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Come Back to Yourself | Let Them Complain, but Don't Let Them Decide.

Updated: Mar 9

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Today, I want you to be there for yourself, as you are. I want you practice self-acceptance, today, not tomorrow when you become this or that, or when you have achieved such and such. If you don't feel good enough today with who you are and where you've gotten, you won't feel good enough tomorrow either, trust me.

What would your life feel like, if everything that you are, wasn't wrong? What would the experience of ''you'' feel like, if you could be okay with what ''you'' is? What if it's okay to just be as clumsy as you are, as honest as you are, as kind as you are, as understanding as you are, as emotional as you are, as empathetic as you are, and as loving but at the same time dry as you are?

It's an unfair judgement

What if the combination of ''you'', as it is, is something worth loving and being content with, today? It's all good that you plan to grow and evolve into something new. But that doesn't mean, that you can't allow yourself to breathe, to enjoy, to laugh and to have fun, while you get there.

You can't be judging your present self against the future self that you're striving to become. That will just make you feel miserable 24/7. You have to train yourself to love who you are and how far you've gotten, today.

Let them think whatever

It's okay for the people around you to think whatever they think. Let them do that. Let them complain, let them speak up, let them voice their frustrations. But stay alert my love. The minute their voices start becoming your inner voice, we have a problem.

Because you can't let them dictate how you perceive yourself. You can't let them decide who you're going to become and evolve into. Specially if the people around you all have different opinions about you, trying to fit in and be liked, will kill your inner wisdom. It will kill your soul.

My love, they don't know what's best for you. They don't know how hard you're trying. They don't know your plan, your strategy, your motivations nor your pains. They only know about themselves and what they're up to. So don't let people that have no knowledge nor expertise on ''you'', your goals, your time nor your energy, dictate how you should be using your resources. Don't even let them advice you on how to do life when you haven't asked.

This is all yours

This life is yours. Your 9-5 is yours. Your energy is yours. Your joy is yours. Your time is yours. If you're letting people who are not ''you'', decide how you feel, and you're letting those feelings triggered by them, call your steps, you're giving away your power. Come back to yourself. Come back to your life, to your feelings, to your mission and vision. Come back to the things that are a priority for you. Come back to the moment when you decide what that is, if you felt that you didn't know as you heard me say it.

What's important to you? What's your mission? What's your vision? What's your responsibility and what isn't? Is your responsibility to solve everyone else's issues? No. Is your responsibility to be liked by everyone and to have everyone think you're nice? No. Is your responsibility to make others feel happy and relaxed, at the expense of your own happiness and inner peace? No. Is your responsibility to stretch yourself thin so that others can fly high while thinking how amazing you are? No.

Nothing but the truth

My love, this may sound harsh, but it's nothing but the truth. You didn't come to this world to exhaust yourself so that everyone thinks that you're, oh so nice. That will only pull you away from your inner light and wisdom, and will end up making you feel depleted of any time and energy to work on the important things.

It's not your responsibility

I'll say it again. It's not your responsibility to be liked by everyone. That's just unsustainable, specially in situations in which you're challenging the norm. So it's up to you to decide. Will you be brave enough to move forward without the guilt of making uncomfortable some people? Or will you remain complacent to anyone showing signs of annoyance by you being you, and have a completely miserable day every time that happens? It doesn't sound like a great idea, right? Yeah. That's what I thought too. So don't my love, don't. Come back to yourself. Let them complain, but don't let them decide.




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