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This is why you need to stay you

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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You need to stay you. The world needs you to stay you. Your colleagues, your friends, your family, the strangers in the street and in the supermarket, everyone, needs you to stay you.

Everyone else is already who they are, and you are already who you 're supposed to be. Deep within yourself, you know who you are and where you want to go next. You may feel confused now. You may be hearing too many voices both from outside and inside of your head. I deeply understand how you feel, and this is why today, you need to hear me out on this.

You have everything you need

Even if you don't believe so, you have skills that no one else has. Even if you're in doubt, you know things that nobody else knows. Even if you're afraid to play the game because you feel that you're lacking the tools to play it, know that you do have enough tools already.

You are perfect

Perfectionism is a relative term. It's relative to time, and you must be very careful on when and how to use it. See, you may have been taught that you're not perfect because you make mistakes. But what is perfection and what are mistakes?

You may not be perfect compared to the person in your future, or the person in your past. But you're perfect right in this moment, because there is nothing that you can compare yourself to other than who you're right now, and that is exactly you.

Make your moves

You were not sent into this world with the responsibility to guess the moves of other people, and act like them. You were sent here to create your own moves. You are in this world, today, to find your way, in your own way, and in that process, give back to the world all your findings.

Accept your current status

You may not understand many things. You may be slow at some stuff, impatient for others, and you may get easily mad or frustrated in the presence of certain circumstances.

Sometimes you may get attached too easily, and in other cases, you may find it hard to let go and surrender to the moment. That's who you are today. It doesn't mean that you're stuck. It doesn't mean that you have to stay that way if you don't like it. It just means that that's who you have become today.

Your best way to evolve into what you most desire, is to accept where you are in this moment. Look kindly at yourself, and dare to feel what your heart desires to feel. Hug yourself. Talk to yourself. Listen to yourself. Get to know your truest and deepest self. You're not incomplete or imperfect. You're unheard. But not by others, but by yourself.

Just listen

Give yourself the chance to speak to yourself, listen, and reply. Be honest. Open up. Because once you dare to see who you truly are, you will realise that you are the most amazing creature in this planet. You will realise that everyone else is also beautiful, and that crazily, that doesn't diminish your beauty in any way. You will fall in love with yourself so deeply, that everything around you will be coloured by the brush of your bursting fulfilment.

You'll realise that you must stay you, because there's no point or need to hide the magnificent soul that lives within your body.

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