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How to fall in love with your ''shitty'' life

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

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Before I dive into this subject, I just wan't to clarify that you and I both, don't have a shitty life. But that's just how our life feels sometimes. Maybe not every minute or everyday, but from time to time, life feels shitty. And because usually, fragments of our lives feel overwhelmingly permanent, we tend to also feel like our life is shitty when we're simply having a shitty moment. Having said that, let's dive into how to fall in love with your life, when it feels shitty.

I was feeling ready. I was feeling pumped. So I told my boyfriend ''let's go out for a run and do 7k''. So we put our running clothes on, running watch is fully charged, headphones on, Spotify playlist ready, and go!

After 1.4km I stopped. I was so tired, and I didn't even know why. My boyfriend claims it was the wind. He says it was too strong and it was going against us. But I think that it was maybe the pressure of the wind, plus another kind of pressure. Want to know which one? Well, the pressure of li