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How to live in high frequency

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

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Your state of being will 100% determine the things that happen to you. This may sound like magic, but it isn't. It's actually simple maths.

What story are you telling yourself about your life? What reality have you created for yourself inside of you? How does your mental home look like?

All these questions will lead to the same answer: the frequency that you're living in.

The power of your frequency

Every situation that we end up in, is no more than a situation itself. However, certain circumstances are very painful to some of us, while very easy to overcome to some others. This doesn't mean that we are weak or strong, it means that we attach different stories and meanings to the things that we go through.

The interesting part of this, is that if we do this blindly and unconsciously, we may see certain patterns repeating over and over again, which can be both good or bad. Some people seem to live in a constant rush of bliss, while others seem to live in an endless nightmare. This is not to say that some situations aren't more unfortunate than others, but to highlight the power of our frequency.

What's incredible about frequency, is that nobody is forced to choose a given frequency for themselves. We all have the possibility to choose, every single day, the frequency in which we'll let our life unfold.

How is your frequency affecting your life?

I decided to write about this, because I've gone through life being in both low and high frequencies. I still, many times, lower my frequency, but I can easily notice that I'm doing it, by looking at the way in which the world responds to me. Not only that, but I also notice it because I can tell that under low frequencies, even the good things that happen to me, I don't appreciate. It's like any little good thing is blurred by the bad, and by the fear of that one good thing going away.

Let's put aside for a second the frequencies in which you have lived your whole life, and focus on the past few days only. If you can observe how you've acted in the near past, you'll automatically become appreciative and simply - know - the frequency in which you have been at different stages of your life.

How to measure your frequency

There's a simple way to measure the frequency in which you've been living. This is done by noticing whether you've been putting your focus on what you lack, or on what you have.

There will always be infinite amount of things that we don't have. Even when you have all the things that you are dreaming about now, you'll find new things to dream about. There's no problem at all in dreaming, nor specially in working toward our dreams. But there's also no need to do it from a poorness oriented mindset.

Abundance Mindset

I've recently started to work on adopting an abundance mindset, while I allow myself to want for more. What this means, is that I'm aware that I have in me the feeling of wanting more, but I'm also satisfied with what I have now, because I see the enormous value that it contains.

This mindset allows me to work for the dreams that I have today, while feeling content while they're still not a reality. What this does, is that it builds in me an environment that is happy to create, happy to do, happy to work, happy to be, happy to live. Instead of working from a place of lack and despair, I work from a place of abundance and faith.

The value of our present

When we want bigger or more things, we tend to forget the value contained in everything that we already have. It's almost like our mind struggles to accept the fact that the possibility of something great in the future, does not wash away the greatness of our current status.

There is incredible value in each one of the things that are today present in our lives. By things, I mean both human beings and material things. They're both important, because they both bring value to our days in different ways.

But what's the point of great things and great people, if we don't see the value in them? What's the point of achieving great things, if the minute we manage to do it, our focus jumps to the next great thing? Not only is there no point, but it harms our ability to enter the frequency that will get us into the next great thing that we so much desire.

The right place to create your future

The only thing that truly exists, is us in this moment. The best way to create the future that we dream of, is to learn to be as present as we can. Why? Because the next present can only be built in the current present.

Being appreciative of everything that we have in this moment, will automatically lift our frequency to an abundance one. Only in this frequency, we're able to not only receive, but also enjoy, the gifts that life is happy to hand to us.

Avoid the poorness-oriented mindset

While we maintain a poorness oriented mindset, even when we're receiving marvelous things such as a roof over our head, food, loving family or friends, we're not able to see the value in what we have.

It may then happen, that when we actually achieve that big thing that we aimed for, we don't feel full, simply because we've lost practice on the action of feeling abundant. This simply means, that relativity is playing against ourselves most of the time, because we don't experience any. There is a constant feeling of everything being still incomplete, no matter how we are, compared to how we could be.

Improvement is a gift

Truth is, that we can always be better. This is also what's so magical about life; that we can always go beyond where we are. Then why would we make the gift of improvement, something to feel small and miserable about?

Today, I invite you to practice abundance. I invite you to practice gratitude. I invite you to be excited about what you don't have, by looking at what you have, and letting it be proof of the fact that you can have everything that you want.

I invite you to feel abundant with what you have today. I invite you to practice wholeness in yourself. I invite you to go beyond what your mind is used to believing, and create a reality that will put you in the receiving frequency, that will attract everything that you are ready for, but not desperate for.

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