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You are not dumb, you are inexperienced.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

During my university years, and through my first working experience in a big international company, I was scared to death to ask questions.

I was constantly scared that the other person would discover how little I knew about a topic, and conclude that I was stupid. I was basically overwhelmed with self-doubt and lack of confidence. This mindset leaves very little room for growth, since the only way to really evolve is by accepting your lack of knowledge at a given moment.

Even the smartest people don't know a lot of things

When I did my Master in Wind Energy in Denmark, I noticed that super smart people with PHDs and more, would constantly ask very basic  questions to people working in other fields.

This made me realise, that not knowing about a specific topic doesn't make you stupid, it simply makes you inexperienced in that field. There's not need to feel bad about yourself due to lack of knowledge or skills. These things are gained with time, and it's something that you just can't rush!