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Love and other drugs at work

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

How do you cope with feelings and emotions rushing through your whole body, while you're supposed to be working? How do you manage to focus on productivity, when your mind keeps taking you away to magical places that are way more fun to be at?

Well, you don't. You enjoy it while it lasts, and you stop punishing yourself for being a human being, especially in this case.

Why? I will give you 2 reasons for it.

The first one: because you deserve to not only have these feelings, but also dive deep into them and enjoy them.

The second one: because the kind of excitement that makes you loose focus and want to be somewhere else, doesn't come too often. It is triggered by very specific circumstances, people, plans, hopes and dreams. This means that when you get to experience this sort of excitement, you need to do yourself a favoUr and allow you to go through it.