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What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

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Being the first person to do something comes with a lot of challenges. And by being the first person to do something, I mean anything from being an entrepreneur, to being the person that proposes that crazy idea that no one has thought about in that meeting room.

I'm a big fan of people that are not afraid to bring to life a project that has never been carried out before. It's bold, it's brave and it's unique. And although the chances that this project will fail exist, I do believe that if you believe in your idea and work on it with passion and discipline, there's no way that your project will fail. Success simply becomes a matter of time and discipline.

Choose wisely

I was going to say that I'm lucky to be surrounded by people that have created a unique path for themselves, and who inspire me to do the same on a daily basis. But the truth is that I'm not lucky to have them around. In fact, I bumped into them, and I chose to keep them in my life.

So if you have a deep desire in your life to embark on a new project, but you're surrounded by naysayers that continue to infuse their fear on you, I suggest that instead of believing them or in the contrary, trying to change their view, you surround yourself with people that have decided to create their own path, and are being successful in it. This way, you'll be able to stay motivated, and in only a matter of time, you'll be able to show the naysayers around you, that dreams do come true if you're structured, persistent, and you have the ability to learn from your mistakes.

It's not about you, it's about them

The reality is that most people are scared. And when someone doesn't believe in you, it's really not about you, it's about them. It doesn't even mean that they want to see you fail or that they don't believe that you can succeed. The problem is that because they don't believe that they would succeed themselves, they also don't see how you could succeed.

So when someone else doesn't understand your unique idea or project, do yourself a favour, and don't take it personally. Understand that, I repeat, most people are scared to try new things because there's no written and proven map to success, when it comes to doing something that has never been done before. And what happens is that for those who are not willing to create this map for themselves, or for those who have tried but still haven't seen the light, it's hard to be optimistic about what you're trying to do.

But I repeat, it's not about you my dear human. Because there's no way in the world to prove in advance, that you'll repeat someone else's failure, unless you're doing the exact same thing that they're doing. So just make sure that you're not just copying what someone else is doing, but instead, learning from them and letting them inspire you, so that you can create your unique plan and roadmap.

Your dream deserves a plan

Now, there's something that I want to make very clear here. A dream without a plan and timeline, is just a dream. You need to have a plan. You need to break down your big goal into tiny goals that you can keep track of and measure. And you also need to be humble enough to accept when your strategy is not working, to shift gears and quickly move into something else.

Finding the bug

Many times when our plan is not working, we believe that our idea is shitty. But the reality is that the problem could easily not be the main idea of your project, but something very specific in the execution of it. So for your project to be successful, you need to keep your eyes on the prize, while at the same time being willing to change the road to get there.

You need to be brave enough to see what you're doing with both eyes open, and accept with love, compassion and forgiveness, if some of your approaches are not giving the results that you're expecting.

How can we fix this?

A few days ago, my boyfriend, who's the most humble and kind entrepreneur that I've ever met, shared with me that he believed that one of the most important mindsets to have when being an entrepreneur, is the one of always looking for the way to fix things that aren't working out. And I have to say, that I agree with him.

Instead of hoping for everything to work at all times, we can choose to simply always be willing to find a solution when things are not working. Then, the question is no longer if this project will work out or not. The question is, what do I need to do next, based on the information that I have right now, in order for this thing to work? Plain and simple. If you're willing to ask yourself that question a million times, no matter the day, no matter the struggle, you will succeed. And the faster you ask yourself this question when things are not working out, as opposed to wrapping yourself up in the dangerous blanket of helplessness and shame of failure, the faster you will succeed.

It will work out. It will.

So my dear dreamer. Keep dreaming. But don't just dream. And don't just randomly execute. Dream with a plan, and be willing to be flexible with that plan, so that you can change it here and there until you converge to the solution that you want to see. Work with faith and certainty. Let these be the guide of your actions. Don't make fear the foundation of your plan and the execution of it, because if you do, you'll see the reflection of that fear in everything that you do.

Let faith and the powerful intelligence of the universe, the one that's present in every plant and flower around you, be the guide of everything that you do. Because this intelligence, is also within you. You just have to be willing to go inwards to feel it. Be certain, be sure, be confident. And never ever again ask yourself if your project will work. Instead, ask yourself what you need to do for it to work. Because my dear human, it will work. It will.


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