How to mentally pre-create a successful week.

Updated: Mar 11

There is a huge difference between entering a new week with a peaceful mindset, and in doing so with a chaotic mental mess.   Many times, when we find ourselves going through a stressful week, even though we put all of our mental energies into staying positive, the week may still feel pretty heavy. When this happens, the problem is that we are handling the situation when it's already too late. Imagine going into the sea water without a life-saver, and suddenly have the sea shaking in all directions. If this is the moment in which you start thinking about putting on that life-saver, it's going to be a bit harder than if you had gone into the water already wearing it. This example may be a little basic, but it is quite a good representation of the method that you are about to learn now.  If you want to experience consistent change during the week, you might want to repeat the following steps every morning. This method is meant to shift your mindset so that you become like a big mountain standing strong through the changing seasons.  The chore of the method is to spend some minutes in your own company, and allow yourself the opportunity to dive into the present moment. Only through this moment you can prepare for whatever is about to come. Follow the next 3 steps in order. Each of them takes 3 minutes, for a total of 9 minutes that will have built your mindset to create a beautiful week filled with nothing but growth.

1. Visualize the uncontrollable  Set your timer to 3 minutes and close your eyes. Focus your attention on what you think your week will look like. Bring to your mind, images of everything that is already familiar to you from the past, and which will be part of your life in this day/week. Notice how images of your colleagues/friends/family (whoever are relevant) flow into your imagination. Replay in your mind their most common facial expressions, their laugh, their tone of voice, the phrases they usually say. Create a mental image so that you are familiar with everything that you see. Now, visualize the situations that you are most afraid of. Play with your mind the uncomfortable moments that in your opinion are likely to happen, and you are not too thrilled about. As you do this, notice the feeling in your body. Notice where in your body you feel these sensations, and acknowledge them as what they are: simple feelings. Separate yourself from them; knowing that you are not those feelings; those feelings are going through you, like seasons passing through that big mountain we mentioned earlier.  Do this for 3 minutes. 2. Visualize your reaction to the uncontrollable Set your timer to 3 minutes and close your eyes. Take yourself to the uncomfortable situations that you are scared of, and imagine yourself being the ideal version of yourself. Imagine yourself being the person that you would love to be. Imagine that you are your favourite superhero; the person that you admire the most in this world. Think carefully about who this person is. This person does not have to exist in the real world, you can create this mental person in this moment. How would that person respond to this situation? Visualize yourself doing the same thing.  Notice and separate the uncontrollable from the controllable. Notice how you can not control what other people think, say or do, but you can control how you act in general, and how you react to the different circumstances that will pop-up along your day.  Take 3 minutes to visualize yourself being the person that you wish you could be in front of all the possible uncomfortable scenarios that eat up your energy. The brain can not distinguish between fiction and reality. Therefore allow yourself to mentally be this person who has everything in order, and enjoy the way this person feels.

3. Have a moment of realization. Set your timer to 3 minutes and close your eyes. Take a moment to realize that all external situations, will be experienced differently by yourself, under different inner states. The same situations will be faced and handled differently by a calm person, compared to a stressed person. They will be handled differently by a happy person, compared to a sad person. Notice that you can be whatever you want. Nobody has to be fully 100% one type of person or the other during a lifetime. Every day, every hour, every minute, you have the opportunity to choose again. Take this moment to develop yourself into the calm person that would handle stressful situations with ease and grace.   Take this 3 minutes to realize that you are nothing else than this moment. Thoughts passing through your brain are not you, they are the seasons travelling through the strong mountain that you are. You can feel the cold, the breeze, the sun, but you are none of that. You are a magnificent piece of nature, capable of experiencing the existence of feelings, through your body. In this 3 minutes, allow yourself to observe the limiting thoughts that pop in your mind, and not believe them. Notice that the only thing that is true, is your magnificent existence in this moment, and your infinite potential to be whatever you want to be. Use this 3 minutes to trust, that you can - without any doubt or problem - face the challenging situations that you pre-created with your mind in the first 3 minutes of this practice, and respond to them as would do the person that you visualized yourself being in the second 3 minutes.

Take the next 3 minutes to feel the peace within you, that will both create and imprint in you, your new ways to handle whatever life throws at you today and the rest of the week. Use this moment to feel the greatness that already exists in you.

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