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Soul awakening

Reconnect to the magic & wisdom of your soul, and regain  confidence  in yourself.

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Hi there! I'm Mary.


I'm a Venezuelan sales & marketing manager living in Sweden. But more than that...


I'm a mindfulness nerd, passionate about helping you fall in love with yourself, your journey and your life, no matter what the struggle is looking like for you right now.

Six years ago I got tired of feeling anxious, stressed & doubtful at all times.

But now, after a lot of reading, reflecting, journaling and meditating, I've mastered the art of connecting to the beauty and magic both in and outside of myself, in order to find confidence and motivation, no matter what.

I want you to feel the same. That's why I recorded this guided meditation for you, that will instantly get you in the right mindset & mood.

Listen to it whenever you want, and prepare to start living in full guidance from your soul.

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