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How normal people raise their frequency

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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You've probably heard the term ''to vibrate at a high frequency''. I'm pretty sure that you have an idea of what that means. You're probably imagining a joyful person, singing and dancing along the hall while happily saying ''Good morning! What a beautiful day we have today!'' to everybody in the room. And, if I had to paint a picture of a high vibrating frequency human being, I'd probably also paint something like that.

But that's not what really matters. What matters is answering this question: what do we have to do in order to be that way?

I mean, let's be honest. If you're not feeling truly joyful inside, you're not going to show up with a big genuine smile everywhere you go. You can fake it for sure, but it will feel forced to you. It won't feel natural. So is that living in high frequency? Not really.

How do we raise it?

So how do we do it then? Great question. Today, I want to explain this to you in such a playful and understandable way, that you'll never forget it. Here it goes.

The frequency at which you vibrate, is related to the quality of the things that you do the most frequently. That's it. There's only 2 keywords here that you need to remember: quality and frequency. As in, literal frequency, meaning - how often you do something. So if we rephrase that: the frequency at which you vibrate, is related to the quality of the things that you do the most often.

Now let's look at this on a normal day, and let's ask ourselves, ''what's the quality of the things that we choose to do, over and over again?'' Let's break this down into examples:

  • What do you drink the most? water, soda, sugary drinks, alcohol, smoothies, natural juices, artificial sweetened juices? so, if you drink water and smoothies some times, but mostly you drink soda and alcohol, then you're most of the time choosing to drink the low quality option. Let's try another example.

  • What do you eat more often? fruits and vegetables or donuts and fries?

  • How do you mostly tackle the challenges in your life? do you mostly focus on how hard everything is, or do you mostly focus on the creative side of the challenge and excitement of finding a solution?

  • How do you mostly respond when you're not happy with a situation? do you most of the time, do what's in your hands to find a solution to the problem and properly communicate with others when you've already done as much as you can, or do you most of the time jump straight into judging other people, and start complaining about everything going wrong?

  • What do you spend most of your free time on? do you spend most of it giving your body love through movement and exercise, consuming content in the way of movies, documentaries, books, series, podcasts, that nurture your soul or that in some way inspire you to be better, or do you spend most of your free time scrolling through Instagram for hours without any sense of meaning, and watching lame shows that don't do any good to you?

  • Who do you surround yourself by the most? are you most of the time mindful enough to choose people with good hearts to be around you, or are you mostly surrounding yourself with people whose words limit your ability to grow beyond where you're at right now?

  • What do you normally do when you're feeling sad, angry or confused? do you normally numb your emotions with alcohol and junk food, or do you usually take some time to breathe, to journal, to meditate and to talk to your loved ones or therapist about what's going on?

Those are a few questions related to things that we all do on a regular basis. We all drink, eat, have challenges, face situations that we're not happy with, spend our free time doing something, have some people around us, and we all feel sad, angry and confused some times. But more importantly, we all have the power to choose how we approach each one of those scenarios.

What matters is the actual frequency

The important thing to raise your frequency for real, is what you're doing the most often. Not what you do sometimes, but what you do the most frequently.

If most of what you drink is water, if most of what you eat is fruit or veggies, if you tackle most of the challenges in your life with excitement and creativity, if most of the time you do what's in your hands to find a solution to the problems that arise at your door, and very little you focus on judging and criticising other people, if you spend your free time reading nurturing books, working out, consuming content that inspires you, if most of the people that surround you are pure gold when it comes to their humbleness, kindness and mindset, and if when you feel sad, angry or confused, you most of the time meditate, journal, reflect, breathe, and talk it out, then I can bet whatever amount of money you want, that you'll live in the highest of all frequencies.

So what happens when you live in high frequency?

Well, you stop wasting so much time thinking about what others are or aren't doing, and you start building the momentum to do yourself, what needs to be done. You start following your dreams, making plans and executing them, and you have a clear and strong inner voice who's constantly speaking to you and guiding you toward the next stage. You're not alone. You're guided. You're seen. You're moved.

But the real magic happens when you start seeing things that you didn't see before. You start seeing magic all around you. You start feeling more, loving more, being more. You need less and you feel like more. You start seeing yourself as the unique and beautiful creature that you are, and not as the ''not-enough'' person that you believed that you were for so long.

Everything changes at a higher frequency, You see light and possibility where before you could only see darkness and uncertainty. Things are easy. They flow. They come and go. And when this happens, that's when you start naturally and genuinely being like that person that says ''good morning! what a beautiful day we have today!''. You're not faking it. You actually mean it.

You can't force other people

And then, there's also the side of the things that you no longer want. You start wanting to have very little to do with the things and the people that live at a lower frequency. You know that they drag you back and keep you from expanding. You also know that you can't force people to raise their vibration to a higher frequency, because it takes willingness to do what's necessary to bring it up. And in the same way that you can't force anyone who hates numbers to be an engineer, you can't force anyone to do what it takes to raise their frequency.

But you can change your world

But what you can do, is choose how you'll live and in which frequency you're going to vibrate. And you can do this by choosing to do more frequently and more often, the high quality things. You can choose to eat your veggies this week 3 times instead of 2, and next week 1 more day, and so on. You can choose to drink one more glass of water today, and one more tomorrow.

It's not about the high quality things that you do just a few times. It's about the frequency with which you do them. So yes, the explanation is literal. Raising your frequency takes that you raise the frequency with which you do the good things, the high quality things, the things that common sense tells you that are good.

This is for you

Don't let your life slip, thinking that a higher frequency is something unattainable that only spiritual gurus get to experience. You not only get to live your life in high frequency, but you deserve it. And see, it's not about 100% cutting off the bad from one day to the next, It's simply about slowly and gently increasing the good. It's about creating good habits. So today, this week, and this month, what good thing will you do more often?


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