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How To Stop Bottling Up Emotions | Embracing Our Darkness

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For those of us who are optimists, accepting and acknowledging the difficult times, is hard. We don't want to act like victims, nor to be seen as such, because we don't see the point of drowning into negativity and helplessness. And that's why, we're masters at pretending that everything is fine, even though at some level, we know that we're hurting.

For those of us who are dreamers and optimists, it's hard to notice how easily and how often we're bottling up emotions. We're too scared to look at our darkness, and we feel like there's something wrong with us when we feel sad, angry, frustrated or disappointed. So when such emotions arise, we quickly dismiss them and turn our head to the bright side, because we know that focusing on the positive is what allows us to keep moving forward.

Navigating the side effects of being an optimist