finally stop stressing over not being good enough, and start enjoying the light journey of the confident, joyful & serene achiever.

The Serene Unfolding is a 2.5 months long 1:1 premium mentorship, to embody self love, confidence & inner peace in your personal & professional journey.

I have no words to describe how wonderful and enlightening this experience was, specially because of the time we are facing. I’m a lot more prepared to go through it now.

Laissa, Brazil.

It is unbelievable how one week made me change so much to a better person. All these years I wanted to change but didn't know how, and I am shocked how I was closing myself so much, scared of getting to know me and listening to all these negative thoughts that were controlling me. Now I am able to recognise this and acknowledge when my insecurities are coming and choose to go into a different direction.

Catarina, Portugal.

I did the inner world challenge and enjoyed every bit! In general, Mary is a sweetheart. I did the audio version and it was wonderful listening to her warm voice telling you all about these beautiful things. I already have some experience meditating and journaling. And because I have done it for a while now, it was great having a new approach to it and fresh ideas for inspiration. I really felt that I was exploring new paths. I am not usually a fan of having a predefined structure in my day, but as activities are to be done before and after bed time, it was very easy to introduce in my day. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

Lele, Venezuela.

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