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From break-up to break-through

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

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A lot of people, myself included, have huge break-throughs when they go through break-ups. Mine was at the beginning of 2017, when all of a sudden, the tree that I had worked on watering and nourishing day after day, pretty much died.

When my break-up happened, I didn't really rely on romantic self-help books. I relied on spiritual books in general. To me, although it was only the end of a relationship, it felt like the whole world was falling apart. So advice that was only romantic, didn't catch my attention that much. I needed life advice. I needed to unlearn everything that I had learned, and learn something new, because I felt that what I had learned was a bunch of useless lies. I felt like I had waken up everyday of my life to an idea of love, that from one day to the next, completely vanished.

I needed something real