I'm Mary


A 29 year-old Venezuelan engineer, writer, dancer and entrepreneur, 

living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I graduated as an engineer in my home country Venezuela, got a Masters in Wind Energy in Denmark and Germany, and I currently work at an engineering consulting company in Copenhagen.

You would think that I am a numbers freak, but on the contrary, I also have a strong passion for observing and analysing human behaviour, writing, and dancing.


Most of my life I felt that I wasn't enough of anything. Instead, I felt that I was just a little bit of everything. It was exhausting to live feeling like I was never quite there at the same level as other people.

Moving abroad to pursue my engineering career just intensified this feeling. I ended up alone in cold Northern Europe, with no money, friends or family by my side. The only thing that I did carry with me, was an awful need to impress others.

With little more than uncertainty about the future, fear of the unknown, and a horrible financial situation, I went through many moments of loneliness, sadness, and confusion, not to mention the unexpected end of a long relationship.

Most of us are taught to see hard times as something to be ashamed of, or sorry about. Luckily, my life has taught me the opposite.


A few years back, I made a decision to grow through my experiences, instead of letting them rule my sense of joy. 

All this started, when I realised that working a 9 to 5 job can easily rob you of your freedom and joy if you are not careful. Showing up to work can be stressful and exhausting, and it can easily become something that we fear every Sunday afternoon. 

As a Venezuelan working in Copenhagen, after having lived in 5 different countries, studied in 4 of them, and worked as an engineer in 3 of them, I have learned a few handy things.

One of them, is to master the art of staying calm in the middle of chaos. Keeping calm is a skill that actually comes from learning to twist your perspective about the situations that you end up in.

If you are interested, I am more than happy to share with you all the tools that have allowed me to turn around all the chaos in life, to create a life that I actually enjoy!

Thanks for tuning in, I truly hope you enjoy the ride!

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