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What's Life For? | The Only Reason Why We're Here

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

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The questions... ''why am I here?, what's life for?, what's the purpose or living?, what's the goal of my life?'' are questions that have been very present in my mind over the past 4 years, and carry more and more intensity every year that passes.

For many years, I lived in autopilot. I did what I was told to, and didn't question the true meaning or motivation behind the things that I did. Graduating high-school, going to university, having a boyfriend, moving abroad, getting a job, making money.

The awakening of something new

A part of me felt that I was doing everything right, while a different side of me started to awaken on Spring of 2017. That side of me finally started to question. But with all the questions, also came confusion, and to be honest, frustration and disappointment for not having asked myself these important questions earlier in the game