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Are you constantly overwhelmed with self doubt, pressure & anxiety in your journey?

Develop unshakeable confidence,

fall in love with yourself & start enjoying the spiritual & soul guided journey of the confident, relaxed &

serene achiever.



  • You woke up in the morning and felt more confident than you've ever felt in years, knowing with every cell of your body and feeling certain that whatever the day throws at you, you'll be able to figure it out beautifully...​

  • You felt confident in your abilities & capable of doing your job better than anybody else...

  • You were able to not only achieve all your goals, but also to do that while feeling amazing, relaxed, joyful & having fun throughout the entire process...

  • ​You had so much control over your thoughts & emotions, that other people's opinions don't bring you down anymore...​

  • You didn't feel the need to compare yourself to others, and instead, you felt so excited and confident in your own being & journey, that your colleagues started asking you ''how are you so joyful & relaxed all the time?​

  • You had such a beautiful & strong relationship with yourself, that you started attracting into your life only the type of people & experiences that align to your values...​

  • You looked at yourself in the mirror every morning and night and thought to yourself ''Wao - What a freaking amazing human I am!''

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I felt very light and peaceful and more accepting of myself

I loved doing these challenges. It was very easy to follow, simple and not too time consuming.


After every challenge, I felt empowered, less anxious and stressed out during these confusing times. But most importantly I felt very light and peaceful and more accepting of myself and the situation I am in. But also I had the confidence of facing my day and the problems I might encounter.


I would definitely encourage anyone of giving these challenges a try. It won't take much time and one will feel so much better after doing these challenges!

Haroon, Canada.

I really recommend this challenge if you want to know yourself without having to prove anything to anyone

I chose this challenge because I wanted to reconnect deeply with myself like never before. Before the challenge I felt nervous but I was determined to give it a try.


After the challenge I feel so humbled and more in tune with myself. The journaling questions forced me to dive deep and think about me in a way I have not thought of myself.


I really recommend this challenge if you want to know yourself without having to prove anything to anyone.

Its just you, your inner voice and Mary's wonderful guidance helping you to navigate your thoughts.

Mevy, United Kingdom.

It is unbelievable how one week made me change so much to a better person

It is unbelievable how one week made me change so much to a better person. All these years I wanted to change but didn't know how, and I am shocked how I was closing myself so much, scared of getting to know me and listening to all these negative thought that were controlling me.


Now I am able to recognise this and acknowledge when my insecurities are coming and choose to go into a different direction.


I just needed this little push and help to discover myself and understand who i want to become and thank you for that.

Catarina, Portugal.



Your spiritual roadmap to finally stop stressing over not being good enough, and start enjoying the light journey of the confident, joyful & serene achiever.


The Serene Unfolding is a 2.5 months long mindfulness 1:1 spiritual coaching, where I'll take you on profound trips in silence to master self-love, trust & confidence in yourself, so that you can start enjoying your personal & professional journey.


Regardless of where you're at in your journey, I'll provide you with step-by-step guidance to free yourself from the overwhelming self-doubt and feeling of not being good enough that you feel day in and day out, and you'll learn to embrace and embody in your everyday life, the feeling of unconditional love & confidence that you dream of experiencing.


I'll provide you with the trainings, tools, support and accountability that you need, in order to stay loyal to your growth process and make your transformation inevitable.


When you join, you'll receive 1:1 support to address your unique emotional inner battles, in order to achieve long lasting results.


The Serene Unfolding is a perfect blend of education, accountability and support, to make sure you never feel alone during your transformational journey.

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2200 EUR

(Payment Plans Available)


You have honestly changed my inner life


I became my own superhero


It feels really good to feel on the right track to come back to myself



You're an ambitious woman who works hard and does everything in her hands to create the best possible results at your work, BUT...


  • You're highly self-critical, perfectionist, often feel like you're never enough, and you get this recurrent feeling that you should've/could've done things better.

  • You struggle to see your worth unless you achieve something that proves it. This causes you to rarely enjoy your job, because you're addicted to the validation that you get either from your colleagues of boss when you prove that you're good enough through an achievement or win. Unless you're being validated by others, you feel tense, anxious and stressed.

