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The dreamer in you is right

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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When I was little, I heard a quiet voice in me that whispered...

''You're special. You came to this world for a reason. You have a mission. A mission that's different to anyone else's. A mission that you and only you are called to.''

As I grew older, that voice slowly disappeared. Nothing around me seemed to reassure what that inner voice that I once heard was saying. So I guess I just assumed that I was a bit crazy, and I let it go.

Their beliefs became my beliefs

My beliefs became a compilation of what everyone around me believed. Without even knowing it, I became everything but me. I became a simple average of the people around me. I adopted and made my own, everything that they believed could be possible, as well as everything they believed could never happen.

When I look back at my life, I'm proud of my achievements. But I can also notice, that the only reason why I achieved certain specific things and not others, was because I carried a firm belief regarding what could be possible for me.

I know that I graduated high-school because my family taught me that I could, and because all the older people that I looked up to, had done it. So why wouldn't I?

And then, I became an engineer because everyone in my family was an engineer. So why wouldn't I be able to achieve that?

And then, I got a Masters, because people around me seemed to be being able to do that too, so why wouldn't I? And despite the fact that I was a Venezuelan immigrant in Europe, who could by no means afford a Masters program, I got a scholarship and I graduated from my Masters.

First time outside the loop

I do remember though, that when I told my family that I wanted to do a Masters in Europe, they didn't have much of an opinion. They couldn't help me pay for it, and I guess they didn't really know how I was going to pay for it on my own. I was also completely clueless. But something in me propelled me forward and made me believe that I could find a way, even though nothing showed that I would. And I did find a way.

This was the first time that I accomplished something that I had seen no one in my close circle accomplish. Everyone I knew had either money to afford education, or was European and had access to some educational benefit from the state.

We need to start looking beyond

This experience got me thinking. If I could achieve this thing that no one I knew had achieved before... Doesn't that mean that I can exempt myself from the need of finding proof of success before I try something new? Doesn't that mean that I can actually start trying things that I feel called to, even if no one has succeeded in them or even tried them before, and be the first one to accomplish them, just because... why not?

Today, I'm a firm believer that we need to force ourselves to look beyond what's familiar to us, and aim for what's extraordinary. We need to stop stealing other people's belief systems just because they're close to us. We need to become more mindful about what we believe and why we believe it, and give ourselves the chance to see beyond our current limitations.

We need to stop thinking that if we haven't seen it being done in our close circle of friends or family, it's impossible, and we need to start understanding that what's possible for Beyonce is possible for us.

I always use Beyonce as an example, because come on, what an extraordinary woman. But we always frame her in this Goddess painting, and completely isolate her from what's possible for us.

All beauty is you

The reality is that anything beautiful that you've ever seen, be it in real life or in a movie, is 100% related to your potential as a human being. You're not doomed to believe what your siblings or colleagues believe about life and what's possible. You're allowed to take the best from them, the best from people that you may not even know personally, plus the best from your own imagination, and from there, make your own choices.

This idea of being able to believe with all my heart what may seem unbelievable to close friends of mine, is an idea that I planted and have nurtured since January of 2017. January of 2017 marks the beginning of a new Mary.

A Mary that discovered that going inwards through meditation and bringing her findings out through journaling, was something that would transform her forever, and with that, her life too would be transformed.

Living in connection

I discovered what I love to call living in connection to my soul, and letting this connection guide my steps. I discovered that when you live in connection to your soul, you access infinite wisdom available in every little piece of nature. And this wisdom, together with its guidance, also brings warm company and comfort, even in the mids of uncertainty.

This strong connection is the one that taught me that nothing is impossible. That I don't have to settle for anything that seems small or limited, because with her, my loving connection, all big and all magic is indeed possible.

This connection taught me that all those limiting beliefs that I carried with me about what I was or wasn't capable of, weren't, aren't, and will never be mine. Those beliefs belong to whoever wants to continue believing in them, but not to me anymore. Because I'm ready to live without them. I know that they don't belong to me, and I'm ready to let them go.

Hold my hand and walk with me

Today, I'm asking you to hold my hand and let me guide you do the same. I ask you to question where your limiting beliefs are coming from. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and think about it. If you feel inspired, I invite you to even journal it out. Move your energy around, and let those beliefs travel from deep within you, onto the paper, and out of you forever.

Just like my sweet inner voice told me when I was little, you were also made for something truly special. Your journey is not going to be straight forward, but it will be worth it, and even though not many people will understand it, if you let your soul guide you, I promise it won't be lonely. You'll be guided and you'll be supported.

All you have to do, is shed all those beliefs that tell you you're not special. They're not true. They're only true for those who believe them. And that, is irrelevant to you, when you choose to not believe them.

Be willing

You have infinite power to co-create with the Universe, to be guided if you're willing to listen, and to manifest the most extraordinary life that you can think of.

That quiet voice that you hear in you, whose trying to call your attention and bring you up, is your soul. Don't ignore it. Let it guide you, and you're in for the most exquisite journey that you could ever imagine.


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