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The Wisdom of Your Soul | The Only Way to Access It

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You can't think your way to your soul. You can't think your way to your deepest desires, to your mission on earth, to your purpose, to what you're good at, to what your greatest skills are, to what you're meant to do in this earthly journey. You can't think your way to any of that, because those answers lie within the wisdom of your soul, and the soul exists and speaks to us beyond the thinking brain.

Gosh - I wish I knew this before I picked my career at age 18, or in all those moments when I was thinking so hard trying to figure out what I was good at.

Common advice tells to sit down and write a list of the things that you're good at. And there's nothing wrong with writing. In fact, writing is one of my favourite ways to connect to my soul. But no one tells you to meditate and go inwards before you sit down to write that damn list.