  • You doubt your abilities to overcome the challenges that come your way, and you often feel like someone else could do your job better than you. You suffer from imposter's syndrome and feel scared that the people around you will discover that you're not as smart as they think.

  • You have a really hard time creating time to rest, recharge and recover. You feel like if you're not busy doing a million things, then you're probably doing something wrong.

  • You're terrified of making mistakes at work and often feel like a big giant failure when you do.

  • You break down and feel terrible every time you get some sort of negative feedback from your colleagues, boss or anyone close to you.

  • Presenting your work to others is a total nightmare. Before any presentation or important meeting, you overthink what you'll say, and often feel overwhelmed with anxiety and fear of screwing up.

You're tired of constantly feeling this way and you're ready for a change.


You want to wake up in the morning and feel excited to face the day ahead of you, while feeling confident in yourself, your skills and your abilities to overcome any challenge that comes your way. You want to bring these feelings of certainty, joy, trust and serenity into everything that you do, and spread this energy to everyone around you.


You don't want to continue chasing goals while suffering the journey. You want to achieve your goals and be successful while enjoying the achieving journey.



The corporate achiever

You’re employed at a company and you love your job. BUT, you’re constantly overwhelmed with self-doubt, lack of confidence and anxiety.


You barely trust yourself, you feel like you’re not good enough, you worry about making mistakes and what your colleagues will think of you, and you fear that when you least expect it, others will discover that you’re not as smart as they thought you were.


You’d love to continue growing professionally WITHOUT the overwhelming fear and anxiety, and instead, feeling relaxed, serene, confident and certain that you’ll succeed in your journey.

The confused transitioner

You have a job that you don’t love, but which temporarily serves a purpose for you. Eventually, you want to transition to something else.


The problem is that you’re losing your mind in your current job, making it mentally and emotionally impossible for you to explore other options.


You often doubt yourself, you suffer from imposter’s syndrome, you're terrified of making mistakes, and you wonder what your colleagues would think if they knew you’re not as passionate about the job as they are.


You’d love to be able to relax, feel confident, and enjoy your experience in your current job, so that you still have the energy and confidence to start pursuing that other dream of yours, on the side.

The entrepreneurial soul

Being employed isn’t your thing, BUT, you’re also not enjoying your entrepreneurial ride.


You’re overwhelmed with self-doubt in your ability to achieve your big dreams, you doubt that you’ll ever be good enough to achieve them, you compare yourself to Instagram successes while worrying you’ll never be like them, and you’re so afraid of making mistakes and being ridiculed, that you’re stuck doing a lot less than you'd like to dare to.


You’re ready to ditch the worrying cycle, and to start enjoying your entrepreneurial ride, while feeling confidence and excitement in every step you take.

Are you one of these?
Then The Serene Unfolding is your next best step.



2200 EUR

(Payment Plans Available)





Eleven 1:1 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each, during 2.5 months, to discuss your unique situation, struggles & victories.

Trainings & Worksheets


14 audio/written trainings to help you overcome self-doubt and come out on the other side feeling more confident than ever.




24/7 1:1 support through VOXER (phone app for audio + text messages) for 2.5 months




10 different morning guided meditations to reconnect to your purest, wisest & freest self at the beginning of each day.



25 guided visualisations to set yourself up for a wonderful day ahead of you. 

Journal Prompts


50+ journal prompts to go on journeys of deep reflection within yourself.

+ LIFETIME access to The Serene Unfolding Portal where all content is available


2200 EUR

(Payment Plans Available)





Understanding your current emotional turmoil, differentiating the superficial and the real meaning behind your feelings, kindly accepting where you're at right now, and making loving room for the magical transformation that's about to take place.

  • Understanding & falling in love with your emotions.

  • Building a belief system that sets you up for non negotiable success & happiness.

  • Preparing your inner world for deep & long lasting transformation.





Understanding your addictive self-sabotaging behaviours, why you consciously or unconsciously believe that they're good for you, and why they really aren't. Diving into your new serene identity, and welcoming the opportunities and gifts that come with it.

  • Identifying soul shattering illusions that keep you addicted to self doubt, stress & fear.

  • Releasing your self doubt addiction & reconnecting to your inner wisdom.





