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Hi there!

I'm Mary

I'm a mindset & personal development lover, who believes that a positive attitude & getting back up fast after falling, is the key to turning big dreams into history.

Ah! and nothing makes me happier than dancing to good music!

Let's find out if

we're a good fit!

I'm hoping that we're an awesome fit to work together. But if we're not into the same things, that's also fine!


I'll do my very best to show you who I am and the way in which I'm ready to help. Who knows? maybe we're in for a long, deep and beautiful relationship!


I'll walk you through


My Greatest Skills


My Achievements


My Growth Expectations

Let's get started!

This is where I tell you what my greatest skills are, and how I believe I can help you!


You'll find a ton of info in here. 

Feel free to scan read and stop at the headlines that call your attention. I know you have other things to do!


Above everything else,

I'm a mindset and personal development lover!

If you're looking for someone who cares about the well-being and healthy development of people around her, I'm that girl 100%.


I'm all about creating the right mindset before the start of any project, and nurturing this mindset as the project is ongoing. That's why meditation, visualisation, journaling, and daily intention setting, are a big part of my own personal routine.


I for sure wasn't born confident - or at least that's not what I remember. So I try to develop confidence each an every day, through self-care practices that allow me to bring the best of me into any area or life, including work! This allows me to create good results not only for me but also for my team.


And in the same way I take care of my well-being, I like to take care of the well-being of the people around me! 


I have a great eye to see what people's strengths and weaknesses are, and I have a genuine interest in making them see how great they can be when they embrace who they really are. I'd love to be in a position in which I can actively help my team make the best of their skills.

I'm a Visionary

I love turning big goals into small actionable steps that we can start working on, right now! 


I'm a big dreamer, but I'm also an executer. That's why my #1 rule to dreaming big, is to split big dreams into tiny actions that can be started right away.


I don't like wasting opportunities by saying no to big goals, or wasting time saying yes to them, but then feeling overwhelmed not knowing where to even start.


I'd rather cut a big goal into little pieces, make a plan, assess how doable it is, and if it makes sense, start right away.


I like using experience, research and feedback from the best, to make my best guess of a good plan. And if things start to fail (which is pretty common), I quickly start tweaking those small little pieces. 


I love a big intentional goal that's meant to create a positive change in humanity. And nothing feels better than making a well structured plan to make that goal come true!


Easy in Multi-Disciplinary & International Teams

Want someone who appreciates and knows how to make the best of diversity? Let me help!


While living in 5 different countries, I've surrounded myself with people of all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. And this is why everyday, I'm more aware that everything that I believe in, are just well argued opinions.


And talk about ''well argued''. Many of my opinions don't even have a good reason to be! But it's this awareness, that makes me a great team player in international and multi-disciplinary teams. 


I'm curious to see what other people have to say, and why they believe what they believe! 


In the past 2 years, I've been working closely with technicians, engineers, marketers and sales experts, all from different places of the world.

And one thing that I know for sure, is that we all have our own reality and priorities. And you know what? This doesn't bother me.


In fact, I'm fascinated about everything that can be created through the combination of different kinds of people, with an open mind, a lot of respect, tons of curiosity and a willingness to listen and learn. The world wouldn't be any fun, and no big progress would be made, if we were all the same!

Communication is kind of my thing!

I'm all up to turning complex topics into easy to understand messages. 


Getting into peoples minds, to figure out how to break things down into easy to process information, is one of my favourite things to do. I'm all up for simplification and making beautiful presentations that keep people genuinely engaged, not just faking that they care. 


I'm also a great listener and I'm not afraid to ask the ''stupid'' questions, so that other people are also willing to do the same. Stupid questions are often the ones that save the most time and money!

Process Optimisation Freaky

If you're ready to say goodbye to tedious processes, and hello to simple and easy to follow ones, I can do a thing or two. 


To me, nothing feels better than automating something that needs to be done a million times! That's what technology's for, right? To help us humans stay focused on being creative. 


I'm a big fan of finding processes to optimise not only for the mere fact of making the process more efficient, but to make the human working with it, happier. 


