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Meet Mary

Your mindfulness & confidence mentor.

Hi there! I'm Mary.

I'm an expert building mindfulness self-care rituals, to develop inner peace and confidence, and create your dream life from the inside out.

I'll show you how to use meditation, visualisation, journaling and intention setting, to go on deep and beautiful trips in silence, that will show you all the answers that you've failed to find in the external world.

I'm a normal girl just like you, who's gone through ups & downs as a student, engineer, employee, immigrant, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend and entrepreneur. And - because of that - I've cracked the code to step out who we're not, and step into who we're meant to be.

This is how it all started..


For many years, I attached my self-worth to what others thought of me. But it was during my early 20's that I started feeling the emotional weight of this toxic behaviour.


It started affecting my performance during my Master studies, my work as an engineer, and also the quality of my social and romantic relationships.  I felt happy, confident and excited when others would compliment me, but anxious, nervous, insecure and inadequate when they didn't. 


From overwhelmed & insecure to excited and confident

Trips in Silence was born after my need to create emotional freedom for myself, both in my personal life and in my professional life as an engineer.


I decided that I no longer wanted to let external factors such as opinions or circumstances, rule how I felt about myself or how I lived my life.

It was when I discovered and welcomed specific mindfulness self-care rituals into my daily life, that my emotional dependence from the external world started to fade away, allowing me to make room for the confident, peaceful and happy Mary that you see today.


I was able to turn inwards, understand where my lack of healthy and stable self-worth was coming from, and permanently turn things around. 

Let's change your life!

If you're interested, I'm ready to teach you exactly how to do the same. 


Here, you'll learn how to go on wonderful trips in silence, tune into your inner wisdom, and bring to light the confident and free person that you truly are.

Welcome on board!



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