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How to meditate the Trips in Silence way

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

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Look, there's a million different ways of doing meditation. And I have no intention at all of lying to you, so here goes the truth: I personally have very little clue of the theory behind all of those types of meditation. But one thing I can tell you with certainty, and that is, that regardless of not knowing a bunch of things about different types of meditation, meditation has still changed my life, and it's the one thing that I'll always save time in my life to do.

So you may be wondering, well Mary, what do you mean? How is it that you love meditating and you keep talking about it all the time, but you don't have a Ph.D on it? And the answer to that is very simple. You don't need a Ph.D in meditation to be able to feel its benefits, when you look at meditation in the way in which I see it.

Meditating the Trips in Silence way

So today, I want to share with you my own personal view on meditation and the reason why I strongly encourage you to adopt this view for your meditation practice, if you're struggling to welcome meditation into your life.

See, for me, meditation has a very simple and straight forward purpose. And this is, to create a safe and loving space within myself, where I get to be loved and accepted exactly the way I am. If you follow any of my self-care programs, you'll hear me say this a thousand times: ''create a safe and loving space within yourself''. I can pretty much break down a Trips in Silence meditation in these 5 steps:

  1. Put some nice relaxing music that you enjoy listening to.

  2. Set your timer to whatever amount of minutes you want to spend exploring within yourself.

  3. Close your eyes.

  4. Create a safe and loving space within yourself.

  5. Be there for yourself. Observe your thoughts. Feel your feelings. Allow yourself to be.

When I approach my meditation, I'm not looking to judge or praise myself based on whether I managed to withstand a 3 minutes or a 3 hours meditation. For me, that's irrelevant. And although I do believe that extended periods of meditation bring more benefits than short ones, I also believe that you don't have to force yourself into that if you don't feel like it. Because if you're not used to meditating and you allow yourself to be there for yourself even if it's only 3 minutes, those are 3 powerful minutes that will give you benefits that you wouldn't have received if you hadn't invested those 3 minutes in yourself.

The one thing that truly matters

From a Trips in Silence point of view. meditation is used as a tool to be there for yourself. To show up for yourself and offer your soul a safe playground to expand itself. It doesn't have to become more complex than that for it to become a beautiful and powerful practice. And although there are ways to approach meditation that may not stand on this foundations, this is the Trips in Silence foundation for meditation.

This is what you'll become an expert at

If you want to become a meditation expert just because of the sake of it, Trips in Silence, won't - at the moment - take you there. But, what Trips in Silence meditations will indeed do for you, is make you an expert in loving who you are, with everything that that implies. You'll become an expert in observing everything that happens inside of you, an expert in observing who you are, the type of thoughts that you have, and how you react to life. And an expert in accepting and loving the wholeness of you, so that you can then, start changing from a place of love, what you'd rather have be different in yourself and in your life.

Loving yourself

Loving yourself doesn't mean that you won't love others. That's completely unrelated. One thing is to love yourself and another one if to love others. And if you love yourself the right way, you'll be automatically creating room to love others. If you show up for yourself and accept yourself the way you are, with everything that you're feeling and going through in the moment, you'll also become more compassionate with others and will develop an ability to do this for them. This means that meditating with the goal to create a safe and loving space for yourself, will go a very long way when it comes to acceptance of the world around you and the people in it.

Get closer to yourself

So don't be afraid of the meditation practice, or intimidated by how hard some people make it sound. Use it as a way to get closer to yourself. Use it as a way to enjoy the beauty of being a human being, through the simple act of doing nothing more that observing and acknowledging your existence.

You're here. You're alive. You're breathing. You're feeling. You're thinking. You're functioning. You have energy going through your body all the way from head to toes. You're capable. You have a new day ahead of you. You have possibilities. You can make a difference. You're here. That, is what meditation is trying to tell you. That, is what meditation is trying to make you aware of. So don't fear the practice. Meditation is your tool to get closer to your own magic.


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