Sometimes we have to do things that we don't like. But I don't think that sticking to slow, inefficient and frustrating processes should be the norm! So why not work in optimising every process, to make our daily lives a little better?


Let's find a solution!

For every problem we get, I'll keep an eye on that solution.


Problems and solutions are pretty much the same thing. They're 2 sides of the same coin. If you have a problem, you have a solution. You just have to find it.


And to be honest, problems are simply opportunities to make things better. So I'm not too scared of problems. I'm scared of being blinded by the fear of not finding a solution.


So in my opinion, the first step to finding a solution, is to get into the right mindset, assess the situation, and get the necessary resources to tackle it.

 Intentional Ghost Influencer

Want someone who can continuously develop their teammates, but does it in a friendly and informal way? I'm in!


Studies say that you're the average of the 5 people that you spend most of your time with. That's why I say that we're all ghost influencers, meaning that all of us are constantly influencing the people around us, but in a ''ghost'' kind of way, since it kind of goes unnoticed.


What I like to do, is to be intentional about the way in which I influence the people around me. And I do this through intentional example. I can't expect others to do their best if I'm not doing my best. So that's Step #1.


And then Step #2, is to understand that everyone has their own personality type, skills set, and style of doing things. So l like to pay close attention to what that looks like for each of my teammates, to be able to help them harness what will make them shine brighter.


Change Enthusiast

If you want someone who embraces change and makes the best of it, I can do the job!


At the age of 17, I left my home country Venezuela, to experience France for almost a year. I then went back to Venezuela to get my Bachelor's degree. Afterwards, I've lived in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. There were 2 years of my life where I was changing houses every 6 months.


I have to be honest: at the beginning, it was exhausting. But after some time, I made the conscious decision to embrace change and all the good stuff that comes with it. This meant opening up to different mindsets, cultures, daily routines, weather, food, and in general, lifestyle. 


I'm used to change. But more importantly, I'm used to the huge buckets of uncertainty that it comes with, and I can deal with it. Change is awesome, but it can also be scary, and that's okay, as long as you're willing to grow through it!


Customer Focused

I'm ready to get into our customers' minds, and create with them for them.


Customers are normal people that need help with something specific. We're all customers and we all just want to feel seen and prioritised.


We're desperate for something or someone that will make our lives better. So when we're aware of this, designing and developing work for customers becomes a little easier. Because then we know that the one thing that we have to do to create something valuable for them, is to get in their mind and understand exactly what matters the most to them

aaand... to finish with something fun, I LOVE dancing!

I'm not a professional dancer and I for sure don't have proper technique and all that, but I enjoy it and I love it!


Growing up in a Latinamerican family, I've been dancing ever since I can remember. I danced Flamenco from the age of 7 to 14, and after that I've enjoyed learning hip-hop, salsa, and my ultimate favourite in the recent years: shuffling! 

Oh yes, I'm a shuffle dancer, and although I haven't been very active on my social media lately, I was when I started. I shared my progress on Instagram from day 1 until I was a lot better, so people could see the whole learning process of it! I knew that I was going to be good at it if I kept going, so why wait until then to share it? I wanted to let my friends see, that we all start somewhere.

I'm a big fan of owing things not only when you're good at them, but also when you suck, simply because you're just getting started! To me, this is a natural process, and I think that if we all shared a bit more of this struggle that we all go through, less people would feel intimidated to try new things!

Want to see one of my shuffle videos? 

My Greatest Skills
My Achievements

This is where I tell you how I've learned everything I know!

I'll start with my work experience...


Denmark, 2018-ongoing (2 years)


Founder and Developer of self-care & personal development digital space

  • Creation of Concept & Digital Self-Care Programs.

  • Website Design, Development & UX Optimisation .

  • Marketing, & Digital Sales. 

  • Strategy Planning.

I started Trips in Silence as a way to share with the world, the magical shift that I experienced through meditation and journaling. 

True story? I was going through a rough period, and I became a self-help books addict.