Demystifying the idea that self-love is selfish, understanding how lack of self-love is harming your pursuit of success, and cultivating unshakeable confidence as an inevitable byproduct of self-love & deep soul connection.

  • Why self-love is the opposite of selfish.

  • How to love yourself when you don't like yourself.

  • Embodying the courageous & brave act of saying YES to your soul.




Releasing your doubtful and insecure self, letting go of old stories from your ego, and upleveling into your most joyful, relaxed and confident self, through full embodiment of your soul’s desires.

  • Why you can be whatever you want.

  • The power of affirmation.

  • Goodbye to your doubtful self, hello to your confident self.





Becoming the authentic leader that you were born to be, by being the first person daring to be an unapologetic example of joy, freedom, uniqueness, courage and confidence.

  • Loving and embracing the weirdness in you.

  • Overcoming society’s resistance to your new embodied freedom.

  • Staying true to your soul’s mission, no matter what.


2200 EUR

(Payment Plans Available)


I have no words to describe how wonderful and enlightening this experience was

I was going through very hard times, inside and outside. It was like someone had sent it to me.


I’ve done it religiously and everyday I was excited to do the next one. I have no words to describe how wonderful and enlightening this experience was, specially because of the time we are facing. I’m a lot more prepared to go through it now.


Thank you so much!

Laissa, Brasil.

I really felt that I was exploring new paths

I did the audio version and it was wonderful listening to her warm voice telling you all about these beautiful things.
I already have some experience meditating and journaling. And because I have done it for a while now, it was great having a new approach to it and fresh ideas for inspiration.
I really felt that I was exploring new paths. I am not usually a fan of having a predefined structure in my day, but as activities are to be done before and after bed time, it was very easy to introduce in my day.
Thank you for sharing this with the world.

Lele, Venezuela.

Doing the courses ... has taken me to new levels within meditation

I was very new to the world of mindset work so these courses were great to introduce me to creating a routine into my day to work on myself as I always put myself last.
I loved the set up of the group journaling at night and visualisation and meditation in the morning. Doing the courses have affirmed to me there is no right way to meditate and has taken me to new levels within meditation.
Really recommend the courses it has helped me realise Its ok to spend some time working on me.

Gemma, United Kingdom.


The Serene Unfolding is an intensive 2.5 months 1:1 program where you get your own self-love & confidence coach walking the walk next to you.


But not only you have access to personalised support & accountability anytime you need it, but you'll also be following my tested & proven method to develop confidence & serenity, through self-love mastery in your daily life.




This is NOT a program where you get a bunch of new information but don't know how to apply it in your life. This is NOT a program where you'll gain awareness of your self-sabotaging patterns but then don't know how to overcome them. This is NOT a program where you feel peace when we talk every 2 weeks, but continue to accumulate fear, stress & anxiety all the other days.




A program where you'll get...


The education and training that you need to understand the inner limitations that are keeping you feeling doubtful and insecure.


The implementation tools that will allow you to embrace and embody your most confident and serene self in your everyday life.


The personalised support and accountability that you need to stay committed to your growth and success.


This is a program that has everything you need for effective & long-lasting transformation into the version of you that only knows how to achieve amazing things through excitement, joy and unlimited trust and confidence in yourself.





Have built an empowering relationship with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, so that no matter how big the challenge in front of you seems, you always feel certain and confident that you already have in you, everything you need to overcome it.



Have understood where your addiction to self-doubt, fear, stress and anxiety was coming from, have broken free from them, and have embodied the identity of a person who joyfully, confidently and effortlessly creates from a place of limitless inner wisdom.


Master self-love in everything you do, and experience unshakeable confidence and trust in yourself, as a simple byproduct of how much you unconditionally love and appreciate yourself.


Have released and detached completely from old stories that kept you stuck feeling undeserving of enjoyment and relaxation in the pursuit of your goals, and have up-levelled yourself into the serene, confident and joyful woman that you dreamed of being.


No longer take personally what others think of you, and know how to unapologetically create and stand out from the crowd, from a place of freedom and authenticity.



