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Use your story to help more people bring mindfulness & self-care into their life.

Thank You!


I want to thank you and acknowledge you for taking the time to go through either one or both of the 7-Day journeys.

I dream of a world in which more of us work in creating a deeper connection with ourselves. Sharing your story, you are helping this mission, and I could not thank you enough for that.

Love, Mary.

Share your story here

Let the world now about your experience when doing the 7-Day journey of your choice. Use your own words to write a small paragraph where you mention: 

  • Which of the following journeys did you do? 

  • The Inner World Journey​

  • The Excellence Journey

  • How did you feel before and after doing the challenge?

  • Would you recommend this challenge(s) to someone else? If yes, why?

By submitting this form, you agree to let Trips in Silence share your statement, together with your name and country. Your e-mail will not be shared.

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