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The Wisdom of Your Soul | The Only Way to Access It

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You can't think your way to your soul. You can't think your way to your deepest desires, to your mission on earth, to your purpose, to what you're good at, to what your greatest skills are, to what you're meant to do in this earthly journey. You can't think your way to any of that, because those answers lie within the wisdom of your soul, and the soul exists and speaks to us beyond the thinking brain.

Gosh - I wish I knew this before I picked my career at age 18, or in all those moments when I was thinking so hard trying to figure out what I was good at.

Common advice tells to sit down and write a list of the things that you're good at. And there's nothing wrong with writing. In fact, writing is one of my favourite ways to connect to my soul. But no one tells you to meditate and go inwards before you sit down to write that damn list.

It doesn't work

So you sit down, and you think. You think so hard that you can almost hear your brain overheat itself, without it being able to come up with anything that you feel good about or fully aligned to. You're forcing your way into thinking something that you already know. But it's something that you know at the level of your soul, not at the level of deep hardcore human thinking.

The reality is, that our soul holds way more wisdom than our human brain. And don't get me wrong, our brain is awesome, and so are our thoughts. But when it comes to the fundamental and extremely important basics of who we are, what's important to us, what we enjoy, and how we're able to bring our best into the world, be it in our career, our relationships, or whatever it is, we can't think our way to that knowing.

The answer is so beautifully simple

That knowing, is only available to us through our soul. So the question becomes, how do we tap into the wisdom of our soul? And the answer to that is so beautifully simple that it almost feels like a joke. The way to tap into our soul, is through silence and stillness. It's in the passive act of being, observing our inner world and not aiming to do anything with our brain, that our soul speaks to us.

And so, I want to be clear on something. While you immerse yourself in your magical inner world to just be, your brain will probably continue to think, at least at the beginning. What's important for us to remember, is that that's totally fine because we're not our brain, and we are not our thoughts. So the challenge, when it comes to connecting to our soul, isn't to control or eliminate our thoughts. The challenge is to learn to internally coexist with our thoughts, and bypass them so we can allow the warmth of our soul to touch and hold us.

It's a warmth in your heart

The reality is that as much as I can do my best to describe what soul connection feels like, human words are barely enough to describe such a magical moment. Soul connection is not something that can be fully described with words, but rather something that is felt within. It's a feeling. It's a vibe. It's a warmth in your heart. It's a knowing that we're held, that everything that's happening is exactly what needs to be happening, and that as long as we stay connected to this powerful inner wisdom, we're moving in the right direction.

The soul speaks to us in the language of feeling. A word of our soul feels like the most comforting inner hug that anyone could give you. It's a hug of love, calmness, peace and certainty from the universe. It's an invaluable experience. It's the death of stress and anxiety. It's full presence and full knowing, in this moment right here. Again, it's a feeling, it's a vibe.

Let go of forcing it

If you take anything from this piece of wisdom that's being delivered from my soul to yours, let it be that if you want to live your life from a place of ease and clarity that's led by your soul's knowing, you need to stop trying to force yourself into that knowing through thinking, analysing and rationalising with your brain, and you need to tap into the warm and loving feeling that arises in stillness. In silence. In that magical place that lives within you when you finally manage to rise above your mind's noise, and start to witness the magical and serene unfolding of your soul within your human body.




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