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Choosing the people in your life

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

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Friends and family are a huge part of life. And by family, I not only mean blood related family, but also those friends that given certain circumstances, become so close to you, that they end up feeling like family.

There have been periods of my life where I have been surrounded by loads of family and friends, and other periods, in which I've faced strong loneliness. In the later, I've often felt pretty sad. But at the same time, those are the times in which I've had the opportunity to explore who I am, and focus on personal projects that have surprisingly made me very happy.

Finding some sort of balance

I get the impression that constantly being surrounded by friends leaves us little time to face our personal struggles; those which, in the long run, actually lead us to real personal growth. At the same time, not having friends to share our thoughts, feelings, experiences and achievements with, can lead to a lot of sadness. It seems to me that, although loving ourselves and being satisfied with ourselves first is a key aspect to becoming truly happy, we can’t deny that we're social beings. We love feeling understood, we love sharing, and we need community. I think