But you know what? It was totally worth it. I learned to actually like and love myself, and now, through Trips in Silence, I get to help other people do the same.


For 2 years I've put my whole heart in the development of this digital space, including everything from idea generation to execution and sales.

Want to check-out the website?

Want to see one of my 7-day self-care programs?


Denmark, 2018-ongoing (2 years)


Mechanical Engineer in Emission Reduction Technologies

  • Computer Simulation Engineering (CFD)

  • Project Management

  • Customer Service

  • Marketing & B2B Sales

In a small department of 7 people, I've been in charge of communicating with customers all over Europe and China, developing computational models to solve their problems, and delivering results within very tight deadlines.

We manage multiple projects simultaneously, and each one of them comes with special requirements. So good communication skills and project management abilities have been a must during this period.

Additionally, I've been in charge of creating customer-friendly marketing content of our services, putting aside for a second the technical details, and focusing on what our client's are really after. This has involved writing our services wep-pages, making sales presentations for potential customers, as well as hosting my first webinar.

Overall, this job has involved joggling quite a broad range of responsibilities, while staying focused and keeping calm!


Denmark, 2018 (6 months)


MSc. Thesis Student in Wind Energy

  • Computer Simulation Engineering (CFD)

During 6 months, I was in charge of developing a computational model that could simulate the effect of yawing wind turbines in a wind farm, on the overall power production.


Pretty cool, huh?

It was a challenging project since I had to do things that not even my supervisors had done before, but I was lucky enough to have the smartest people around me, and get inspiration and guidance from the very best! So it was a job that I definitely didn't do alone.


Germany, 2017 (6 months)


MSc. Intern Student in Wind Energy

  • Computer Simulation Engineering (CFD)

I was in charge of transfering a wind turbine model originally coded in a paid program, into an open source program of free access.

It was a lot of coding but mostly guessing! Because to be honest, I didn't know how to code in that specific programming language. 

But what this experience really taught me, was patience and perseverance. As long as you keep your eyes on the goal, the sun will come out for you.

siemens energy.png

Sweden, 2015-2016 ( 1 year, 9 months)


Mechanical Engineer in Gas Turbines

  • Computer Simulation Engineering (CFD)

I first developed my MSc. Thesis in Mechanical Engineering, and then continued to extend the application of my thesis into more of Siemens' products. 

My main job was to run computer simulations that would identify the critical operating point of gas turbines, to reduce the need for expensive physical tests.

...and here's where I went to school!


Denmark & Germany, 2016-2018 (2 years)

Technical University

of Denmark


University of Oldenburg

MSc. in Wind Energy


Venezuela, 2009-2015 (6 years)


Simón Bolívar

BSc. & MSc. in Mechanical Engineering

My Growth Expectations
Black and White Cactus

And finally...

This is where I tell you how I'd like to grow from now on!


I'm a people person

I'm a hard worker, and I love hard workers. But before that, I'm a human being, and when I look around me, that's also what I see. A world full of human beings.

Let's be happy & productive

I expect to develop myself in a position in which my role involves getting to know the people that I work with, in order to help them make the best of who they are.


I want to understand what makes them happy and what stresses them out, to help find a balance that makes them happy & productive at the same time.

I want to make people feel valued

I want to create a team where we care about each other, and where we understand not only that great work takes effort, but also that this effort must be valued and appreciated. 

I want to be that person that sees how hard you've worked and reminds you of how awesome you are, so that you stay motivated to continue to develop yourself. 

Exhausted is not better


Working until exhaustion may do really well for some time, but I don't think it's sustainable in time.


That's why I expect to develop myself as a leader that can understand how to help a team get stuff done in time, while at the same time keeping a positive energy that makes them want to come back to work the next day.

I want to grow in a place where people matter


I'm ready to pour my whole heart and effort, into creating impeccable work, at a place where people are nurtured to do so. I'm ready to work in a place where people are given as much as they give to their work. 

Let's make this happen!

So what do you think? 


If you think we could be a good fit, I'm dying to know! Send me a message to and let's get the party started!

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