It is helping me going through a really tough moment


I enjoyed the challenge until the end


I'm already feeling calmer than I've felt in months


 I am feeling more confident and secure to climb any mountain or next achievement, with more perspective about different situations

I consider myself a normal and ordinary human being. Normal and ordinary sounds simple, but Trips in Silence changed my mind. I am a follower and enthusiast nature lover. I have hobbies such as photography, piano and I am a passionate reader. All these hobbies are mixed with my Materials Engineering Degree which I am currently using within the automotive field. Before my inner journey guided by Mary, I felt a huge weight related to my past, which became harder at the beginning of the World Pandemic.


Let me explain. With plenty of time to spend with myself, I realised that I was in a toxic relationship, I had very low self-esteem and I was in an inner jail, feeling like I was the worst human being in the world, and of course, searching for a lot of external validation. Also, I was following with closed eyes a “must be plan” that didn’t make any sense at all.


I started seeing a psychologist which gave me some tools to start analysing my conduct and behaviour. But since I am a calculator, it was worst for me. I was analysing each one of my thoughts and fully giving them the right to control everything in my life.


Really, my inner soul was very afraid and didn’t find anything to hold on to, so it chose to hide. Everything collapsed when in a professional meeting, I didn’t trust the work that I was presenting and for the first time in my life my voice started breaking, and I just wanted to stop presenting. I was very anxious and without any certainty regarding my new professional goals at my work. At that time, I chose to start my journey with Trips in Silence, knowing that I was on a crucial time of my life’s path.


I started The Serene Unfolding, and Mary, in a lovely, kind, empathetic and fun way, taught me about meditation, visualisation and how to journal in a positive way. All those tools were and are my foundation nowadays. I must confess, morning visualisations guided by Mary are the best.


On The Serene Unfolding's first module, Mary guided me to recreate my inner world and to start putting thoughts aside. And so the trip began. My inner world started to become a forest and in that scenery, I put my soul to dance. This allowed me to see myself as part of nature’s wisdom and to recognise myself as such. In that way, I started being more open to the new lessons that Mary shared with me each week after our powerful 1:1 sessions. I was able to share my experiences about my week, my magic sheets, my achieved goals and my worries about my inner journey on these 1:1 sessions.

The Serene Unfolding taught me about acceptance, compassion, respect and self-love, supported with freeing affirmations. Today, these are my tools that help me validate and value myself above anything. I am feeling more confident and secure to climb any mountain or next achievement, with more perspective about different situations.


Right now, I am not just persecuting my muses anymore. Instead, I am by their side and I am totally as proud of them as I am of myself. I keep learning a lot to love myself. Trips in Silence meant a lot to me, and as a confirmation of that, I’m writing this testimonial for all of you. If you are in the same situation in which I was, don’t hesitate to start searching for help. We all deserve to have an inner cheerleader, which with Mary’s help, you’ll for sure find.

Irene, Venezuela.



Hi! I'm Mary.

I'm a 31-year old Venezuelan girl, ready to open your eyes to the amazing human what you carry within.


I'm both an engineer who's worked in the corporate world for 4 years, and an expert walking you through spiritual rituals & profound trips in silence to awaken your connection to your soul, so that you can embody your most serene & confident self.


Being an immigrant for the past 13 years of my life, living in 6 different countries, and failing to fit into different cultures by trying to be like everyone else, led me to a profound self discovery journey to find out who I really was.


Within that journey, I discovered not only that I was addicted to external validation, but also that this unconscious addiction, was causing me to suffer through all my achievements.


Although I was being successful and professionally getting results, I was constantly overwhelmed with self-doubt, shame and fear of not being good enough. Bottom line: I was completely disconnected from the guidance of my soul.


In 2017, after a painful break-up that caused me to re-think my entire way of approaching life, I discovered and adopted spirituality as my way of living. This is when Mary 2.0 was born. A Mary who freed herself from constant overwhelming self-doubt & anxiety, and who committed to always tapping into her most joyful, serene & confident self, through profound spiritual trips in silence.

Today, I'm personally taking you by the hand and showing you the Trips in Silence way to your most joyful, serene & confident self.


If you feel called, I'm beyond joyful to become your soul guide inside this spiritual awakening journey.



2200 EUR

(Payment Plans Available)