Where you

fall in love with

yourself, your journey

& your life.

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Hey, I'm Mary!


an engineer, writer, dancer and entrepreneur, ready to show you why you are AMAZING just the way you are.


I'll teach you how to 

enjoy being YOU and

love the work you do

getting rid of that heavy self doubt that's been holding you back.

 Trips TV 


Get yourself a warm foamy cappuccino,

sit on your comfy sofa

and join me on a

cozy friend-to-friend kinda' talk.

The perfect place to

lay back, reflect and relax.

Take control of how you feel


Join a 7-day or 28-day challenge,

and discover what true inner peace feels like.

Download the

Get your game on 

morning audio

Listen to this 4 min audio every morning

and watch a magical day unfold right in front of you.

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Go from overthinking everything, to

seeing your confidence go through the roof.


doubting yourself


your confidence

feel proud

of yourself.

Your best life is one step away.


You're not dumb,


you're inexperienced.

You're not falling behind,

you're finding your path.

You're seen

You're heard

You're loved

You're different, you're weird




you're beautiful.

Take things 



 not personally. 

You don't have to be perfect.

You have to be you.

And that, is perfection.

Your life matters

Your struggle matters

Your emotions matter

How you feel, matters.



You're not normal


 You're freaking AWESOME 

and I know you struggle to believe this!

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Get weekly self-care tips to

fall in love with yourself and your journey!

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