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You're Not Running Out of Time Nor Falling Behind

Updated: Mar 9

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Ever since COVID arrived end of 2019, I've gotten this general feeling in me, that I'm struggling to move forward. It almost feels like months and years are passing by at the speed of light, but I suddenly stopped making progress.

All this time passed already?

Every time I think about the fact that it's 2022 already, and also about the fact that we're almost already mid 2022, I'm like ''honestly, what the fudge?''

So my love, today, my soul is delighted to share with all of us a message along the lines of our perception of time, achievements, and ultimately, that disgusting feeling of falling behind.


The reality is that in order to feel like we're falling behind, there needs to be a reference that we're using to measure where we're at in life. And that reference, is normally based on expectations that come from specific beliefs.

Maybe the expectations that you're using are similar to the ones that I've been using, which sound something like...

''I thought I would be done by now. I thought I would've already made it by now. I thought I would feel more accomplished and fulfilled by now. I thought I would feel prouder of myself by now''.

And see my love, at least for me - and I bet that this is also true for you - these expectations are based on external outcomes and achievements that we believe we need to see materialise within specific time frames.

The only reason why we keep feeling that we're behind, is because we have all these ideas of what should have already happened by now, because we're operating based on beliefs that tell us that by right now, we're already passed our deadlines. Beliefs that scream to us...

''What's taking you so long? Don't you see how much time has passed? Don't you think you're being a little too slow?''

Eliminating time

But what would life feel like today, if time didn't exist? What would life feel like right now, if it wasn't wrong that we haven't achieved certain things at certain ages, within specific time frames?

What if the reason why you feel so behind, is that you're only measuring what you haven't achieved, while you're totally disregarding what you have indeed achieved?

And what if the reason why you're disregarding that you have indeed achieved a bunch of beautiful and magical things, is that you're operating under the belief that those things aren't important enough? The belief that they're not big enough. The belief that anyone could do those things, even though in reality, that's either not true or completely irrelevant, because what others do has actually no relevance in the measurement of how big what you do is.

Worthy of celebration

We live in a world where we're rarely congratulated for overcoming our internal battles, or for overcoming those unexpected challenges that when we do, don't necessarily leave us feeling closer to what we're aiming for, but sometimes, simply leave us feeling tired and unmotivated. We're not congratulated for fighting inner demons that require us to step back, breathe, and take some time to rethink where we're going and how we'll do it.

And because we're usually not congratulated for those things, it often happens that when you spend and entire year or maybe even 2 or 3 or whatever, overcoming challenges of that kind, even though you're making incredible inner progress that will make room for flowers to bloom in the future, you end up feeling that you haven't done anything.

But my love, that's not true, and your soul knows it. Your soul knows, that in the journey of the soul, you've achieved much greater things than achieving specific external things under specific time frames.

If only today wasn't today

Today, I'm inviting you to forget that we're in whichever month we're in and in whichever year we're in. Today, I'm asking you to see today for what it is: a day filled with opportunity. A day in which you've woken up and shown up - once again - even after the toughest storms.

Today, I want you to promise yourself that you'll try your ultimate best, to never again put yourself down because it's summer of 2022, or whenever you're reading this, and you haven't achieved something that you thought you would've by now.

Today, I'm encouraging you to embrace this present moment for what it is: the present moment. And to wash away all of those stories about what you should or shouldn't have by now. Because my love, the moment that time-frames and external achievements are ruling your sense of value and true joy, that's the moment you're being fully guided by your ego, leaving no room for the guidance of your soul.

So come back to the truth of this moment, take a deep breath, and realise, that there's just no measurement that can tell you whether your ahead or behind in life, because being ahead or behind in life, is simply not a real thing. It's an illusion of the ego, and your soul flies way higher than that.




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