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you fall in love with 

yourself, your journey

& your life.

Hey, I'm Mary.

I'm a self-care & mindfulness lover, ready to show you how to bring more inner peace and clarity into your life, through mindful meditation, journaling, visualisation and intention setting practices, that you'll instantly fall in love with.

You know that noise and negative mental chatter that you can't seem to get rid off? I'll help you with that.

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Latest episodes

20 - The 2 main ingredients of a successful meditation

How many times have you heard (or said yourself) that meditation is hard? In today's episode, I'll share with you the Trips in Silence way of meditating, which is hands down, as easy as meditation can get. Tune into this episode, and find out how to use meditation as a simple way to build a loving and caring relationship with yourself. This type of meditation has no room for failure, meaning that your meditation will be successful, no matter what.

19 - What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? If you do, you probably already now that being an entrepreneur has a lot to do with being the first one to come up with an idea. But in the absence of people that have already walked the path that we're now tracing, how do we stay motivated to keep going until we succeed? If you want to know, this episode is for you.

18 - To feed others or to be fed?

Are you receiving from the world as much as you're giving to it? Many times we give and give without asking for anything in return. I used to believe that I could build the life of my dreams, simply by focusing on my own mindset and attitude. But the truth is that, although this helps A LOT, and it's in fact necessary to live a meaningful life, it's not enough. In this episode, we'll talk about the balance between feeding the world with our best, and demanding what we deserve in return.


You're not dumb,


you're inexperienced.

You're not falling behind,

you're finding your path.

You're seen

You're heard

You're loved

You're different, you're weird




you're beautiful.

Take things 



 not personally.

Your life matters

Your struggle matters

Your emotions matter

How you feel, matters.


...you're not like everyone else...

but yes

 ...you're freaking awesome 

and I know you struggle to believe this..

so let's change that!


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