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Love and other drugs at work

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

How do you cope with feelings and emotions rushing through your whole body, while you're supposed to be working? How do you manage to focus on productivity, when your mind keeps taking you away to magical places that are way more fun to be at?

Well, you don't. You enjoy it while it lasts, and you stop punishing yourself for being a human being, especially in this case.

Why? I will give you 2 reasons for it.

The first one: because you deserve to not only have these feelings, but also dive deep into them and enjoy them.

The second one: because the kind of excitement that makes you loose focus and want to be somewhere else, doesn't come too often. It is triggered by very specific circumstances, people, plans, hopes and dreams. This means that when you get to experience this sort of excitement, you need to do yourself a favoUr and allow you to go through it.

Don't worry: your day won't go to waste

I'm not saying that you should throw out the window all your work and effort, to spend the whole day day-dreaming. But you will notice that if you allow yourself to use some minutes of the day to enjoy the unrelated-to-work excitement that you're feeling, you'll perform much better when you actually go back to your work.

Let's get real. You'll probably not be the most productive person in these days. But you've only got one life and it really is about experiencing the fullness of it. Life's not only about being productive and efficient. It's also about enjoying the moments that sweep you off your feet.

So how to get things done?

So how do you manage to get good work done when all this is happening inside of you?

You realise that nobody knows what you are thinking about.

Most of the time we get stuck in a loop because we feel guilty for having thoughts that are pulling us away from what we need to do. We try to suppress these thoughts and emotions, but that's just not how human beings work, so you need to adopt a more strategic way to deal with what you are going through.

Us feeling guilty, many times comes from what we think people expect from us, as opposed to what we are actually doing.

In this specific situation, you might think that people don't care what you are going through, and that regardless of it, they expect the same results from you. This is true. However, in these situations, our efficiency reduction usually doesn't come from those day-dreaming minutes, but from our hundreds of failed attempts to stay away from our emotions, followed by the ''ok, just stop now, this is silly'' negative self narrative.

Dedicate actual time to day dreaming

A smarter way to do it, is to actually spend some minutes, in front of your computer, thinking about what you feel like thinking about, and feeling and enjoying whatever joy you are feeling. Literally look at the clock, and if it's 9:30, allow yourself to think and feel and enjoy from 9:30 to 9:40. You really need to water that fire to turn it down. Otherwise, it will keep growing and growing.

You will be way more productive from 9:40 to 10:00 if you spend those 10 minutes for yourself.

Don't give away your magical moments

You can't just give away the magic of moments that sweep you of your feet and make you lose control, just to please a boss or a colleague. They do deserve your focus and your good work, but we are all human beings, we are all in this world to experience the beauty of life, and the faster you realise this, the smarter you will become at balancing love and work.

You should never give away or fully repress yourself from feeling love and excitement, for a pay-check. Nobody should. Please remember that. Also remember, that even 10 minutes per hour, to day-dream, just because it feels amazing and it's good for your health and happiness, is actually your best way to help the quality of your work during these days.

Feelings are there, life is happening, and you gotta deal with it in some way!

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