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I'm Giving Myself Permission | Could You Do The Same?

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I don't get it. I never have. I don't get why we're all rushing to do, to get, to achieve. We're all rushing to do all these things before we die, without ever stopping to question why we're doing all of that, if we're going to die anyways.

I'm not talking about the fun things. I'm talking about the musts. I'm talking about all the things that we do because we've bought into the illusion that those things are going to give us the feelings that we desire the most. And we totally forget that today, in this moment, we get to feel whatever those feelings are, without all the external fluff.

That's how powerful we are

As human beings we've been gifted with the power to experience life at its fullest. To feel it all. We can literally close our eyes, think about one of our favourite memories, and bring back into this moment everything that we felt back then, with equal or even more intensity than in the original event. That's how powerful our brain is. It can transport us anywhere, without us physically being there, while bringing to life in our body everything that we would feel if we were experiencing that situation in the external world.

It turns out that many times we even feel the memories more than we do the actual experiences in the physical 3D world. Because when we close our eyes and we transport ourselves to a place at a given moment in time, we're fully there. Ironically, we're fully present in the past. So we feel it. We enjoy it. We embrace it. But when we're here and the experience is happening live all around us, then we go into our minds and travel somewhere else. It's just crazy how us human beings, love being wherever we're not.

I give myself permission

I'm done with that, honestly. I'm tired of chasing things just because the people around me seem to be in a constant hurry all the time to leave the place where they're are, to get somewhere else. A few months ago, I arrived to the conclusion that not only is that not how I want to live my life, but it's also not how I will do it. I give myself permission.

I give myself permission to slow down, to breathe, to enjoy the present, the past and the future. To enjoy my current physical 3D reality as well as to close my eyes with no guilt at all, travel to the past to enjoy memories that still exist in me, and travel to my desired future and enjoy it with such intensity that my body can't even tell that I'm creating those visions by myself with my imagination.

I give myself permission to slow down, to be here, and to enjoy who I am today and where I've gotten so far, regardless of what others are doing and what my future self will accomplish. And I hope that these words inspire you to give yourself permission as well. I hope that you as well give yourself permission to start choosing for yourself what you want in your life, and to stop stressing, worrying and running around like a headless chicken just because society has made you feel that that's the norm.

Can you do the same?

Give yourself freaking permission. You're going to die, remember? Your life will be over someday, and yes you will be proud of the things that you achieved, but only if you were able to enjoy the journey. You'll remember how you felt and how much you allowed yourself to experience life. You'll think about the candles that you did and didn't smell, the walks that you took and didn't take, the laughs that you had and didn't have, the books that you did or didn't enjoy, and the warm teas and coffees that you did or didn't enjoy. And no, I'm not talking about the coffees that you took in order to survive another day in the office.

Ask the important questions

Start asking yourself... How can I bring more presence, acceptance and enjoyment into this thing that I'm going through? How can I break free from the rushing patterns that are making my entire life revolve around worry, stress, anxiety and fear? How can I see beyond this challenge that I'm going through, so that the beauty of life doesn't slip through my fingers while I'm waiting for my challenges to be over and eventually find myself on the last day of my life noticing that they never did, and that my life did slip away?

Ask yourself... What can I do today to start approaching my life with more ease, love, kindness, patience and enjoyment toward myself and others? Could it be, that what you need to do, is simply to allow yourself to feel more? To breathe more deeply and slowly? To go inwards more often? To connect to your soul more often? And to prioritise the inner wisdom that lives within you, over the loud noise around you that's calling you to rush, stress and worry in an ongoing basis?

And if it is that that's the way to go in order to live a more joyful life where there's finally room for enjoyment, will you allow it to yourself? Will you give yourself permission? Will you give yourself permission to slow down? From the bottom of my heart, I hope you do. My soul hopes you do. Your soul hopes you do.




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