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Start Romanticising Your Life | Don't Let Others Decide For You

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I'm going to ask you something. Start romanticising your life. Start romanticising the challenge, the growth, the uncertainty, the untied ends. Start romanticising the journey. Stop waiting for later. For that moment in which everything will finally be solved and you'll be able to relax. Trust me. It doesn't exist. At least not like that.

The moment in which you get to relax, to enjoy, to laugh, to cry, to feel, to live, is this one. It's this one right here. The one with the intrusive thoughts, with the untied ends, with the uncertainty, with the perceived limitations, with the unanswered questions. It's always the same. It's always the same weird combination of moments. A combination of bliss and shit all together. That's what life is. And that's why it's so magical. Because everything is finite. It all lasts so long but changes so fast at the same time.

Stop waiting

So stop waiting for that recognition coming from that other person that you think is better than you. Yes, want it if you will. But don't stop living until you get those external things. They will come and they will go. But in the mean time, you have this. You have life. You have breath. You have family and friends. You have laughter.

Laugh about the seemingly unrealistic challenges. Rely on your loved ones to go through the difficult times. Save money not just to save money, but so that you can spend it on things that you've truly noticed bring you joy. Be mindful about your time and energy, and keep track of the things that drain you versus the ones that give you energy. Find your own balance, and start using your own findings about yourself to make progress, at your own pace, in your own way and based on your own definition of success.

Decide for yourself

Decide what you want your life to look and feel like, and based on that, decide who you need to become for that to be true. Keep alive in your thoughts who that person is and how she feels. Think about her every morning and make a promise to yourself, to bring her into your day as much as you can.

Don't let other people decide what your life feels like inside. Don't give others such enormous power over how you experience the gift of life. Decide that for yourself, and commit to it. Decide that no matter what the day throws your way, you'll tackle whatever that is, being the person that you've mentally decided you want to be in this life. It's up to you. It's your choice. No one else's.

Do this when you doubt yourself

When life gets hard and challenges feel so big that you start to question yourself, remember the magic in you. Remember that everything in nature evolves and transforms through challenges, and so do you. Remember that you have an innate capacity, day by day, minute by minute, to grow into someone that you've never seen before. Someone who rises to the occasion on a continuous basis and who becomes whoever she needs to be, in order to be of value and service, to that new situation presented in front of her eyes.

Whatever it is that's worrying you right know, know that if it's been presented to you, it's because you can handle it. The question is, will you wait until you've handled it, in order to start enjoying life, or will you start enjoying life now, because you trust that you can handle this? Whatever you choose to do, won't change the fact that you'll succeed. You always have, in some way. What will change, is how you navigate your journey to that end goal. If I were you, I'd pick the happy journey. The joyful one. The expansive one. The journey of trust and safety. The journey of the soul.




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