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You Always Have a Choice | For You Who Feels Trapped

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This if for you, who feels trapped. For you, who feels that stuff and challenges are piling up on your back, and there's nowhere to go, until you figure out how to deal with all the stuff. This is for you, who lately feels that you don't even want to carry all of this. For you who feels that you never asked to carry such heaviness, but who also feels that you have no choice. This is for you, who feels trapped and almost unable to breathe.

You have a choice. You always do. You can move, you can change, you can stay and you can run. You can walk away one step at a time, and also decide to come back after two or three steps.

Maybe all you need to feel at peace, is the sense that you have a choice. Because maybe if you were given the opportunity to choose, you would actually choose to stay, deal with this thing that you're going through, and come out the other side more beautiful, powerful and stronger than ever. Even if you don't think so when you're under the illusion that you don't have a choice, which is what makes you feel the need to run away and leave it all behind.

Play the game or not

You have a choice my love. You can decide to stay here in the midst of the chaos, and train your ability to become a sturdy mountain barely affected by the chaos. You can choose to play the game, learn the rules, and make it to the next level while enjoying the journey, or you can choose that this is not a game you even want to play.

You can choose to try again until you become so good at it, that it just comes naturally to you. So naturally, that you start to inspire others without even trying. Or, you can choose to walk away and pick another game. A game that makes you happier. A game that makes sense to you. A game that doesn't require you to sacrifice your mental health to impress people that don't even care about you.

Nothing can ever own you

Don't buy into it my love. Don't buy into the illusion that the game owns you. There's no such thing as someone else, an organisation or a society owning you. No one can own you. You're a free soul. A free spirit. And you decide where you want to belong. You decide where to put your love, passion and effort. And more importantly, you remember, everyday, that all the hard work you do, is for both for yourself and for others, but never at the expense of your mental peace and happiness.

The world is a beautiful, big and magical place. And as long as you make sure to hold a clear vision of who you want to be, how you want to grow, and how you want your life to look and feel like, the wisdom of nature flowing through your soul will make sure to always put you in the right place.

Your vision is your power

Don't forget about that vision. The vision of yourself, your energy and your life, is the most powerful tool to drive yourself in the right direction. The only wrong choice in life, is driving along without that vision, without your own chosen north, without any vision or dream of where you want to end up. Tomorrow you'll be somewhere. Tomorrow your life will look and feel a certain way. Will you be happy with it? Will you be satisfied with it? That's the question you need to ask today, not tomorrow.

Today, you have a choice to make tomorrow look and feel however you want. Today you can choose to stay here and master this game before you move on to the next one, you can choose to stay here while at the same time thinking of leaving to your next chapter, or you can choose to move on already. Whatever it is that you choose, it's okay. Just make sure to make the choice, and to align that choice to a vision where you're happy, strong, healthy, beautiful, and enjoying this crazy ride, that we call life.




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