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How to embrace feeling lonely & misunderstood

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

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''Mary, listen to me. Please, pay attention carefully. Nobody has had your journey.''

A few days back, I came up with this wise advice for myself. For some reason, although every time I hear it from my soul it sets me free, I tend to forget it. This is why today, I've decided to elaborate on it. I want to really understand what that means. I want some wise words to come out from me today, so I can read them back later, and recover my joy in those days in which I decide to throw it away for no good reason. So let’s go soul, talk to me. I'm ready to learn.

I believe that having a unique journey is one of the most beautiful things there is. More than beautiful, I find it particularly exciting. Each one of us has a secret of their own. Each one of us has something that nobody else in the entire world will completely understand. We'll find people that resonate with us. People that share with us an unbelievable number of things, experiences or points of view. That's great. However, my point goes beyond that. Nobody has been with us through absolutely all of our experiences, from the moment we remember being alive.